CrossFit Training and Its Benefits

CrossFit Training and Its Benefits

CrossFit training is a program targeted on strength and conditioning specifically. It is not only extremely fast-paced, it is also very high intensity—this workout combines aerobics conditioning, gymnastics, Olympic-style weightlifting, circuit training, kettlebells, endurance training, as well as all the gym class stuff.  The focus of CrossFit training is to help with improving physical qualities of CrossFitters, such as; power, stamina, flexibility, strength, agility, balance, joint movement, speed, coordination, etc.

Benefits of CrossFit Training

  1. A study conducted by the NCBI concluded that CrossFit has the potential to considerably improve body composition, fitness, aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, as well as the presence of neurotrophic factors.
  2. The functional movements involved in CrossFit training and its all-rounder workouts which train your muscles, joints, and ligaments are effective in visibly improving your posture, balance, strength, and in turn your overall health! It helps you achieve fitness in the fastest amount of time because of how it involves your entire body in the training.
  3. The exercises and the way of training change regularly so the training stays interesting and it makes sure you don’t reach a leveling-off period. The constant change in the exercising routine will make sure all your muscles get their due time to strengthen themselves and will make sure your entire body fitness keeps improving.
  4. CrossFit is an extremely effective way of losing weight quickly and safely as high-intensity burst training is actually much better at burning fat as compared to cardio exercises people usually opt to lose weight. A study conducted in 2013 on 43 adults concluded that CrossFit results in weight loss at the same time it is helping you gain muscle mass.
  5. It is very fast paced and that means you can achieve your fitness goals in a very short amount of time without having to slave all your days away at the jogging trails or spending endless hours at the gym.
  6. It basically prepares your body for everything at once; nearly any physical sport, competition or activity you want to participate in, CrossFit training will help you train for all of it.
  7. Shorter but more-intense workout which delivers apparent results in a short amount of time is bound to keep you motivated so that you train regularly and consistently without getting or bored or side-tracked.
  8. The community like an environment of CrossFit classes which has been reported by several CrossFitters to be incredibly supporting and accepting can help boost encouragement, motivation, instruction, etc. and is a huge part of what makes the CrossFit training experience so unique and so special.
  9. Heart health is another thing CrossFit assists you in improving. The elevated heart rate during training increases your endurance levels. The max levels of HR and VO2 suggested by fitness industry guidelines are achieved during these workouts!

In conclusion, CrossFit training has a lot of health benefits for your body. The physical health, motivation and drive which comes with doing the CrossFit training in the specific settings can help improve the overall quality of life of CrossFitters.

Read This Before Trying Tabata Workouts

Read This Before Trying Tabata Workouts

Tabata workouts may sound like a great idea if you like the idea of getting fit in five minutes. Find out what’s behind the extraordinary claims about this workout and whether or not they would work for you.

Tabata is the creation of Dr. Izumi Tabata, who trained the Japanese speed skating team in the 1990’s. Even those highly trained and conditioned athletes had a difficult time keeping up, but they saw fantastic results in just a few short weeks. Celebrities, like Kyra Sedgewick, swear by this program.

These workouts are a variation of the HIIT training that athletes have done for years. You alternate between short stints of intense activity and easier recovery periods. With Tabata, you train at full strength for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat the cycle 8 times.


Benefits of Tabata Workouts

1. Save time with Tabata. Many people are enjoying the Tabata workout because you can get fit in a shorter period of time. Think of all the extra things in your life you can accomplish with the extra time that you free up. You can spend more time enjoying your favorite hobbies or past times with friends and family members.

2. Increase your anaerobic capacity with Tabata. Ordinary cardiovascular activities, such as running on the treadmill or swimming, will increase your aerobic capacity. But intense short-term bursts of exercise and exertion seems to affect your anaerobic fitness more effectively. Tabata increases your anaerobic capacity because you are strengthening your muscles by forcing them to do hard work for a short period of time.

3. Avoid overuse injuries. Daily tennis matches or long distance jogging like marathon training often put too much stress on certain areas of your body such as your legs, and various muscle groups. The shorter period workouts may help to protect your tendons, shins, and muscles.

4. Burn fat. Studies show that Tabata stimulates your metabolism, and you continue burning more calories for about the next 12 hours. That quickly adds up.

5. Lower your risk of diabetes. There’s evidence that Tabata may help balance your blood sugar. Exercise and a healthy diet are both important if you are at risk for diabetes.


How to Use Tabata and Tabata-Style Workouts

1. Know your objectives. Tabata isn’t easy, so ask yourself if it’s an appropriate type of exercise for you. You may want to stick with yoga or other workouts that you enjoy more.

2. Talk to your doctor first. Your physician can advise you about your individual health tolerances and whether Tabata would be a good fit for you. It’s especially important to get a medical consultation if you have certain medical conditions or have been sedentary for a while.

3. Work with a certified trainer. A qualified trainer can get you off to a good start. If you cannot afford private training, enroll in a group class.

4. Use a reliable timer. Precise timing is very important in Tabata training. It can be difficult to estimate how many seconds go by without looking at a timer or stopwatch.

5. Start with simple movements. Almost any exercise activity can be incorporated into Tabata. Begin with your personal favorites or hop on the treadmill or stationary bicycle. Over time you can add in different kinds of exercises like sprints, running hills or jump rope.

6. A good Warm up and cool down is highly recommended. Like any exercise routine, it is always a good idea to give your body adequate preparation to warm the muscles and a light cool down to slowly relax the body. Begin and end your session with slower and smaller movements. Save a good static stretch for last when your muscles are warm.

7. Keep a journal. A written log will help highlight your progress. Look back over the weeks to see your improvements.

8. Proceed gradually. Consider the option of borrowing some Tabata concepts without going the whole distance. Try taking longer rest periods or doing less than 8 cycles.

9. Be prepared for a little discomfort. Even seasoned athletes acknowledge that Tabata is challenging. Temporary shortness of breath and other symptoms are natural. You may decide it’s worth the effort once you see the results.

Tabata takes a little longer than the five minutes everyone thinks. However, it still cuts the hours off the usual gym time and delivers superior results. You can even adapt the principles to suit your individual condition and goals so you’ll stay safe while getting in great shape.