If you’re having a hard time losing weight, it may be time to switch things around. You’ve probably heard of the high-fat diet or the Ketogenic diet and you may want to give it a try. You may not want to go full Keto right away; so, just by adding fat slowly into your daily diet will allow you to experiment and become fat-adapted. Here are some easy tips to ease into a lower carb/higher fat diet.

Adding fat has many health benefits

Adding healthy fat to your diet has a lot of superior benefits like waking up in a better mood, tighter and refreshed skin, improved gut and brain health, better cellular function, fired up metabolism, more satiety from food, fewer wrinkles, and a greater libido…just to name a few.  However, adding in a large amount of your total caloric intake in fat may cause havoc on your system.

Add fat to your morning to jump start fat burning

Many people have had good luck adding a fat to their morning coffee. For example, try replacing high sugar creamers for coconut oil, milk or coco butter, ghee, MCT-Oil, or use the recipe for bulletproof coffee. By starting off your day with fat; you are boosting your fat metabolism right away.  Most likely the small amount of fat you add will get your system used to digesting it, especially if you’ve been following a lower fat diet.

Don’t like veggies?  Try adding butter

Butter is useful for two reasons. One because it gets you to eat the veggies because they taste good and two because we need the fat to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins we get from the veggies.  Make sure you are using real, grass-fed butter only.

Use nut butter as a snack

Need something to combat that afternoon crash?  Try keeping nut butter in your desk at work and having a teaspoon or two. Hint: Peanut butter is not a nut butter…try using cashew, almond, sunflower seed, or blends. The afternoon fat will help you feel satiated and help you eat less at dinner.

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