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Yoga Mats

Designed to enhance your comfort while practicing Yoga and Pilates

  • Traction – The primary function of a yoga mat is to provide you with better traction while you’re performing yoga poses
  • Cushioning – cushioning between your body and the floor is a big benefit of a yoga mat
  • Improved Balance – The soft surface lets your feet sink just a little bit, giving your foot more support
  • Warmth – Yoga mats provide an insulating layer against floors that can sometimes be cold
  • Essential Tool – For Yoga and Pilates

Top 12 Best Yoga Mats Reviewed

Yoga Mats: The Benefits of Using One

The primary function of a yoga mat is to provide you with better traction and joint comfort while you’re performing yoga poses. Positioning yourself as necessary for many yoga postures requires your feet to be solidly planted on the ground. … A yoga mat can also improve your balance. There are many other health benefits when you do Yoga, and Yoga Mats are a necessary piece of low cost equipment you can use every day.

Yoga Mats for Men?

More men are taking up Yoga for all the health benefits that come with benefits of doing yoga. New Yoga mats, designed for men, And who couldn’t use a hard workout that improves flexibility and core strength? Pilates and Yoga offer it all.

What’s the best Yoga Mat thickness?

Before you purchase a Yoga Mat, you need to understand that they are available in different thicknesses:  The thickness of your yoga mat is a matter of preference.  Some like a thinner, more firm mat, with less cushion, and others like a little deeper cushion for better balance and more comfort on your elbows and knees. Also available are 1 inch thick yoga mats, 2 inch thick exercise mats and extra thick yoga mats. What is the right one for you? If possible, experiment at a health club and see which one you like before you determine what the best yoga mat is for you, whether it is a thick yoga mat, non slip yoga mat, a yoga mat for hot yoga, or whether you are a man looking to do yoga and are looking for a mat.

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