The body will burn either glucose or ketones as its primary source of energy. Carbs, sugars, and starches will convert to glucose. During a low carb diet, the body digs into its fat stores, then releases molecules called Ketogenic Bodies which now becomes its primary source of energy.

This is why as long as you’re not eating carbs, you can ramp up your intake of fatty foods like butter, steak, and cheese and still lose weight. The body becomes a fat-melting machine, churning out ketones to keep running.

But what if there were a way to keep from starving yourself or turning to a keto diet to burn fat and you could keep carb levels at an adequate level and still burn ketones for energy by adding in a ketone supplement.

Studies with high-performance athletes that maintained a diet that included carbohydrates and added ketones produced a stacking effect and a more supercharged athlete.

A San Franciso based company called HVMN (pronounced human) in conjunction with Oxford University conducted several studies and concluded this would bring athletes energy unlike that of a caffeine boost, it is not a stimulant.  It feels normal until you look at times you are producing on the bike or track, or stamina you notice in the gym.

A bottle of HVMN’s Ketogenic Bodies delivers 25 grams of beta-hydroxybutyrate which is a substance produced during a starvation or fast.  Studies were done previously on people who have fasted long enough to produce this substance showed to be successful in burning fat and maintaining muscle mass.  In fact within an hour of drinking a bottle of HVMN’s beverage, ketone levels were equivalent to those of person who had done a 7 day fast which is remarkable.

So before you begin that next 7 day fast give a keto supplement a try.  Though the HVMN supplement is very expensive you may want to give a high-quality Medium Chain Triglyceride like Brain Octane Oil a try, that when added to your coffee with butter will create a delicious beverage called Bullet Proof Coffee.

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