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Under Armour

Sports Wear Designed to enhance your fitness and healthy lifestyle.   Under Armour has an unmatched design and performance that makes it the top choice for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.  Check out all the latest Under Armour fashions below.

Top 12 Best Under Armour Fashions Reviewed


The History of Under Armour

The Under Armour sports brand experienced rapid growth after 1999 after it had been featured in Warner Brothers films, like Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. Under Armour currently sponsors the NFL Combine, as well as the University of Notre Dame.


From base layers, tee shirts, sunglasses, work boots, athletic shoes, to compression shorts, this sportswear brand knows what it wants to deliver. You can stay covered in high-quality gear that works for you. The moisture transport technology is Under Armour’s trademark feature together with that, 4-way stretch fabrics, anti-odor technology, UPF 30+ qualities, and flat lock seams for comfort are just a few of the other unique features you’ll find in the men’s and women’s clothing. Breathable, stretchy, and versatile, Kevin Plank, the creator, and owner of Under Armour, didn’t create this sports apparel JUST for football players, but it’s for all kinds of athletes and workers, all over the world.

Reasons to Use Under Armour Gear

Goal Motivated
Some major brands are too concentrated in building their name and be popular that they have forgotten their main purpose which is to serve and provide a solution to all issues. This is where Under Armour comes ahead of its competitors, its goal to provide a solution to every athlete’s issue is what motivates them to create and develop products that will serve effectively.

Under Armour was created as an answer to a problem that men who play football all experienced, which is a wet and sweat-soaked T-shirt that gives them this uncomfortable feeling. The owner, Kevin Plank, a football player himself, developed a T-shirt that stayed perpetually dry and fresh. By solving a popular problem, among athletes, Kevin launched up a whole new sub-sector in athletic wear, and now handles 75% of this market share. At this time, Under Armour is reaching out to women and children, and their purposeful brand signature is visible and well-received in every new market they embrace.

Under Armour is marketed as a solution- -as garments that solve problems. Whether it’s wicking to maintain workout clothes fresh and dry, compression garments to avoid inflammation, or a one-armed jacket designed exclusively to keep a pitcher’s arm in perfect shape for play, Under Armour is selling effectiveness and performance. This presents them a unique advantage in an industry powered by utility, collaboration, and performance. Additionally manufacturing fashion as technology provides Under Armor with an edge in terms of protecting their designs internationally, because products that do something can be patented, whereas fashion brands cannot.

Keeps on Innovating
Under Armour has embedded innovation at every point together with its supply chain and is continuously looking for new issues to solve, and innovative fabrics and styles that support people to conquer hurdles and improve overall performance. Their present “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light” marketing campaign comes with the US women’s gymnastics team training just before the games. Michael Phelps, the famous US swimmer, features in a 90-second ad called “Rule Yourself.” Telling their story through the clothing worn in the games, and aligning themselves together with the performance of the athletes instead of sponsoring the games and advertising during them puts Under Armour at the leading edge of performance maximizing innovation, and positions them as the brand that helps you perform through your own force of will, and a little help from your friends at Under Armour.

Simple and Real
Under Armour is inspired by Nike’s “just do it” mantra, which they applied in reality, just doing it just isn’t that easy. We all have obstacles to conquer, and problems that comes in our way. This reality-based role, which gives the foundation for their problem-solving model, positions Under Armour as the brand and a company that understands that nobody’s perfect, we all have hurdles to overcome, but with their smart and simple solutions, Under Armor can help anyone be the best that they can be.

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