So you have decided to begin a new exercise program to get back in to shape.  Losing weight and burning fat is your top priority because over the last several years you have not done too much in the way of exercise to keep off those extra pounds and belly fat.

There are several effective ways to burn fat and lose those extra pounds.  Strength training is a great way to change the overall look of your physique, and building muscle will help you burn fat.  But one of the most effective ways to burn fat is walking on an incline trainer.  You can adjust the speed and incline to provide more exertion, do more work, burn calories and melt away unwanted fat.

Walking on an incline trainer can be much easier on your body as opposed to jogging.  Jogging can be painful on the knees and hips, especially when jogging on hard surfaces, and over time can cause painful joint problems.  In fact, people who jog regularly over the course of their lives, tend to have a higher percentage of knee and hip replacements.

One of my favorite reasons I love to work out on an incline trainer is the ability to adjust speeds and inclines, and vary the workout so I can put myself through a fat burning zone workout, as well as a good cardiovascular workout too.  It is because of this variety that I make an incline trainer my number one favorite piece of cardio equipment each day.  Some days I can work on fat burning to keep that belly fat off, and other days I can change it up to work on my cardiovascular conditioning.

So if I had to advise a client who is looking to purchase a piece of cardiovascular equipment with the most versatility to accomplish several goals, I would highly recommend an incline trainer.