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Niacin (aka Vitamin B3)

  • Improves Cholesterol Levels.
  • Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk.
  • Can Help Treat Diabetes.
  • Maintains Skin Health.
  • Supports Proper Brain Function.
  • Helps with Joint Mobility and to Treat Arthritis.
  • Treats Pellagra, a Disease Caused by Low B Vitamin Levels.

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The Top 12 Best Niacin Reviewed

Top 10 benefits of utilizing Niacin

The human body is built up from multiple nutrients among which vitamins play an important role in maintaining the human body functions. Vitamin B and especially vitamin B3 also famously known as Niacin is essential for the humans. Its deficiency presents with skin problems, memory loss, hallucinations, brain impairment and digestive system symptoms. The  roles it plays in the body are as follows:

1. Keeps your lipid profile in check

By this, we mean that it helps in regulating the lipid profile within the normal ranges. The lipid profile accounts for cholesterol levels and triglycerides amount. It is known to increase the levels of HDL and decreases the levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol) and triglycerides in the body.

2. Ensures healthy skin

When it comes to the nourishment of our skin, the truth is that we all want it to glow! Niacin plays an anti-aging role in the replenishment of the skin. It actively reduces the damage done by acne and reduces the effects of rosacea. The studies conducted on the healthy skin effects of niacin show that it prevents the occurrence of skin cancer as well.

3. Promotes healthy brain development

The vitamin is popular for its anti-depressant effect and brain repair effect in the disease like Schizophrenia. The elderly can take the supplement to enhance their memory and prevent brain damage in cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Beneficial for treating diabetes type 1

This vitamin plays an important role in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the human body. This protects the diabetic patients and manages their disease well. It keeps the heart healthy preventing heart diseases.

5. Useful in cases of pellagra

The disease pellagra is one of the major manifestations of niacin deficiency. It can only be treated with the high doses of the Vitamin B3 and other vitamin B supplements. The most useful form of supplement for this disease is nicotinamide.

6. Helps deal with arthritis

The Arthritis foundation reveals their results on the positive effect of niacinamide in reducing the joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis. Other than this, the vitamin B3 supplement suppresses joints inflammation and fatigue and promotes muscle strength.

7. Prevents birth defects

The Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide molecule is responsible for DNA synthesis and the overall genetic makeup. A 2017 article suggested that regular vitamin B3intake by a pregnant woman reduces the chances of NAD molecule disruption and prevents malformation in the baby.

8. Useful in the patient with erectile dysfunction

The presence of sufficient niacin plays the role of a vasodilator allowing blood flow to the genital areas during sexual intercourse. The vitamin helps the man get a proper erection thus alleviating erectile dysfunction.

9. Relieves motion sickness

The evidence shows that taking niacin with papaya helps in reducing motion sickness. It makes traveling peaceful and relieves the user from the trouble.

10. Facilitates digestive processes

It is used in the digestion of fats and carbohydrates which form the major part of the diet. Its deficiency can lead to abdominal discomfort and constipation.







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