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Sports Bra

Sports Bras have become an important part of a ladies workout apparel.  Girls and Women love them for the comfort.   Check out the selection of the top-selling Sports Bras just below.

Top 12 Best Sports Bras Reviewed


The Benefits of Sports Bras

The style of a bra is a matter of personal choice and comfort. A sports bra offers additional support during activities of which place additional tension and pull on the chest area and that may normally cause discomfort and pain during and after the activity has finished. It does provides the extra support, extra comfort and is ideal to wear when doing some physical workout or playing sports.

6 Reasons to Use A Sports Bra

1. Provides Support
The most popular benefits of wearing a sports bra is that it provides extra support. A quality sports bra will keep you well supported, regardless of how strenuous your workout is. However, it is important to buy the right size and if you do so, then you will experience a lot of support when you wear a sports bra.

2. Stops the Bouncing
Another major benefit of wearing a sports bra is that it helps the chest to stop the bouncing. When you are playing a sport or performing any other physical activity, then it is important to wear a bra which can contain the bouncing and this is what a sports bra does.  Good-fitting sports bras are developed to control breast movement during exercise. This way, the breasts are less likely to bounce and stretch during physical activity, therefore minimizing the pain and soreness felt after an intense workout.

3. Supreme Level Comfort
Everyone considers comfort to be important when they wear a bra and there is no other kind of bra that provides as much comfort as a sports bra. Most sports bras have thick back support, soft fronts, no underwire and a generally softer structure. Thus, it makes sports bras to be supremely comfortable to wear whether you’re hitting the gym, take a daily jogging on the park, or even just hanging around the house.

4. Temperature Regulation
Most sports bras have the capability of controlling your body temperature. Sports bra are made of moisture-wicking components that draw moisture away from the skin. Sweat is driven toward the outer surface of the bra, therefore allowing moisture to evaporate more easily and reducing discomfort due to chafing.

5. Avoids Breast Pain
Another benefit of a sports bra is that it can reduce any breast discomfort. What happens is that as the muscle ligaments move up, down and sideways, some pain is triggered. Sports bras are created to control the movement of the breasts resulting in absolutely no or little pain whenever you carry out a physical workout while wearing them.

6. Prevent Long-Term Sagging
As a woman ages, her breasts may start to sag. Researchers believe that movement combined with insufficient support can lead to long-term sagging.  Experts revealed that sports bras provide a great level of support as compared to ordinary bras. Wearing one is commonly recognized as a solution for sagging. It also helps prevent premature sagging.

Finding the Perfect Fit of Sports Bra

Ensure that there is no chafing around the armholes, shoulder straps or seams. If the bra has hooks or snaps, make sure those don’t chafe, either.

You should be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders. It’s important that the straps are secure and comfortable. If they’re too restricted, it has the tendency to give you discomfort and pain. If they’re too loose, they will not provide the proper level of support and will move around or slip off your shoulders.

Raise your hands over your head. If the band rides up, it may be too big. Try adjusting the straps or back closure. If that doesn’t work, try a smaller band size.

Your breasts must be centered and fully secured in the cups. Wrinkles or puckers in the fabric signify the cup is too big. If breast tissue is pressed outside of the bra, this means the cup is too small, or that the style of bra is the wrong cut for your breast type.

Test the bra’s support by jumping or running in place. Your breasts must feel secure and supported. If there’s too much movement up and down or side to side, continue searching for a better-fitting bra.

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