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Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon is a powerful anti-inflammatory, that supports lower cholesterol, acts as powerful anti-oxidant, and helps manage blood sugar levels.  Check out our Favorite Top Rated Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements below.

The Top 12 Best Ceylon Cinnamon Reviewed

Best Seller No. 1
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant - For Joint Support, Healthy Blood Sugar, Brain Function and Cardiovascular & Digestive Systems. Natural Effective True Cinnamon. UDAF Certified
302 Reviews
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant - For Joint Support, Healthy Blood Sugar, Brain Function and Cardiovascular & Digestive Systems. Natural Effective True Cinnamon. UDAF Certified
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Feel Healthier & Stronger or your Money Back, no questions asked!
  • ORGANIC AND 100% NATURAL: Unlike other brands in the market, this cinnamon capsule is natural and organic, with no rice flour and no magnesium stearate. It contains pure and organic Ceylon cinnamon, known as the true cinnamon, which comes from the inner bark of a Sri Lankan evergreen tree. This unique advanced formula offers many more health benefits than the commonly used Cassia cinnamon.
  • PROMOTES HEART AND BRAIN HEALTH: Vimerson Health Organic Ceylon Cinnamon helps promote cardiovascular health. It may aid in reducing cholesterol levels and supports well-balanced blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body. Ceylon Cinnamon also supports healthy brain function through its neuro-protective proteins that shield brain cells from mutation and damage.
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS: Ceylon Cinnamon is packed with powerful antioxidants that may help reduce free radical damage and fight signs of aging. These vegetarian capsules boost one's overall health by enhancing the body's antioxidant capabilities. They also promote optimal digestive health and support the reduction of inflammation in the body.
  • SAFE AND GENTLE INGREDIENT FORMULATION - This dietary supplement is formulated with only the safest and most gentle ingredients. It is 100% all natural, with no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, soy, yeast, sugar, GMO, gluten, or dairy. Our supplement is certified Organic by UDAF.

Top 10 benefits of Ceylon

There is the black Ceylon tea, white and green as well! The aroma of the Ceylon tea like the appealing herbal teas is simply amazing. The ingredients used in Sri Lanka to manufacture this tea impart great benefits to the human body. Each of tea tastes different and possesses different quality. The health benefits of Ceylon are:

1.Glowing healthy skin

The American Journal of Biological Sciences considers Ceylon tea an anti-oxidant with an abundance of Polyphenols that can help keep your body cells safe. It helps in rejuvenating your skin, makes it soft and healthy, and protects it from sunburn.

2.Weight loss

Ah! We all want something to lose the weight we have gained from excessive fatty food. Drinking Ceylon tea seems like a nice idea as the flavonoids in the tea boost the metabolism of the body and helps you lose weight.

3.Good for kidney stones

A tea with the mild citrus flavor most likely the black tea offers protection from the kidney stones. This effect is due to the caffeine and anti-oxidants present in the tea.

4.Keeps your heart healthy

Another added benefit of Ceylon is its healthy effect on the heart. Adding this to your diet will help you owing to its vasodilator effect on the arteries and good blood flow.

5.Good for diabetics

The calming effect of Ceylon on the body’s hormone and sugar level help maintain diabetes and protect your body from short and long-term complications of the disease. It regulates the blood sugar levels and prevents the body from the dangerous spikes and drops in the sugar level.

6.Reduces the risk of cancer

The antioxidant property of Ceylon is just perfect to offer protection from cancer. It tends to keep the body cells alive, healthy and protects them from harmful effects of chemical and toxins thus reducing the risk of cancer.

7.Lowers high blood pressure

The patients with spiking blood pressure can take help from different ingredients to help the body lower the BP down, right? The Ceylon tea is the best drinking solution for your blood pressure.

8.Makes you feel energetic

The best alternative of the energy-drinks is the Ceylon tea having the right amount of caffeine to keep you active throughout the day. It boosts your energy drive and enhances the attention and cognitive acuity. Take a warm cup of tea early in the morning and freshen up your body system.

9.Prevents chronic illness

The chemicals like therubigins and theaflavins that you get from Ceylon protects your body from various damages. This is also one of the reasons why by drinking the tea or adding Ceylon to your diet via other ways help you keep your body safe from chronic illnesses.

10.Strengthens your immunity

Last but not the least, the Ceylon is known for its immunity strengthening qualities as well. It helps you fight against bacterial and viral infection and keeps you safe from chronic diseases and cancer as mentioned earlier.

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