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Yoga Blocks

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A yoga block will help you to get in many yoga poses, especially the poses that involve standing stretches. A yoga block is a brick-shaped block made of cork, wood or hard-foam. They are usually about 9 x 6 x 4 inches in size.


Top 12 Best Yoga Blocks Reviewed

Yoga Blocks: The Benefits of Using One

A yoga block is an effective tool that you can use to support many yoga poses, specifically the ones that include standing stretches. A yoga block is generally a brick-shaped “object” made of cork, wood or hard-foam and about 9 x 6 x 4 inches in size. Additionally, they support the person to feel comfortable while carrying out their workouts and also help improve their body alignment. Using yoga blocks you can now stretch out, strengthen and align your body without creating much strain to the other muscles.

These types of blocks can be purposefully placed directly under the feet or hands and even your seat, allowing you to heighten your yoga stretches as well as achieve the right position with little effort. This is ideal for beginners who do not have much-needed flexibility.

Using a yoga block in forward folds is a way beginners can find good alignment when they aren’t quite flexible enough yet. Sit on the edge of the block for a better foundation. Notice that the pelvis tilts forward a bit. Keep this tilt as you exhale and come forward

Using A Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are a very helpful tool for anyone to make use of in carrying out some of the Yoga poses. They are especially convenient for Yoga beginners who are still a bit unsteady and may not be as flexible as others, specifically in the standing positions that will involve twisting the body and maintaining balance.

The purpose of the Yoga block is to offer more comfort while training and help to enhance the positioning of the body. While frequently used by beginners, they are also used by more skilled practitioners because the more you learn and become acquainted with Yoga, the more meditation methods and poses are available for you. For some of the more complex positions, a Yoga block may act as an arm extension. For people at any level in Yoga exercise, the Yoga block offers stability and support for the body while moving into the more difficult poses. They can assist the body to stretch and strengthen without unnecessary strain.

According to the pose, Yoga blocks can be placed under hands, feet, or even bottom to get the most out of stretches and to get into the right position while keeping your body safe. For those just starting out in Yoga, blocks can certainly help by giving them a way to adjust the pose to support their flexibility level. They are perfect for use with the standing poses like Ardha where one hand is on the floor.

Types of Yoga Blocks

Wooden yoga blocks are mostly made of bamboo, birch, maple, pine, balsa, and poplar. Harder woods will be more long-lasting, while softer woods will be lighter. Wooden blocks are relatively hard and heavy, but are very sturdy, more visually desirable and will last forever. The disadvantages to wooden blocks are that they can be very expensive, they become slippery with wet hands, can slide around when placed on a hardwood floor and tend not to always stack very well.

Cork yoga blocks can be more Eco-friendly than wooden ones depending on the type of material used and cork blocks are softer and weigh less than wood. They stack and store well, but sadly cork absorbs sweat and odors which leads for them to smell funky and end up crumbly or damaged as they wear.

Foam yoga blocks are more affordable than cork and wood, are more lightweight and are very soft. Because of their affordable price, durability, and ease of cleaning they are the most popular blocks seen in yoga studios. The drawbacks to foam blocks are that foam gets dirty and breaks easily, and they are not as Eco-friendly as wood or cork. Often, they can also feel cheap or less steady when used for support.

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