Plyo Box

Designed to enhance your quickness and explosiveness

  • Box Jumps are a great way to work on your explosiveness
  • Run faster and Jump higher by performing box jumps regularly
  • Increase your speed with explosive jumping ability in a few short weeks
  • Increase your strength and balance

The Benefits of a Plyo Box

Plyo Box is a sturdy, metal or wooden platform that is developed for lower-body plyometric training, which often consists of continuous jumping. You can use a small set of plyo boxes to train for particular sports skills, such as hurdling, jumping, landing on one leg and leaping. If you’re new to plyometric training, work with a qualified exercise professional before training on your own.

With the use of Plyo Box as your workout routine, you are using a method that will help you to develop your muscle power, that will enhance your ability to instantly and swiftly exert force.

Top 25 Best Plyo Box Reviewed


1. Ideal Plyo Box Square Combo

  • Solid, textured 1/8" rubber tread top
  • Yellow Powder-Coat Exterior
  • Frame is 1" square steel tubing
  • includes a 12", 18" 24" and a 30" box.
  • Nestable design for compact storage

2. Stackable Plyo/ Step-Up Box 24? x 24? x 3 by York Barbell

  • Stackable Plyo/ Step-Up Box 24? x 24? x 3

3. Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box for Jump Training and Conditioning 16/14/12

  • 16x14x12 inches, Highest Grade Plywood - 3/4 inch thick. Assembly screws are included.
  • PLEASE NOTE: 16 inch side is a small landing surface. You will need to land softly or use that side for step-ups. If intending to use 16 inch for box jumps with beginners, we recommend our 16/20/24 box.
  • Puzzle box design. Does NOT include internal brace--box is small enough that it doesn't need it.
  • Sanded down edges for comfort and safety, CNC machined for precise fit (no struggling to assemble)
  • Pre-drilled holes makes it quick to assemble. 10-15 minute assembly time with a power screwdriver.

4. j/fit Plyometric Jump Box - 12" Height

  • INDESTRUCTIBLE PLYO BOXES:Our plyo boxes are made from high quality materials so as to last for the many years to come. The heavy duty steel construction guarantees safe and dynamic performances.
  • STABLE RUBBER STOPPERS:Excel your routines but keep your posture safe with our plyometric boxes. The rubber stoppers on the bottom are screwed for optimum safety and will keep boxes from sliding.
  • CHOOSE SIZE PLYO BOX:4 sizes plyo boxes that satisfy all needs.12" box-13x13" top, 14x14" base / 18" box-14x14" top, 18x18" base / 24" box-15x15" top, 21x21" base / 30" box-16x16" top, 23x23" base.
  • NON SLIP TAPERED PLYOMETRIC PLATFORM:All of our j/fit jump platforms are tapered and ensure greater stability and ease in jumping. The stackable design saves space and time from storing.
  • IMPROVE HEALTH & TONE BODY:Our portable plyo boxes are suitable for men and women who love total body workouts. Ideal for step ups, lateral step overs, jump squats, burpee box jumps and more.

5. Wood Plyo Box - 12/14/16 inch 3 in 1 Plyo box Plyometric Box, Plyometric Jump Box, Plyometric Jump Boxes, Box Jump Boxes, Jump Box (12/14/16)

  • - MAXIMUM EFFORT WITHOUT FEAR: The rounded wood plyo box corners guarantee you can put in maximum effort with every jump because you won't get hurt.
  • - DRASTICALLY IMPROVED SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Perform a huge selection of exercises on the plyo jump box drastically improving your jumping ability no matter what your sport.
  • - 3 SIZES FOR THE PRICE OF 1: Save huge money and space, because the plyometric workout box comes in 3 of the most popular sizes available (20" x 24" x 30"), (18"x20"x24"), or (12"x14"x16") - PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE PURCHASING ONE PLYO BOX, NOT THREE
  • - ROCK SOLID PLYO BOX: The puzzle joints and bracing means the plyo box is as solid as a rock and can handle 350 pounds.
  • - DESIGNED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Box squat box ships flat to save you money and pre-drilled holes makes set up easy. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

6. Titan Fitness 3 In 1 20" 24" 30" Soft Foam Plyometric Box Jumping Exercise Safe

  • Versatile: Can be used for many different types of exercises to target multiple muscle groups
  • Durable: Stable construction supports up to 350 lb; PVC fabric resists tearing from normal use
  • Design: 3 orientations allow you to increase or decrease the level of difficulty
  • Safe: Won't slip or shift when you jump
  • Dimensions: 20" x 24" x 30"; Weight - 16 lb

7. (12/14/16) Bound Plyo Box 3-in-1 Wood Puzzle Plyometric Box - CrossFit Training, MMA, or Plyometric Agility - Jump Box, Plyobox, Plyo Box, Plyometric Box, Plyometrics Box

  • Perfect for box jumps, step-ups, box squats, and CrossFit workouts
  • Plywood - 3/4 inch thick. Assembly screws, glue, and square-drive bit are included.
  • Flatpacked requires assembly. Basic DIY skills required.
  • Tight Fitting design requires Rubber Mallet for assembly. This makes box extremely strong even without screws or glue.
  • Pre-drilled holes makes it quick to assemble. 10-15 minute assembly time with a power screwdriver.

8. Titan Fitness 20" 24" 30" Wood Plyometric Box HD Plyo Box Jump Exercise Training

  • Internal middle brace for added support - Pro-duty wooden construction - Slip free top surface
  • Easy to assemble - Save money and space with 3 box sizes in 1
  • Solid wood platform to support heavy weight athletes - Rotate the box for more challenging heights - Hardware included
  • Material: Wood - Height: 30"
  • Width: 20" - Length: 24" - Weight: 58 lbs.

9. Titan Fitness X Adjustable Height Step Plyo Box 12" 16" 20" 24" Jump Cross Fit

  • 4 Height adjustment settings: 12", 16", 20", & 24" - Pro-duty steel construction - Slip free top surface
  • Save space over storing multiple plyometric boxes - Solid steel platform to support up to 300 lb - Versatile range of exercises supported
  • Plyometric exercise develops leg muscles and cardiovascular endurance - Material: Steel - Max Height: 24"
  • Width: 18" - Weight: 50 lb - Color: Red

10. OrangeA Plyometric Boxes 12 Inch 18 Inch 24 Inch Plyometric Platform Jump Box Exercise Plyometric Jump Boxes for Jump Training (Set of 12'' 18'' 24 '')

  • Size: 12'' 18'' 24'' (3 pcs) Color : Red steel fame & Black mat
  • Plyometric Boxes with solid steel construction frame and solid rubber non-slip mat to prevent skidding
  • Tapered design allows for greater stability and ease in jumping; Easy stacking for storage
  • Plyometric Jump Boxes is a excellent tool for plyometric drills, lateral jumps and forward jumps
  • Jump Box Exercise is good for developing overall explosiveness in most sports

11. 3n1 Small Plyobox 18"x16"x12" 3-in-1 - X Training Equipment

  • Adjustable three ways by simply rotating the box
  • Easy Assembly

6 Reasons to Use a Plyo Box

Plyo Box jumps is one of the most sought exercises of all time due to their good benefits: they’re incredibly efficient, very easy to scale for assorted fitness levels, and can allow you to get sweaty and gasping for breath right away!

To start with, you’ll need some type of plyometric box or sturdy raised surface. You’ll jump up onto the box, landing with both feet, then straighten your legs at the very top position. Then you’ll definitely jump back off, and then immediately spring back up as quickly as possible. You can step back off from the box in the place of jumping down when you yourself have knee problems or simply feel more content performing this.

Choosing the height of your box will depend on your current fitness level, but most women will want to start with a 14-inch to 18-inch box, while most men will want to start with a 20-inch to 24-inch box. I typically use a 20-inch box.

Start with three or four sets of 10 to 20 box jumps three to four times a week, or just add them to your regular high-intensity impact training (HIIT) workouts.

Here are six reasons to love box jumps:

1. They’ll give you amazing calves.

Jumping increases your strength and muscular tonus, and builds both upper body and low body strength like hell. Box jumps force you to jump high enough that you’re forced to use each and every muscle in your legs to give you up to the box.

2. They can be achieved without equipment.

If you don’t want to purchase or create your own box, and don’t have access to at least one at a gym, it is possible to still do box jumps! Simply find a top enough bench or some stairs and on occasion even a table (if you some serious hops) and obtain jumping!

Just make sure it is really sturdy — you don’t want any potential for it moving while you’re jumping, that could easily bring about an injury.

3. Maintains balance and coordination

Since a lot of us would ideally choose to still be healthy and active when we’re older, a very important thing you certainly can do would be to keep on being active and increase your strength, balance, and coordination now.

And because box jumps aid in balance, they’ll protect you from injury all the way into later years. Plus, they’ll help to keep your bones strong and healthy for life.

4. Burns a lot of calories and blast fat.

When you’re jumping at a fast pace, the body burns 800 to 1,000 calories an hour or so (compare that to 200 to 300 calories burned each hour while walking). And because high-intensity jumping stimulates alterations in the mitochondria (where fuel is changed into energy during the cellular level), your system will shed weight before carbohydrates — always great news for anyone attempting to lose weight.

5. Enhances your athletic abilities.

Whether you love to skateboard, surf, or play basketball in your spare time, box jumps will help to enhance your vertical jump, speed, and endurance, as well as boost your coordination to assist you to excel in almost any sport for you to do.

When you yourself haven’t tried them yet, you’ll soon know very well what after all. Box jumps force you to definitely boost your coordination quickly because it’s all too easy when you’re tired of almost missing out the box entirely and hit your shins on the front edge. Not fun (but, you’ll get better quickly with practice, really!).

6. Fun workout

Once you try a few and realize it is possible to jump that high, box jumps soon become fun to accomplish. Not only can they make you feel athletic and bring out your inner kid, they higher you learn how to you jump, the more badass you’ll feel. What might be more fun than that?

Top 8 Exercises with a Plyo Box

1. Step ups

Get in front of a box or a sturdy high surface. Step up onto the container with one leg, then bring one other leg up as you straighten both legs. Step back down and repeat regarding the opposite side, and repeat.

Go ahead and add weight for this exercise to boost the challenge. a sandbag, kettlebell, or dumbbells are all great options.
Good for: Conditioning, leg strength

2. Lateral step overs

Stand into the side of a box or elevated surface such as for example a bench. Step on the box with one leg, then bring one other leg up to ensure you’re looking at the surface of the box. Step down with one leg, then bring the other leg right down to the floor. Continue going one other direction, speeding up as you get more confident with the movement. Add weight if you would like up the difficulty.
Good for: Conditioning, leg strength

3. Burpee step overs

Stand into the side of a box or elevated surface such as a bench. Do a burpee, then step onto the box with one leg, then bring the other leg up to make certain that you’re sitting on the surface of the box. Step down with one leg, then bring one other leg right down to the ground and immediately do another burpee. Continue going the other direction, speeding up so you go as fast as you can.
Good for: Conditioning, leg strength

4. Elevated push ups

Start in a plank position together with your feet on a box or elevated surface with the hands on to the floor prior to you. Lower down into a push up so your chest gets near to the floor, then push back up and repeat.
Good for: Arm, chest, and core strength

5. Elevated knee touches

Start in a plank position along with your feet on a box or elevated surface with your hands on to the floor in front of you. Tighten your core and push through your shoulders, then bring one knee to your elbow on a single side. Return your leg to the starting position and repeat on the other hand.
Good for: Arm and core strength

6. Box jumps

Stand in front of the box or sturdy raised surface. Jump up onto the box, landing with both feet at the top. Jump back off through the box, then immediately jump back up.
Good for: Conditioning, leg strength

7. Burpee box jumps

Standing in front of a box, get into a squat position together with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back in a push-up position and lower torso to your floor. Return the feet back into the squat position as fast as possible, then immediately stand up and jump up onto the box. Jump back down and repeat.
Good for: Conditioning, leg, arm, and core strength

8. Bulgarian split squats

Stands in a split stance with your leg elevated on a box, bench, or elevated surface. Keep your front foot flat on the ground and lower your body until your knee is close to the ground, then lower back up and repeat. Make sure and switch sides.
Good for: Leg strength