Rolling balls, foam rollers, PVC, tennis balls, and medicine balls remain a versatile choice for warming up, rehab and injury prevention. All have been used in the name of self myofascial release. However, consider giving this a try… the muscle roller stick. You’ll never look at a foam roller the same again.

15 Best Myofascial Releasing Reasons for using a Muscle Roller Stick

Professional athlete or weekend warrior, the muscle roller stick is great after running, weightlifting, Crossfit, MMA, WOD, Powerlifting and strength training. What ever your workout, you will get soreness and knots from your training.  Managing the soreness and those knots, lumps and aches can make the difference in getting everything out of your efforts and being able to train again the next day.

Myofascial release is a technique in which varying pressure is applied to muscles to help relax and heal muscles, improve muscle mobility and increase blood flow to the area. Pressure can be applied from another person like a massage therapist; however, they’re not always available and you’ll need something to be able to do it yourself.

Self-Myofascial release means you use anything to apply pressure to work the areas of soreness. Items like foam rollers, tennis or lacrosse balls, your thumbs or anything else can assist you in working out the knots. Without assistance, those knots and injured areas will create muscle imbalances over time. The body will try to heal itself in an attempt to compensate for the micro-injuries that occur with every training.   Add our daily habits of desk sitting, driving, lifting and TV watching and imbalances are exacerbated.

1.Injury prevention
Keeping muscles moving freely allows the body to work as one unit. When muscles are impeded by restrictions like adhesions, the body has to compensate and more imbalances are created.

2. Remove knots
Knots are small patches of clenched muscle fibers that are sensitive and cause aching and stiffness. The occur frequently with worked muscles so to be able to break them up the muscles can move better.

3. Improves Lymphatic circulation
Not only do we need increased blood flow; we need increased lymph movement for detoxification and healing. The lymph system doesn’t have vessels like blood and has to rely on movement to be moved around.

4. Helps to relieve muscle soreness
Have you ever thought to yourself “I just need a massage!” Now you can do it anytime and anywhere to relieve aching muscles. DIY never felt so good.

5. Faster recovery
With increased blood flow and the micro trauma that the roller stick provides, it cues the body to increase healing around the area.

6. Target the Trigger Point
How many times have you heard someone say they didn’t know they were that sore; or perhaps you said it after a massage. Rolling your muscles is great feedback for soreness and injury.

7. Stimulate Muscles
Muscle roller sticks workout the fascia and adhesion as well as increase blood flow to the area of injury.  Fresh nutrients circulate the area and deliver healing materials.

8. Store in different locations
Sticks are small and more portable for having in multiple places like at home, in your car, and at the office. Store it in your desk at work or take with you to your trail for an occasional massage.

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