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Golf Bags

Picking the right Golf Bag is very important to the enjoyment of playing golf.  Whether you walk, ride or use a caddy makes a big difference.  Also the amount of storage you require matters too.   Check out below the various bags to choose from and then SEE our TOP 25 Ranked Golf Bags.  


Top 25 Best Golf Bags Reviewed


The Types of Golf Bags

When you are searching for a bag, you will most likely discover that there are many types on the market. In case no one has ever told you what these distinctions are, you may find yourself baffled as to which type you need to buy. The primary thing you have to consider about when you are buying is for golf bags is how many clubs you wish to hold with you on the field and how you would like to do the transporting. This will figure out the kind of golf carrier you need.

Carry Bags

Strongly consider purchasing a golf bag if you are planning to carry the clubs yourself. These bags are created to be lightweight to lessen the tension on the back as you walk the course. They are usually made of plastic material or nylon, instead of hefty materials like leather. These types of bags hold a basic set of clubs, as well as your tees and balls. Think of them as the skinny cargo pants of golf bags. Frequently they have backpack-like straps so that you can pick them up instantly and be on your way. Some have a stand so that you can sit them straight to take out your clubs.

Staff Bags
Purchase a staff bag only when you will have a caddy at your convenience the whole time you are golfing. These types of bags are quite large, around 8 to 12 inches in diameter, and can become heavy. They are designed to keep an entire set of 14 golf clubs as well as all the equipment the golfer could quite need. Frequently these bags are leather-based and have a conspicuously showcased logo on the side. Most professional golf players use them, and they have a price that will display this. They are also known as a tour bag.

Cart Bags

Consider a cart bag if you are planning on golfing at a course where golf carts are expected or where you will have one to use. These bags are usually mid-weight–lighter than staff luggage but heavier than carrying bags–and are not made for easy lifting. Most are between 5 and 9 inches in diameter. They have more storage rooms than the common carry golf bag and are designed for ideal organization. They enable you to set the bag on the cart and easily arrange them. They can be created from a selection of lightweight or even heavier materials, depends upon on the producer.

How to Pick a Golf Bag

Searching for a new golf bag is not an easy job as there are lots of criteria that you have to take note of in order to acquire the one that is the most reliable and durable. Follow these guidelines to help you figure out how to pick the golf bag that’s right for you.

Walk or Ride
If you consider walking when you play golf, then you’re looking in a stand bag as a regular option, a Sunday handbag for a super lightweight simple option or a hybrid bag that has more space plus store but still has a remain and a good strap to assist you to carry it. If you pretty much just ride in a cart plus tend to play at just 1 place or club, then the cart bag or a personal bag is more likely your own category of choice. However, in case you carry a staff bag, a person better be a scratch golf player. No one likes playing with somebody who stinks and has a staff handbag, particularly with their name onto it.

Club Partitioning and Pouches
Golfing bag makers keep your night clubs from smashing against each other in myriad ways. Numerous use full-length dividers to split up multiple pockets of a golfing bag. Some use full-length individual dividers, particularly upon cart bags. Some hand bags have five divider pouches. Some have three. Just be sure you feel comfortable with all of your night clubs in the bag. Typically, 1 pocket for woods and something pocket for short iron is good, with two pouches in the middle for the middle plus long irons.

Comfortable Strap
If you’re carrying a golfing bag, it has to feel at ease. That starts with a broad, well-padded strap with lots of room to adjust to fit the body type. The straps ought to adjust enough so that the bag rests square on your shoulders with a slight lean to maintain your clubs in the bag. If they don’t feel comfortable pushing into your shoulders with a complete load, don’t bother buying it.

Some golfers love to have their bag and stroll, but they can’t if the bag is too hefty. Most modern golf bags drop as much weight as they can while keeping their durability. However, a few golf bags are lighter in weight than others, getting as little as 3 lbs. in some cases. If you want a bag that light, then assume to have perhaps fewer pockets and storage choices. After all, the point of a gentle golf bag is maintaining is light. Don’t dull it up with a bunch of items that just tacks on body weight. Lighter bags are more unlikely to stand up over time, therefore you’re investing some sturdiness for comfort.

A good golfing bag keeps all the stuff a person typically need for a game of golf. That means golf balls, tees, gloves and some accessories like a brush, your GPS or laser rangefinder and perhaps a snack or two. Except if you travel constantly and kind of life out of your golf bag, don’t worry about the glove fitting a full closet of golf clothes such as weatherproofs, sweaters and the like. Good details like pockets for the water bottle or a marker or a scorecard are fine. More bags have fleece-lined pockets for valuables, as well, which is good for the golf player who doesn’t take off their watch and wallet till it’s game time.

You can obtain an excellent golf bag for the price of $150 and up. You can get a value-priced bag for $90. You can save over up to $400 for any bag. Start at that $150 amount and see if you can get something that has a weight you prefer with sufficient storage and is comfortable.

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