Pull Up Bars

Pull Up Bars are an easy piece of exercise equipment to include in your workout.  Quick and simple installations, as well as more foundational pieces, will be an effective way to build strength.

  • Improve your muscle strength and conditioning
  • Increase explosive power, speed, and overall health.
  • Challenge every rep to get more out of the exercise
  • Several styles and sizes – from 10 min. installation over the door frame to more permanent designs

Best Pull Up Bars

The Science Behind Training with Pull Up Bars

The ability to produce maximal power is so very important not only in competitive athletics but as we become middle-aged and older adults as well.  By building and maintaining power, balance, and strength, we all can live a very enjoyable and active lifestyle.

Force depends on your ability to recruit what are called high threshold motor units, which are muscle fibers that have the ability to contract very fast and explosively. This ability is also known as neuro-muscular efficiency and is enhanced with explosive pushup stand training.


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