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Copper Supplement

 Copper is known to have several great benefits.  It is also integral to preventing premature aging and increasing energy production. Apart from these, regulated heart rhythm, balanced thyroid glands, reduced symptoms of arthritis, quick wound healing, increased red blood cell formation, and reduced cholesterol are other health benefits of copper.  Check out our Favorite Top Rate Copper Supplements below.

The Top 12 Best Copper Supplements Reviewed

Top 10 functions of Copper in a human body

The human body survives with the help of nutrients that we obtain through our diet. Copper is one of the minerals that imparts important benefits to the human body and is used in many bodily functions. This trace element is present in whole grains, shellfish, oysters, nuts, avocados, legumes, and fruits. The functions in which it participates are as follows:

1. Brain and CNS functioning

The right amount of copper facilitates the supply of oxygen to the brain. It acts as a brain stimulant and promotes the health of the nerves and brain tissues. It is involved in the enhancement of the thinking process.

2. Melanin production regulation

The copper element imparts a coenzyme named tyrosinase which promotes the production of melanin in the melanocytes. Copper supplement prevents the discoloration of the hair and eyes. It protects the hair, eyes and skin cells promoting their health.

3. Keeps the bones healthy

The process of bone formation, health, and its repair is dependent on the collagen formation. Copper is what helps in carrying out the process. The studies have shown that in many cases, copper deficiency is the reason behind fractures, osteoporosis and skeletal abnormalities.

4. Takes care of your skin

As mentioned above, copper promotes collagen formation and it in return maintains your skin health too. The supplement helps in nourishing your skin and keeping it wrinkle-free.

5. Essential for iron utilization

The iron metabolism speeds up by the presence of copper. It helps in absorbing the iron from the intestinal tract. Another way it makes iron available for body and red blood cells formation is by releasing it from the liver.

6. Cholesterol stays in check

Within the body, one of the many roles of copper is to keep the cholesterol level stable. It helps in reducing the low-density cholesterol and increases the high-density cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy and allows it to function properly.

7. Development of fetuses and children

A pregnant woman is often directed by their doctor to regularly take the supplement because of the increased body demand. The deficiency in copper can lead to health issues of the fetus and the child. The issues include muscular weakness and neurological problems.

8. Hair growth in hair transplant

The skin remodeling copper peptides (SCRPs) promotes hair growth in those with a hair transplant. It enlarges the follicles and reduces the resting phase of the hair in the healing wound phase. The doctors often advise applying copper peptide saturated gauzes after surgery over the area for better healing (try this only after consulting your doctor).

9. Important co-factor

A co-factor is a chemical that aids the enzyme to work properly in the body and carry out the metabolic processes. The studies show that copper is a co-factor of over 50 enzymes in the human body.

10. Good for thyroid health

The thyroid is a part of vital body organs and affects many functions of the body. Maintaining it with the right dose of copper is necessary. The increased amount of copper supplement can be dangerous as well.

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