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Ice Packs

Ice packs are a great way of increasing recovery from injuries or soreness that occurs with being active.  Packs don’t have to be uncomfortable, they come in all sizes and shapes for your needs such as packs that wrap around a shoulder area or large packs for the back and hip region.   Find the top rated packs below for you.


Top 12 Best Ice Packs Reviewed

The Benefits of Ice Packs

Icing helps to reduce swelling around the injury, reduce the bleeding into the surrounding tissue and can reduce muscle spasm and pain to the area. Icing is most beneficial to an acute injury- or applied to an injured area right away.  Ice can also be used on chronic conditions as well, such as overuse injuries in athletes.

Reasons to Use Ice Packs

Standard protocol, ice has been the primary treatment for many years known as r.i.c.e. or rest, ice, compression and elevation. Many therapists use icing methods like packs, towels, ice cups and baths on muscles and joints to help when an injury happens.  Common for sprains, strains, tendonitis, back pain, bruises, and contusions.  The ice basically halts inflammation in the area, such as a sprained ankle, to prevent any further damage. The effects of ice are decreased circulation, metabolic activity, and inflammation and it numbs the skin.

Pain Relief
Ice can successfully alleviate acute and chronic muscle and joint discomfort. Pain and muscle spasms can be reduced by the effect ice has on pain receptors and nerve conductors, creating an anesthetic effect.

Decreased Swelling and Inflammation
Decreased pressure on the lymphatic drainage channels improves elimination of liquids and other materials that collect in an injured area. This applies not only to workplace injuries but also to post-surgical recuperation and other inflammatory conditions, which includes lymphedema (severe swelling of the extremities. )

Rapid Recuperation from Bruises
One of the most remarkable effects of an ice massage is the movement of blood that accumulates under the skin due to bruising. The ice is massaged in a circular motion over the bruised region and the bruising is dissipated.

Faster Recovery
Fatigued, overused or injured muscles have a build-up of by-products from the cellular metabolism (such as lactic acid and metabolic by-products) that contribute to pain and stiffness and limit the opportunity to continue exercising. When these areas are iced, enhanced elimination of these byproducts allows for more rapid recovery. Coupled with improved delivery of oxygen through improved blood flow, this may translate into improved performance within an endurance event or a full recovery between repetitive, higher intensity events.

Enables Athletes to Remain Active whilst Injured
When combined with the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, this can enable athletes to continue training and competing while they are injured.

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