The human body consists of thousands of cells which are designed to form tissues, organs and organ systems. All these things are held together and work properly with the help of nutrients, hormones and other body chemicals. Collagen is one of the essential parts of the human body.

What is Collagen and how does it support the human body?

The body consists of proteins and collagen is one of the basic structural proteins that keep the whole human body together. It is the cement that supports the body and allows it to function well. It is responsible for the elasticity and regeneration of the connective tissues. The connective tissue is present in skin, cartilage, bone, and tendon which means collagen ensure the health and safety of all these parts.

How many types of Vcollagen are there?

There are above 28 types of collagen in the body and each type ensures the vitality of different tissues and organs. Around 80 to 90% of the collagens are the type I, II, and III. As these sum up to form the most abundant proteins of the body, let’s find out where they are found.

Type I collagen is present in nails, skin, hair, bone, ligaments, and organs.
Type II is found in cartilage
Type III collagen is seen in bones, dentin, tendon and other connective tissues

Health benefits of collagen:

The functions of the collagen obtained from natural diet or supplements are as follows:

⦁ The collagen supplement offers quick wound healing as collagen promotes all the four phases of wound healing. It can also reduce the chances of wound deterioration in cases like post-amputation surgeries.

⦁ It acts as an anti-aging supplement that helps keep the skin smooth, free of wrinkles/ stretch marks. It boosts the growth of hair and nails.

⦁ Studies have found that collagen can help in reducing pain and inflammation in degenerating joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

⦁ Proline, a part of the collagen helps in controlling the blood pressure, removing the fat in the arteries and keeping the heart safe from coronary artery diseases. It is also used in tissue regeneration within the body.

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What causes collagen deficiency?

With the advancing age, the collagen protein in the body tends to decrease. This is why you witness skin changes like wrinkles, sagging skin, and joint pains. Other than the age factor, there are many genetic disease and digestive issues that inhibit the production of collagen in the body. Lifestyle changes like smoking, excessive sun exposure and high intake of sugar also lead to collagen depletion.

Foods from which you can get collagen:

There are many food items that deliver the fibrous protein our body needs. Adding them to our diet can help overcome the collagen deficiency. Food items like fish, vegetables (red, green and orange), soy, berries, white tea, garlic, citrus fruits, eggs, and oysters are rich sources of nutrients that help in regenerating the collagen fibers. These food items help strengthen the collagen in our body.

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