Mountain biking is an excellent sport that will build your agility, endurance, and power. Whether mountain biking is a part of your cross-training fitness practice or simply a sport, you will need proper mountain gear equipment, clothing, and bike gear that will help you make your next mountain trip more comfortable, safer, and faster.

Here are some essentials that you need while mountain biking:

Mountain Bike

Well, this entry is quite obvious. There is no mountain biking without a mountain bike. But the choices you face while choosing the right bike can be an overwhelming experience. Whatever bike you end up choosing, you need to be sure that it is made of a high-quality alloy that increases the compliance, traction, and stability of your ride. You can choose bikes with V-brakes or disc brakes, different frame materials, and front or full suspension; the choice is up to you!

Bike Helmet

Safety is no place to skimp and one should never engage in high-risk activities like mountain biking without any protection. That being said, biking helmet is an important piece of biking gear that can significantly reduce the severities of head injuries. There are helmets that are also fitted with MIPS technology that counteracts rotational forces of a crash. Most helmets today are also fitted with visors that helps reduce the light intensity of the sun.

Eye protection/Sunglasses

Eye protection will keep clear debris, dust, and dirt out of your eyes. Additionally, it will also protect you in dark shadows and extremely bright sunlight. A large variety of eye protection gear is available for mountain biking. You need to choose a frame that allows you to change the lens system for varying light conditions.


If you plan on riding your mountain biking after dark, you need to buy a reliable and bright light set. These lights will prove to be handy in situations like if your tires go flat and you might need some light to reach your car or walk down the pavement towards your home. Most of these head lights have a wide degree of throw so that vehicles can see you from the sides as well. You can also additionally purchase taillights that will keep you visible for at least half a mile.

Fix Kit

The fix kit is a gear that most people do not consider important. But you will realize its importance when your mountain bike faces a problem in the middle of the mountain trail. These fix kits contain all the necessary tools one would need to fix their bikes (at least temporarily) to travel back to the finishing post. The kits are mounted on the bike’s frames and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Mountain biking is slowly becoming one of the most exciting forms of exercise and sport, thanks to the extreme rush of adrenaline while doing it. But mountain biking is only as safe as the equipment you purchase. Hence, you should never think about saving money when you are out buying protective gears and materials that will double the fun of your mountain biking trip.