Here is our take on the reasons why you should be using kettlebells rather than other types of exercise equipment.

1. Exercise Where Ever You Are

You honestly don’t need a gym membership, much space or anything other than just a kettlebell to get all the health and fitness results that you want and need.

Kettlebells are small and compact so they can be brought anywhere you go. You can get your heart beat racing like you have just run the 100 meters without even moving your feet. In fact, you should never need a space that is larger than 6 feet for your kettlebell workout.

2. Excellent for Fat Loss

Kettlebell workouts when designed and executed correctly use multi-joint movements utilizing over 600 muscles of yours at a time. The more muscles you use, the more energy that is required and hence the more fat and carbs you burn.

Kettlebell workouts can also be so intense that they disrupt your homeostasis evoking an afterburn effect that can continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after your workout. Bonus!

3. Very Inexpensive

For most rookies, one kettlebell is all you need to get started and that kettlebell being formed of solid metal will last you a lifetime. You don’t need any particular footwear, in fact, many people will exercise without shoes. Don’t worry you won’t drop the kettlebell on your foot!

Also due to the way kettlebells are twirled around the momentum increases the weight of the kettlebell, so a small weight can convert a larger weight when it is used correctly. One kettlebell can be used to push you to your goals with more complicated exercises or made very comfortable with more beginner based movements.

4. Quick Workouts

Kettlebell workouts when designed correctly are intense. The exercises can be made to flow from one movement to the next without having to change weights or rearrange your grip. The movement of different workouts enables you to keep your heart rate elevated and muscles constantly engaged.

Due to the intensity of the full body exercises and the dynamic nature of kettlebells good workouts should not last more than 10 – 20 minutes.

5. Better for your Joints

When used correctly a kettlebell improves your joint stability as well as the joints mobility too. When you swing a kettlebell, the weight tries to pull the joints apart, and it is your stabilizing muscles that control the closure of the joint.

The healthy progress of stabilizing muscles ensure you have a stronger foundation for your larger muscles to operate from enabling less injury and an increase in strength. Kettlebells also can force longer ranges of movement that open up your joints and increase your mobility and thus better movement freedom.

6. Great for Sports

Explosive strength is necessary for sports, it drives you up to the basketball hoop, increases foot speed on the court and creates explosive pushes and pulls.

Kettlebell training is dynamic and involves absorption and regeneration of force explosively. In other words, you need to decelerate and accelerate the weight rather quickly. Mix force control with functional and a more natural movement, and you can see for yourself why kettlebells are great for strengthening athletes bodies.

7. Sculpts a beautiful body

Kettlebell exercise burns fat and increases muscle tone fast. Most of the exercises are multi-joint (compound) movements that link the bottom half of the body with the top half via the core muscles. Great for your abs!

The body recruits 100’s of muscles to control and maintain your balance of the kettlebell. The muscle’s time under tension is high resulting in fast muscle development throughout the body.

8. Hits “hard to reach” muscles

Unlike lots of other training tools, kettlebells focus profoundly into the back of the body and in particular buttocks. The buttocks being the largest muscles in the body require massive amounts of energy to survive and are great fat burners.

Significant workouts like the kettlebell swing will also form carefully into the posterior chain (muscles from heel to neck) where lots of muscle resides but is often neglected by other workout tools.

9. Improves Your Posture

If the desire to look beautiful even into your senior years, then kettlebell training is for you. Many of the core exercises work into your postural muscles counteracting sitting and modern day living.

Often the most important postural muscles are neglected in favor of the mirror muscles (chest, abs, etc.), but kettlebells prevent this from happening by working deep into the muscles that matter.

10. Quick Cardio

You will be surprised at how cardiovascular kettlebell training can be. Just by performing the kettlebell swing for 30 seconds can feel like you have just sprinted 100 meters without even moving your feet.

If you suffer from bad knees then exercises like the kettlebell swing can give you an incredible cardiovascular workout without damaging your knees while at the same time strengthening your body from head to toe.

11. Comfortable to Handle

Kettlebells just seems correct to use. If you buy the perfect kettlebell, then you will find lifting, pushing and pulling a real pleasure with a kettlebell. In fact, as you press a kettlebell the weight rests nicely on your forearm.

You will also find that when held in the racked position (more on this later) the kettlebell nestles nicely into the chest enabling weighted movements to become a real joy to perform without having to worry about the weight.

12. Strengthen Your Grip

As you age your grip weakens, it’s a real sign of getting older. However, if you train with kettlebells, this doesn’t have to be the case. Want to develop a strong monkey like grip?

Waving a kettlebell increases its overall mass and takes added strength to hold on. The more you use your kettlebell, the better your grip becomes. Perhaps you won’t be able to bend nails, but you will notice a distinct change in your grip force.

13. Fun and Addictive

Most of all, kettlebells are a pleasure to use. The more fun something is, the more we want to do it, and that’s a win-win for exercise. Kettlebell training will teach you impressive new skills, unseen actions and a great feeling of accomplishment as you comprehend different movements.

Your body will automatically adjust, and slowly but surely you will become addicted to these workouts. Some people who have taken their kettlebells on holiday with them had withdrawals from them shortly after only days of being without.