Garcinia cambogia is a natural extract that comes from a tropical fruit native to India and grown in several Asian rain forest areas. Research shows that hydroxycitric acid (HCA) helps maintain a healthy balance of hepatic lipogenesis and gluconeogenesis.  Preventing excessive conversion of glucose from dietary carbohydrate into body fat. Research also indicates that HCA plays an important role in the regulation of normal appetite.

  • HCA reduces the conversion of carbohydrates into stored fat
  • reduces fatty acid synthesis by 40-70% for 8-12 hours after a meal
  • Helps curb appetite and reduce food intake
  • Reduces Fat Formation
  • Reduces Food Intake by about 10 percent
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Chromium supports healthy glucose levels
  • Chromium helps support lean body mass
  • Superior source of standardized high-potency HCA
  • Every batch is certified by independent laboratory analysis



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October 21, 2016