Weight loss reaches well beyond your daily diet and workouts.  In fact, other areas of daily living are just as important on the success of your weight loss journey. Listed here are two quick tips to incorporate and make part of your new habits.

Go jump in a lake (or just take a cold shower)

Plenty of research suggests that taking a cold shower can affect your fat loss and even the type of fat on your body. Brown adipose tissue (or BAT) is a metabolically active fat as opposed to the white fat that we store.  It would make sense to want to have more BAT on your body than white adipose tissue for a couple different reasons… One is because it is metabolically active and the other being that its a thermoregulator. To ease into this new habit, take your normal shower first and towards the end just turn down the hot water for the last few seconds. Your body will adapt to the cold and it will become easier to jump in for your cold shot. Besides improving your immune system and warding off depression, cold showers activate your brown fat.

To get the max benefits, make this a new beloved habit. At first, it may be rough tolerating the shock of cold water, but ease into it and find a way to challenge yourself to be ok with the uncomfortable-ness of it. Try to do it for 2 weeks straight and see how you do.

Heat it up

The benefits of a sauna are numerous from weight loss to better health and nothing feels better to loosen up joints, increase blood flow and get to sweating. There are many different types of saunas from whole-room to portable, wet or far infrared. The overall healing power of saunas with infrared comes from using both heat and light to increase circulation and vasodilation of the blood vessels. This speeds nitric oxide and healing oxygen to damaged tissue while removing toxins and lactic acid. Infrared light can penetrate the skin deeper so it detoxifies environmental toxins and heavy metals from the entire body and promotes weight loss by burning 600 calories per session.

Try using a sauna either at home with a portable unit or at your gym weekly. Some report using saunas up to 3 times per week for general health benefits and weight loss.  Make sure to take a shower immediately after your sauna session. The sweat contains toxins and you want to rinse it off before they are reabsorbed into the body again.