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Heating Pads

Soothe the soreness that occurs with being active or cuddle up on a cold day.  Heating pads are a must-have item at home and even for the office.  From large to small they come in all sizes, shapes, and functions for all your comforting needs. Get pads that wrap around a shoulder area, larger ones for the back and hip region or pads that include moist-heat and infrared.   Find the top rated heating pads below.

Top 12 Best Heating Pads Reviewed

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Heating Pad Gift Set of 2 – Shoulder & Neck Heating Pad and Extra-Large 12 x 24 Inch Heating Wrap for Back or Abdominal Pain Relief – Moist Heating Option with Auto Shut Off
59 Reviews
Heating Pad Gift Set of 2 – Shoulder & Neck Heating Pad and Extra-Large 12 x 24 Inch Heating Wrap for Back or Abdominal Pain Relief – Moist Heating Option with Auto Shut Off
  • 🔸 FAST HEATING FOR FAST PAIN RELIEF WITH AUTO SHUT OFF - This exclusive bundle set of two heating pads can heat up within seconds, providing you with fast soothing relief for all types of pain. Heat therapy will relax your muscles and increase blood flow. This can help to accelerate the healing process of inflamed areas. Feel stiffness and tension melt away when using these therapeutic heating pads.
  • 🔸 DRY AND MOIST HEAT OPTION - These electric heat therapy pads have a dry and moist setting. The moist heating pack can aid in the faster and deeper penetration of warmth into the muscles. The dry heat although slower is just as effective at warming tissue and reducing pain. Enjoy a dry sauna effect or wet steam room for complete relaxation and relief.
  • 🔸 TARGETED NECK PAIN RELIEF FOR BACK PAIN - The neck and shoulder heat pad can provide relief from ailments like tension, stiffness, headaches, and frozen shoulder. The deep heat therapy pads have been designed to contour to your neck and comfortably drape around your shoulders. Wearing this on a daily basis can ease your symptoms of fibromyalgia and provide natural healing without leaving your home.
  • 🔸 CONVENIENT APPLICATION TO NECK AND SHOULDERS - The extra-large heating pad measures 12 x 24 inches making it easy and convenient to wrap around all areas of your body. Treat abdominal pain, back pain, cramps, spasms, arthritis, scar tissue and sports injuries with this versatile heated blanket. Many women have found the back heating pad extraordinarily helpful during back labor and painful contractions.
  • 🔸 ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTING AND ULTRA-SOFT FLANNEL - The ultra-soft flannel will feel smooth, soft and luxurious against your skin. Pamper yourself or your loved one with both heating pads and adjust the heat to your comfort level. The 4 adjustable heat settings on both these pads are easy and simple to use, and will automatically shut off after two hours. ETL Certificate, 90 Days Return Warranty, Machine Washable.

Benefits of Using Heating Pads

Heat versus ice has been a long debate in the treatment and therapy of injuries. Both have been validated as viable treatments used at varying times. Most would agree on how to apply the treatment though.  Heating Pads are easy, non-invasive, comforting and more likely to be used than any other heat treatment because of their ease of use.


Relieve Muscle Spasms

Spasms can be excruciating and heat therapy can relieve the tightness and pain caused by these spasms. Heat therapy can relieve these by several mechanisms. Heat dilates the blood vessels of the muscles. This dilation causes an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to the region, helping in healing the damaged area. Heat also stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin which in turn will decrease the transmission of pain signals to the brain, somewhat relieving the discomfort.


Relieve Muscle Tightness

Muscle tightness can be the result of daily overuse as well as from working out. Usually stretching out the area along with heat treatment can relieve most of the tightness. Applying heat to stretching assists in the process by allowing the muscle to relax into the stretch increasing flexibility without increasing injury. Heat also facilitates stretching the soft tissue including the muscles, connective tissue, and adhesions.


Use Before and After Workouts

Research done by the U.S. Spine & Sport Foundation found that its possible to minimize delayed-onset muscle soreness (the muscle soreness experienced after working out, usually the next day) by using wearable low-level heat wraps across the lower back before exercise begins and immediately thereafter. This means most people can benefit from using heat therapy and stay active while having a therapy to help them do so.

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