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Soccer Balls

Check out our great selection of soccer balls.  Worldwide popularity of soccer, or futbol as it is referred to in many countries has exploded.  And we have all the newest and hottest stylish balls right here!

Top 12 Best Soccer Balls Reviewed

Soccer Ball

Early soccer balls began as animal bladders or stomachs that would quickly break apart if kicked too much. Developments became attainable in the 19th century with the introduction of rubber and breakthroughs of vulcanization by Charles Goodyear. The modern-day 32-panel ball design and style was developed in 1962 by Eigil Nielsen, and complex research carries on today to develop soccer balls with improved performance.

The soccer ball used in professional leagues and in the FIFA World Cup is called “size 5”. Nevertheless, the size 5 soccer ball is not applied at all times. The soccer ball sizes for official match use differ based on the type of soccer being played or the age group of players.

Tips for Choosing the Best Soccer Ball

Selecting a soccer ball sounds like an easy task until you find out the several choices available. With various materials, sizes and types, buying a soccer ball can be challenging. But have no fear, we have broken down all the key features to bear in mind when choosing the best soccer ball for your style of play.

The most popular soccer balls you will come across are match balls and training balls. Match balls are designed for game-play and must follow official size, weight and shape regulations. Training balls are designed for practice and recreational use on a variety of playing environments. They are also more resilient since they are made exclusively to be used for an extended period of time.

When searching for best soccer balls you have to check for a few things. Firstly it is good to look the material of the ball. Often soccer balls that are mainly from plastic are worse and less quality. It is advisable to avoid that type of balls that are mainly from plastic. They are frequently also cheaper and easily to wear out.

The bladder is the insides of the soccer ball. It’s the holding chamber that’s filled with air to keep the soccer ball inflated. Soccer ball bladders are almost usually butyl or latex. Premium soccer balls normally have natural latex bladders. Latex bladders are softer, with a much better feel. However, latex soccer ball bladders tend not to preserve air and shape as well as butyl soccer ball bladders do and demand more regular inflation. Butyl soccer ball bladders are known for their outstanding air retention.

Soccer ball price can vary from $20 to over $150. Varies from the type of soccer ball: Training Balls to Match Balls to Premium Match Balls, the differences can be found in cover, lining, bladder and overall construction. For example, more expensive soccer balls are attached for shape maintenance and low water uptake.

Types of Soccer Balls

While most adult soccer leagues use an official 32-paneled size 5 ball, there are other variations of soccer balls you may come across on your buying journey.

Turf soccer balls – are made to endure more deterioration from artificial fields that generally have a rougher playing surface area.

Indoor soccer balls – are generally size 5, but are made to have less rebound to support the tougher surfaces and turf that covers the playing ground and walls of an indoor soccer field.

Beach soccer balls – are size 5, yet are less heavy than an official grass soccer ball, and typically much softer to provide more comfort to bare feet. They are usually brightly colored to make them easier to see on the sandy beach terrain, and often are made water-proof if ever they are kicked into the ocean.

Futsal soccer balls – are size 4 but typically weigh about the same as a size 5 ball. They are generally made with less bounce since the game is played on a hard surface indoors, and occasionally have felt or suede casings to help strengthen the ball on the slippery playing floor.

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