Copper Supplements

Copper is known to have several great benefits.  It is also integral to preventing premature aging and increasing energy production. Apart from these, regulated heart rhythm, balanced thyroid glands, reduced symptoms of arthritis, quick wound healing, increased red blood cell formation, and reduced cholesterol are other health benefits of copper

  • Brain and CNS functioning
  • Melanin production regulation
  • Keeps the bones healthy
  • Takes care of your skin
  • Essential for iron utilization
  • Cholesterol stays in check
  • Development of fetuses and children
  • Hair growth in hair transplant
  • Important co-factor
  • Good for thyroid health

Top Copper Supplements

SaleBest Seller No. 1
UltraCruz Goat Copper Bolus Supplement for Kids, 25 Count x 2 Grams
  • Convenient, long lasting, and slow-release bolus that can be used in copper deficient kid goats to maintain healthy growth
  • Excellent source of slow-release chopper for goats deficient in this essential trace mineral
  • Specifically designed for kid goats under 3 months of age, weighing up to 50 lbs
  • For use in goats only
  • Supplied as 25 boluses (each bolus is 2 grams)
SaleBest Seller No. 2
Lumberman Premier Beard & Hair Growth Vitamin Formula - Stronger Healthier Hair. Hair Growth Supplement w/Biotin, MCT, Vitamin D3 & B5 Folate & More - Supplement for All Hair Types - Feelz Good
135 Reviews
Lumberman Premier Beard & Hair Growth Vitamin Formula - Stronger Healthier Hair. Hair Growth Supplement w/Biotin, MCT, Vitamin D3 & B5 Folate & More - Supplement for All Hair Types - Feelz Good
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether your beard is thick, curly, straight, fine, or coarse, LumberMan has you covered! The nutrients in LumberMan help men of all ethnicities and hair types. Whether you're going for a tame and distinguished look or all-out mountain man, LumberMan can supply the nutrition you need to style the perfect beard. Don't rely on beard oil - add LumberMan to your daily routine. We offer a risk-free purchase as we have a 60-day money-back guarantee policy in place.
  • STRONG, FULL, MANLY HAIR: Put your best face forward knowing you'll have the manliest hair and beard you can grow! Whether you're new to the world of beard products or you're a veteran man-beast, LumberMan is formulated to help support healthy hair growth for a more even, fuller beard you can be proud of. Ideal for beards and hair on the scalp, as well as mustaches, goatees, and sideburns.
  • NUTRIENTS TO IMPROVE HAIR GROWTH: Your hair may suffer if you are nutrient-deficient. Lumberman has 2X more ingredients than competitors for the same price. Our LumberMan supplement is formulated with 21 essential nutrients: Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B5, and B12, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Linoleic Acid, Choline, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Millet Extract, and MCT. LumberMan offers a convenient way to battle nutrient deficiency daily.
  • NAIL, SCALP & SKIN BENEFITS: The very same nutrients that feed your prized beard also help strengthen brittle nails, nourish healthy scalp hair, and hydrate your skin for a more youthful look and smooth feel. You'll love how thick and luxurious your facial hair can become when you take LumberMan. This supplement is made specifically for hair and skin hydration - try it out today!
  • ABOUT FEELZ GOOD: Feelz Good is a supplement company focused on developing functional products for your health and wellness. We take the concept of "FUNCTIONALITY" very seriously. Our products are designed and formulated to deliver ingredients that really work. Feelz Good embraces the allergy concerns of the American family. That's why we pride ourselves to market Allergen Free products.
SaleBest Seller No. 3
Avv Women's Summer Sleeveless Dress Flared Swing Beach Loose Oversized Dresses (X-Large, White)
  • Oversized loose style, adjustable spaghetti straps, with side seam pockets.
  • As Cute Summer Dress, beach cover up, maternity dress, Perfect suitable for summer beach, party, holiday, vacation, daily, engagement, travel, date, weekend.
  • 100% Cotton. Care: Hand Wash Cold, Line Dry, Warm Iron If Needed Or Dry Clean. Package: 1 X Womens Dresses
  • Best gift for you and your friends, 2019 Fashion Women's Summer Casual Backless Midi Dress.
  • This Flowy Tunic Dress Size M, L, XL pls kindly check the measurement before you buy.
SaleBest Seller No. 4
MultiMineral Plus 1000mg Calcium Magnesium Zinc D3 - All 72 Trace Minerals - Iron Free - 4-in-1 Benefits - Supports Strong Bones, Joint Flexibility, Heart Health & Immune System By Steele Spirit
100 Reviews
MultiMineral Plus 1000mg Calcium Magnesium Zinc D3 - All 72 Trace Minerals - Iron Free - 4-in-1 Benefits - Supports Strong Bones, Joint Flexibility, Heart Health & Immune System By Steele Spirit
  • WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US - Not only does our ALL IN ONE Advanced formula provide you with 100% of your recommended daily value of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, but it is also a complete Multimineral with Betonite Clay, that fills your nutritional gaps and provides all the vital nutrients your body requires to stay healthy, by strengthening your Bones, Teeth, Immune System, Muscles and Heart.
  • IMPROVE YOUR BONE STRENGTH - Steele Spirit Multimineral Supplement with 1000mg Calcium and D3 will help Improve your bone density, bone strength, joint flexibility and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis while providing healthy, lasting bone system support.
  • SUPPORTS & HELPS YOUR HEART - Our Cal Mag Zinc Multimineral with 500mg of Magnesium, plays an important part in promoting heart health and helps support normal blood pressure and good cardiovascular health.
  • PROMOTES STRONG IMMUNITY AND MUSCLES - Our Essential Minerals can help you maintain normal muscle and nerve function, support a healthy immune system and can reduce fatigue and anxiety.
  • QUALITY ASSURED - RISK FREE - MADE IN THE USA - in an NSF Certified/cGMP, FDA Registered facility - Just 2 Pills Daily - We are a family business that is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality and consistency standards to ensure you receive the best scientifically researched products of unsurpassed quality and value. In the unlikely event you aren't satisfied contact us and we'll refund you in full.
SaleBest Seller No. 5
PREMIUM Thyroid Support Supplement (NON-GMO) 120 caps for Hypothyroidism with Ashwaganda, Iodine, Zinc, kelp, Vitamin B12, L-Tyrosine, Selenium, Copper for Thyroid Energy: Boost T4 to T3 Supplement
166 Reviews
PREMIUM Thyroid Support Supplement (NON-GMO) 120 caps for Hypothyroidism with Ashwaganda, Iodine, Zinc, kelp, Vitamin B12, L-Tyrosine, Selenium, Copper for Thyroid Energy: Boost T4 to T3 Supplement
  • THYROID SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT FOR HYPOTHYROIDISM - THE all natural thyroid supplement with iodine, ashwagandha, zinc, kelp, L-tyrosine, copper and more to help stabilize your thyroid*
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY METABOLISM ACTIVITY: Maintain healthy thyroid function and hormone levels with Thyroid Support. Boosting your metabolism reduces weight gain, and promotes increased energy levels and improves concentration.*
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Thyroid Support is a unique combination of Non-Irradiated all-natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids to help maintain normal thyroid activity and boost your metabolism*
  • BEST VALUE THYROID SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT - We only use all natural, quality ingredients in our Thyroid Support Formula for Long lasting results without negative side effects.*
  • 100% LIFETIME RISK-FREE GUARANTEE. If you feel anything less than completely satisfied we'll give you your money back! Click "Add to Cart" now to order risk-free.
Best Seller No. 6
Vitacost Zinc & Copper 15 mg / 1 mg -- 100 Capsules
10 Reviews
Vitacost Zinc & Copper 15 mg / 1 mg -- 100 Capsules
  • Zinc & Copper is a convenient way to obtain two important trace minerals in one easy-to-take supplement. It's formulated with an optimal ratio of zinc (15 mg) to copper (1 mg) in each single-capsule serving.
  • Better absoprtion of zinc - L-OptiZinc is a premium form of zinc. It consists of zinc bound to the "L" form of the amino acid methionine, which promotes better absorption and retention in the body.
  • Contains 100 servings per bottle
  • Free Of Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish, fish, soy, titanium dioxide.
Best Seller No. 7
Pro-Optic Zinc & Copper Formula (3 Month Supply) 1-Per-Day
7 Reviews
Pro-Optic Zinc & Copper Formula (3 Month Supply) 1-Per-Day
  • Pro-Optic Zinc & Copper Formula for Eye Health
  • Contains 25mg of Zinc and 2mg of Copper
  • One Capsule Per Day Dosing
  • Geno-Typed Formula
  • 90 day - 3 month Supply
Best Seller No. 9
Best Seller No. 10
Natural Copper Supplement | Liquid Format for Maximum Absorption | Dr. Formulated (16 oz)
  • Eniva Minerals for Life Copper Liquid Concentrate is a dietary supplement of the Cell-Ready essential trace mineral COPPER in a proprietary nutrient delivery system.
  • Copper Supports: Red Blood Cell Health Growth and Development Healthy Immune System Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails Healthy Joints, Cartilage and Tendons.
  • Straight to you from our corporate manufacturing headquarters, Eniva Copper Ionic Mineral Liquid Concentrate is a dietary supplement of the Cell-Ready mineral copper in a proprietary nutrient delivery system. It is a specialized health liquid designed to naturally support the normal development, structure, function and health of joints, cartilage and tendons.*
  • It is a cofactor in several important enzyme systems in the body, which can help support a healthy immune system, red blood cell health, as well as overall normal growth and development*. Copper can aid in supporting normally healthy skin, hair and nails.*
  • Through the use of Eniva's purified OHM water in combination with proprietary processes, Eniva Ionic Copper represents a safe method to also support the body's natural processes that maintain normal cellular replication.* Its advanced liquid nutrient delivery system provides fast, easy absorption.*

Top 10 Benefits of Copper Supplements

The human body survives with the help of nutrients that we obtain through our diet. Copper is one of the minerals that imparts important benefits to the human body and is used in many bodily functions. This trace element is present in whole grains, shellfish, oysters, nuts, avocados, legumes, and fruits. The functions in which it participates are as follows:

1. Copper for Brain and CNS functioning

The right amount of copper facilitates the supply of oxygen to the brain. It acts as a brain stimulant and promotes the health of the nerves and brain tissues. It is involved in the enhancement of the thinking process.

2. Melanin production regulation

The copper element imparts a coenzyme named tyrosinase which promotes the production of melanin in the melanocytes. Copper supplement prevents the discoloration of the hair and eyes. It protects the hair, eyes and skin cells promoting their health.

3. Keeps the bones healthy

The process of bone formation, health, and its repair is dependent on the collagen formation. Copper is what helps in carrying out the process. The studies have shown that in many cases, copper deficiency is the reason behind fractures, osteoporosis and skeletal abnormalities.

4. Takes care of your skin

As mentioned above, copper promotes collagen formation and it in return maintains your skin health too. The supplement helps in nourishing your skin and keeping it wrinkle-free.

5. Copper Supplements are essential for iron utilization

The iron metabolism speeds up by the presence of copper. It helps in absorbing the iron from the intestinal tract. Another way it makes iron available for body and red blood cells formation is by releasing it from the liver.

6. Cholesterol stays in check

Within the body, one of the many roles of copper is to keep the cholesterol level stable. It helps in reducing the low-density cholesterol and increases the high-density cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy and allows it to function properly.

7. Development of fetuses and children

A pregnant woman is often directed by their doctor to regularly take the supplement because of the increased body demand. The deficiency in copper can lead to health issues of the fetus and the child. The issues include muscular weakness and neurological problems.

8. Copper for hair growth after a hair transplant

The skin remodeling copper peptides (SCRPs) promotes hair growth in those with a hair transplant. It enlarges the follicles and reduces the resting phase of the hair in the healing wound phase. The doctors often advise applying copper peptide saturated gauzes after surgery over the area for better healing (try this only after consulting your doctor).

9. Important co-factor

A co-factor is a chemical that aids the enzyme to work properly in the body and carry out the metabolic processes. The studies show that copper is a co-factor of over 50 enzymes in the human body.

10. Copper is known to be good for thyroid health

The thyroid is a part of vital body organs and affects many functions of the body. Maintaining it with the right dose of copper is necessary. The increased amount of copper supplement can be dangerous as well.

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