Feeling clear, level-headed and productive is the goal. For most people, we want to be sharp and on-point for our jobs and daily living with limitless energy and joy. However, brain fog can steal our day or more with symptoms of anxiety and depression, indecisiveness, low energy, irritability, confusion, and trouble concentrating. Some of the simple ways to cover the basics and help the body ease back into balance to lift the fog include decreasing the sugar, hydrate, get enough vitamins and minerals and workout.


Understandably, when you have brain fog, the thing you’re reaching for is something to make you feel better… most likely choices include sugar and caffeine. But there are aspects of that sugary treat that could make things worse.  Sure, that packaged food item may make you feel better initially but will only worsen things in the long run. Whatever is causing the brain fog is only worsened by greater inflammation and that processed food is full of things like artificial colors, flavors, and trans-fats. Help level blood sugars by including the obvious green leafy vegetables, as well as the rainbow-colored veggiesnuts, and seeds like chia, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts. Incorporate good healthy fats to sustain energy. If you need some carbs go for the sweet potatoes, yams, and good grains like quinoa that boost your serotonin levels.  Cover your bases by taking a vitamin and mineral supplement, your body may be in need of extras during this hard time.

Symptoms of food sensitivities include brain fog so to start somewhere, you may want to try avoiding gluten and dairy for a few days. If anything, this will help reduce the systemic inflammation.

Flush the System

Hydration is a sneaky monster that can slowly steal your day and cause brain fog.  You may be thinking that you drink enough water but you still feel thirsty. This is caused from multiple reasons. Hydration includes eating water-rich foods like broth-based soups, veggies, fruits, and mineral-rich foods that bring in the water with the food.  

Give the body a reason

Give the body a reason to utilize the food your eating, flush the toxins out and bring in the vitamins and minerals into the metabolic pathway.  Working out gets things moving…literately!  Your detoxifying system, the lymphatic system, doesn’t have a heart to pump it like your veins. Movement and contraction of the muscles moves lymph around which clears out the metabolic by-products and brings in new, fresh nutrients to the muscles.  After the muscles are worked, they are ready to receive nutrients on a different level… they become insulin sensitive thus utilizing the food right away. This movement helps the body bring things back into balance including hormones that may be causing the brain fog.