The Best Roller Stick

A roller stick is a compact, lightweight self-massage tool small enough to fit in a gym bag length ranging from 15-inches to 25-inches. With ergonomic handles on both ends and biotherapeutic spindles across the middle, a roller stick provides an easy way to compress and stretch muscles, facilitating a soft tissue treatment called myofascial release.

Myofascial Release

The result of myofascial release is many fold – it improves your blood circulation, enhances the muscles’ stretch reflex, treats your trigger points, and loosens you when you’re tight or have knotted muscles. All these work hand in hand in giving instant pain relief, speeding up muscle recovery time, and increasing range of motion or movement.

This extensive functionality is why the roller stick is one of the most recommended tools for optimizing performance.

The Overall Track Record for Roller Sticks

Roller sticks are powerful self-massage tools that are widely used by many professional athletes for over a decade. In fact, USA Track and Field has endorsed the first and most famous roller stick – just known as The Stick – for years. Loren Seagrave, one of the most renowned speed coaches in the world, have recommended them to his athletes to positive results.

One Size Does Not Fit Everyone

One crucial thing to remember is that one size doesn’t fit all. In order to help you find out which stick is the most suitable to address your muscle needs, we have searched for the best roller sticks and review them here.

Recommended Techniques For Using a Roller Stick

Muscle Rollers are the best at providing you with instant pain relief. Using a Stick Roller on a daily basis can provide you constant muscle maintenance and prevent future injuries. Below are the five most recommended techniques when treating targeted areas.

1. Neck
Turn your head 10-degrees to the right and slide the muscle roller stick on the left side of the neck. Do the same movements in the opposite direction. Drop your chin and push the roller stick across the back of the neck as well. Roller Stick on Neck

2. Shoulders
To roll your right shoulder, stand up straight, grab the left end of your roller stick from your back with your left hand and the right end with your right hand. Use your left hand for an anchor as you roll your right shoulder by using your right hand. To roll your left shoulder, you should do the same procedure but in reverse Roller stick

3. Upper Back
To roll your left side of your upper back, grab the left end of the stick with your left hand and point your left elbow forward. Grab the right end of the stick from behind with your right hand to serve as an anchor for you. Using your left hand, slide the stick back and forth between your spine and your shoulder blade. To roll the right upper back, perform the same procedure but in reverse. Best Roller Stick Back

4. Legs
Raise your left leg by stepping on a raised platform. Grab both sides of the stick with each hand and then roll the left hip. Using the same stance, start by working on your front leg as well. Do the same movements in reverse to work on the right leg.

5. Lower Back
Place your roller stick across your lower back and grab both ends with each one of your hands. Roll your stick up and down using short strokes. Do this type of procedure between the belt line and the buttocks.

For deeper massage, gently bend backward at the waist and anchor the left end with the left elbow. Grab the right end with your palm up for leverage and slide the stick up and down via short strokes. Do the same procedure but in reverse to work on the opposite side. Back Roller Stick

In Conclusion

Both roller sticks and foam rollers have their types of advantages and disadvantages. The right tool for you will depend on the kind of workout that you do on a regular basis. Owning both, however, can give you the best of both worlds, and the only way you can get the most out of their respective advantages is by learning many of the tried-and-tested techniques used by long-term users.

If you have ever used the infamous foam roller, then you know how effective they can be. However, the massage stick is much better and easier to target specific muscle groups such as your neck, your inner thigh muscles, your shin muscles, your arms or muscles underneath the foot that can be difficult to do with the foam roller.

Benefits of using the Massage Stick Roller

Improve Overall Performance

The most important reason to use the massage stick roller is to improve the overall performance of your muscles during exercise. Whether you are lifting weights or doing cardio, it helps to release lactic acid and stimulate blood flow when used following exercise so that you will perform better during your next workout.

Reduce Possible Injury and Increase Your Flexibility

When using a Stick Roller before an injury, it can significantly reduce your injuries as it stretches out your muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments.

Myofascial and Pain Release

When using a Stick Roller after a workout while your muscles are still warm will prevent the muscles from becoming tight and sore. If you are not presently using a massage stick, it’s excellent to roll out your trigger points to remove any painful muscle knots. It also feels great as a tender spot starts to loosen up, and you can feel the circulation of your blood improve!

Portable and Lightweight

The massage stick is extremely convenient to take with you on the go as an alternative to the foam roller when you go traveling or even when you go to the gym.

Improve Mood and Sleep

If the above benefits were not enough, the massage stick also improves your mood and sleep. Its simple, when your muscles are healthy and relaxed, you feel more healthy and comfortable which impacts your mood and gives your better sleep.