Best Healthy4LifeOnline Scholarship – 2017 in 2022 – Top Products Rated

Healthy4LifeOnline’s scholarship goal is to provide guidance for students interested in advancing their studies in health, fitness, nutrition, sports training, and physical education. We offer this opportunity for all of those students who relate to the goal of Healthy4LifeOnline which includes those listed above.


The winning student will be awarded a $1000 scholarship for their efforts, which can then be used for tuition, books, or living expenses. Before you write or submit your work, please read our “about us” page to better understand our mission and purpose behind Healthy4LifeOnline. To be eligible to win, please read below.


  1. Only students located within the United States. You must be a US Citizen.
  2. Must be registered full time for 2017.
  3. Content must be original and written by you. No plagiarism.
  4. Minimum GPA Requirement: 2.5.
  5. Military academies are ineligible.
  6. Applicant must be enrolled in a program that is two years in length or longer.

How to Enter:

1. Students are required to write a well-researched essay with a minimum of 1000 words on one of the following topics:

a.  How Functional Training is revolutionizing the fitness industry.

b.  10 exercises you can do with one of the functional training products on the site .

c.  Why fitness is so important for the elderly.

d.  All the benefits associated with functional training and functional nutrition.

e.  How functional training can help the over 40 crowd in leading a better, healthier and productive lifestyle.

2. Submit your essay to along with the following information (Due by 1st of December 15, 2017):

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of school
  • Your current major
  • Current GPA
  • Essay of 1000+ words on one of the listed topics submitted as a text document.

3. The winner will be chosen by our team on December 15th, 2017. Stay tuned!

Copyright Notice:

By submitting your essay to Healthy4LifeOnline, you grant us permission to publish your essay (with attribution to you as the author) on our blog and any other platforms.