Kelp is a type of seaweed, or algae, commonly eaten in Asian countries, such as Japan and China. Kelp contains lots of vitamins, especially B vitamins, which are essential for cellular metabolism and giving your body energy. It also contains vitamins C and E, which are both strong antioxidants and promote blood vessel health. Minerals, such as calcium, boron and magnesium are plentiful in kelp; they are necessary for strong bones and normal muscle function.


  • Great Source of Iodine
  • Helps You Lose Weight
  • May Help Prevent Diabetes
  • Helps with Some Blood-Related Disorders
  • Slows the Growth of Many Types of Cancer
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Helps Prevent Bone Loss
  • Maintains pH Balance
  • A Good Source of Protein
  • Helps in RBC Production

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Natural Nutra Kelp Iodine Supplement, North Atlantic Sourced Seaweed Extract, 225 mcg, 250 Vegetarian Tablets
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Organic kelp Granules 4oz.
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Organic kelp Granules 4oz.
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  • It is harvested in the North Atlantic Ocean off the cold, clean shores of Nova Scotia.
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Organic Kelp Powder 1 Pound, Wholefood Dietary Supplement, Raw Sun-Dried Kelp Seaweed from Canada, 100% Pure, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Kosher
  • TASTY & HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS STAPLE - A delicious, all-natural source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing a nutritional boost to your favorite recipes
  • HEALTH BOOSTING PLANT - Low calorie and sugar-free superfood contains iodine, which may help support healthy metabolism when eaten as part of a balanced diet
  • VERSATLE SEA VEGETABLE - Kelp adds a savory "umami" flavor to foods, it can also be eaten as a staple, snack topper, salad & pizza topping, smoothie booster, or to make healthy pasta-substituting kelp noodles
  • HIGH FIBER KELP GRANULES - Clean sourced botanical with no unhealthy fillers or preservatives, provides you with a great source of fiber, supporting improved gut health and regularity
  • WHOLEFOOD SUPPLEMENTS BY HERBAILA - Our USDA organic and cGMP compliant (Good manufacturing Practice) supplements are clean sourced and lab tested for purity, to ensure you get only the best and finest ingredients in every package
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Now Foods Kelp, 150mcg of Natural Iodine, 200 Tablets
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Now Foods Kelp, 150mcg of Natural Iodine, 200 Tablets
  • Green Superfood
  • Serving Size: 1 Tablet
  • Servings Per Container: 200
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Puritan's Pride Sea Kelp-250 Tablets
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Puritan's Pride Sea Kelp-250 Tablets
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Wondrous Secrets of the Ocean Realm: Cathedral in the Sea & Survival in the Sea
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Wondrous Secrets of the Ocean Realm: Cathedral in the Sea & Survival in the Sea
  • Reader's Digest (06/04/2010)
  • Running time: 52 minutes
  • Linda Hall
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Nature's Way Kelp - 100 Capsules
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Nature's Way Kelp - 100 Capsules
  • Nature's Way Kelp - 100 Capsules
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Maine Coast Kelp & Kombu Bag Organic, 2 oz
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Maine Coast Kelp & Kombu Bag Organic, 2 oz
  • This is all part of the organic certification process following OCIA Standards for harvesting
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Kelp 90 Veg Caps
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Oregon's Wild Harvest Kelp 90 Veg Caps
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  • Oregon's Wild Harvest Kelp 90 Veg Caps
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Life Line Organic Ocean Kelp Dog and Cat Supplement, 1-1/2-Pound
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Life Line Organic Ocean Kelp Dog and Cat Supplement, 1-1/2-Pound
  • Reduces build up of plaque and tartar for healthy teeth & gums
  • Aids with digestion and increasing metabolism
  • Reduces excessive shedding, replenishes moisture in animal's skin to prevent flaking and itching

Amazing Health Benefits of Kelp

Considered by many to be a superfood because of its wide variety of nutrients, kelp has been a staple of several Asian cultures for centuries. While its popularity in the western world is a more recent event, as more people discover the many benefits this vegetable has to offer, it’s quickly becoming part of a healthy, balanced diet for a large number of Americans as well.

Kelp health benefits includes preventing cancer, maintaining pH balance, enhancing bone density, a good source of protein, helps in RBC production, a good salt replacement, boosting immunity and managing menstruation symptoms. Other benefits includes supporting weight loss, combating diabetes and blood disorders, fighting inflammation, lowering cholesterol levels, relieving digestion, curing anemia and boosting immunity.

What is Kelp?

Kelp comes from the brown algae family. The plant grows in shallow coastal waters. Since kelp grows fairly quickly, it grows back fully within just 10 days of its harvest.

Kelp is popularly taken as a supplement. It is popularly used as powders, tablets and capsules. The plant should only be consumed on your doctor’s recommendation. Since, it contains a high amount of iodine, patients who are suffering from hypersensitivity to iodine or hypothyroidism should avoid consuming it.

There are many kelp forests in the world that are also referred to as colonies. Kelp is widely used as a vegetable and is a popular dietary supplement due to its rich nutritional value.

Nutritional Value of Kelp

The plant has several vitamins and minerals in abundance. It is particularly rich in B vitamins, which play a crucial role in cellular metabolism. There are also many useful minerals including magnesium and calcium that play a valuable role in maintaining normal muscle function and strong bones.

Kelp is a crucial part of the Chinese and Japanese cuisine. However, it is now widely used in all parts of the globe as a delicious food source.

It is a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and other organic substances. Hence, there are many benefits of consuming Kelp. It is a great way to keep the body hydrated. This is why kelp soup is popularly used to rehydrate the body quickly. Here are 11 incredible benefits of using Kelp regularly.

10 Health Benefits of Kelp

1. Great Source of Iodine

Do you know if you’re eating enough iodine? That’s an important question, because iodine-rich foods help protect you from a dangerous deficiency. Iodine is a vital nutrient that helps support a healthy thyroid, protects against certain kinds of cancer, promotes healthy growth and development in babies and children, and even helps you maintain a healthy brain.

Because kelp contains an extremely high level of iodine (up to 2,984 micrograms in some varieties), it’s one of the best ways to maintain a healthy level of iodine. Powdered kelp has been used to remedy hypothyroidism in patients with severe motor intellectual disabilities, who are at a very high risk of iodine deficiency.

2. Helps You Lose Weight

Not only is kelp a nutrient-rich food that’s beneficial to any diet, but it also has specific fat-fighting properties. A protein found in most varieties, known as fucoxanthin, has been shown to significantly reduce fat tissue — one of the reasons I recommend it as a healthy weight loss supplement. A study out of Moscow also found that a combination of pomegranate seed oil with fucoxanthin promoted weight loss and increased liver function.

Another way kelp can be helpful when losing weight is by the presence of particular molecules known as alginates. These alginates are prevalent in some varieties of kelp more than others. One study studied the effect of kelp on pancreatic lipase, finding that its consumption reduced this process by which the pancreas overprocesses fat and stores too much in the body. Instead, this seaweed was a vital factor in helping the body expel fat via excrement, rather than absorb large amounts. Essentially, this means it’s considered a lipase inhibitor.

3. May Help Prevent Diabetes

Those at risk for or who have diabetes may also find kelp a welcome addition to their diabetic diet plan. A Korean study published in Nutrition Research and Practice found that kelp consumption greatly improved blood glucose levels, positively influenced glycemic control and increased antioxidant enzyme activities in patients with type II diabetes.

4. Helps with Some Blood-Related Disorders

There’s a power nutrient found in many varieties of kelp that, among other things, has shown effectiveness against blood-related problems. It’s called fucoidan.

Fucoidan has shown effectiveness in preventing blood clots that can lead to dangerous health problems, including stroke and heart attack. It’s so effective, in fact, that researchers cite it as having potential to be used as an oral antithrombotic agent, potentially reducing the need of prescription drugs designed to reduce clotting problems. This may be relevant especially to those suffering from or at risk for diabetes, as a common complication of diabetes includes excessive clotting — making this brown seaweed a double-whammy on diabetes.

Fucoidan also protects cells in your body from ischemic damage, meaning damage caused by improper levels of blood flow to certain parts of the body.

5. Slows the Growth of Many Types of Cancer

Multiple nutrients in kelp function in tandem to give you protection against cancer. The presence of fucoxanthin was found to be effective against a number of types of prostate cancer. In addition, fucoxanthin can help remove drug resistance in cancer patients undergoing dangerous chemotherapy procedures, thereby reducing the amount of harmful drugs introduced into one’s system in order to remedy cancer. While my recommendation is generally to avoid traditional cancer processes, the impact is still significant for many who choose to go that route.

However, when it comes to cancer-fighting nutrients, fucoidan wins the top spot. Studies on fucoidan have found that it causes cancer cells to die (a process known as “apoptosis”) in leukemia, colon, breast and lung cancer. It’s the fucoidan and fucoxanthin combo that makes this sea vegetable one of the most effective cancer-fighting foods.

6. Natural Anti-Inflammatory

As a general defense against most diseases, I always recommend following a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases, and it’s hypothesized that chronic inflammation may be caused by an overactive immune system, flooding the body with dangerous hormones.

Certain kinds of kelp have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties (and serve as antioxidants), meaning they help reduce the overall inflammation in your body, which in turn reduces your probability of disease. Fucoidan, found in kelp, has also been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory and also to improve cholesterol levels in the blood, responsible for heart conditions.

7. Helps Prevent Bone Loss

Are you at risk for osteoporosis or other bone diseases? Kelp can help with that, too! First, it’s a rich source of vitamin K — you get almost a quarter of the daily recommended intake of vitamin K in just one serving. One of the many benefits of vitamin K is its role in creating denser bones that don’t as easily succumb to arthritis and osteoporosis. It’s also worthwhile to note that if you’ve been on antibiotics lately, you might need to increase your vitamin K intake to avoid vitamin K deficiency.

However, people on blood-thinning drugs ought to avoid extra vitamin K, as it can affect how the drugs work.

Fucoidan also contributes to healthy bones. Low molecular weight fucoidan helps prevent age-related bone loss and improves the mineral density in bones.

8. Maintains pH Balance

Kelp is an alkaline food. This implies that it is a natural way to maintain a good acid-base balance in the body. This is helpful for good digestion and most of our bodily processes.

9. A Good Source of Protein

Since kelp has more than 15 various amino acids, it is extremely beneficial for boosting the amount of protein in our body. Not only it regulates cellular growth, but it also heals wounds and helps in muscle development. If you are looking for a good natural source of protein, add some kelp to your diet.

10. Helps in RBC Production

It is a little known fact that kelp also triggers the production of red blood cells. Kelp has plenty of chlorophyll, which bears a close resemblance to human blood. This is why consuming kelp optimizes all organ functions throughout our body.

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