So here we are…. the over 40 crowd, some of you known as Baby Boomers or those of us that are on the cusp are otherwise known as Generation X (Gen X).   Either way, you are at a time in your life when you should be enjoying all the world has to offer.  A time when we should be feeling great about life and our accomplishments.  But wait you say…. “when I get up in the morning I don’t feel that great.  I don’t have that energy that I once had.  My body hurts, and what I see in the mirror is just plain disappointing.   The old adage, youth is wasted on the young, is all becoming quite clear to you.  You remember those youthful days, don’t you?  The days when you were a young athlete, strong, fit and limber, and able to go out and perform at a high level some type of athletic activity.  Or maybe you were just a casual athlete that enjoyed the camaraderie of being part of a team and didn’t take your fitness or athletic career so seriously, but you were fit, felt good and you were happy with that.  As you moved into early adulthood and hit your 20’s for some of you, it became party time.  For others, it was college, marriage and maybe a couple of kids.  Either way, your fitness, and athleticism was sacrificed or ignored, and the bulge started to set in.

I have great news for you.  It doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of your life.  We can all enjoy a healthy, high-performance middle age and beyond, but you must make changes to your mindset and daily habits.  And the sooner you start the better.  I believe that before you can make any physical changes, you must get clear in your mind what your intentions are, what you want to achieve and craft a plan to get there.  You will get resistance, bank on it.  You will find that many people in your life, your age, have also gotten comfortable with being out of shape, overweight, or have allowed bad habits such as drinking or smoking consume their lives.  It could even be a spouse or a significant other.

Best way to lose weight

The Success Principles is one of the best ways to lose weight and accomplish your goals

Jack Canfield teaches in The Success Principles that we all need to take responsibility for our own circumstances, actions, and environments.  That no matter how bad we look or feel, no matter how tired or uninspired we are in life, that this is of our own doing.  You and only you can make the choice to make a change in your life if you want to and find an easy weight loss solution.  Let’s be honest, if you are happy being out of shape, uninspired to perform at a high level and are frankly just plain lazy, or really don’t care to improve your life at all I cannot help you, reading this will not help you.  This writing is for those of you who have had enough of feeling lousy and being out of shape, and feel like you perform at a low-performance level each day, and are ready to break away from the comfort zones you have lived with for far too long.  There is only one way to do this, and only one way to liberate yourself from all of your bad habits that have driven you down for so long.  Remove them from your life.  If you have friends, family or a significant other in your life that continue to maintain and live with bad habits and an unhealthy way of living, you have to explain to them that you are making lifestyle changes and you cannot be around negative or unhealthy behaviors any longer, and that the new you is going to work on living a more healthy, vibrant, and high-performance lifestyle.  If they don’t understand, cannot support you, or they do not respect your decision, eliminate them from your life.  They will tear you down.  You will never be able to accomplish your goals and dreams of living a healthy high-performance lifestyle with those people in your life.  I am sorry but there is no easy way to put it.  It’s all about you now.  It’s all about your purpose or your “Why” in life.

Your purpose or “Why” is the whole reason for deciding to make this big shift in your life.  I feel many who let themselves go and begin to feel old by the time they reach middle-age have had enough and want to make it a priority to feel better in their lives.  But why?  What is the purpose?  You must define it, write it down and include it on your goals sheet to read every day.  This may not be something you are used to doing.  Writing down your goals and reading them twice a day, in the morning when you wake and at night before bed keeps them fresh in your mind, and gives you an opportunity to visualize the outcome.  Writing down your purpose or your “why” on the goals sheet keeps it right there in front of you daily.  Your purpose or the reason you want to lose weight, feel more energetic, live a life of health and wellness, and ultimately live a high-performance lifestyle could be that you want to be strong and healthy enough in your 60’s and 70’s or beyond to be able to run around and play with your grandchildren.  That is ultimately my “Why”.  I want to enjoy my child and grandchildren until they are all fully grown.  And who knows perhaps even my great-grandchildren.  The great thing about goal setting and defining your “Why” is you can customize it to suit you.  And it doesn’t need to be one thing or one reason.  You can have many reasons for wanting to lose weight, tone your body, or feel absolutely amazing, with tons of energy each morning.  Maybe, you want that 25-year-old body back.  Maybe you want to have the energy to start a new business, or a side business to supplement your income to make for a better life.  It can be one thing, two things or ten things.  They are your goals, write down as many as you want, and one by one check them off as you accomplish them.  You can do it… Trust in the process.  If you never start the process or begin the journey the outcome is pre-determined.  You may already be living it.  But if you start to insert your “Why” into the equation.  Write your goals down, and start on a Healthy 4 Life way of living.  Your dreams of living out a beautiful, high-performance life await you.  Nothing is pre-determined, it is time start working on the remaining chapters of your life story.