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Bosu Ball

Designed to enhance your fitness and healthy lifestyle

  • Balance Pads Improve Stability
  • Get More Out of Your Workout
  • Balance Pads Reduce Back Pain
  • Balance Pads Improve Motor Skills
  • Fitness Pads are commonly used in Conditioning and Rehabilitation


The Benefits of A Bosu Ball

Fitness is all about consistent exercise and good eating habits.  When it comes to exercise most of us focus on cardio and weight training, and balance training seldom comes to mind.  Balance training can provide excellent benefits to one’s overall health and wellness.

Ninety-six percent of trainers allow balance training as a session choice, according to a 2008 study by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. In different words, these fitness experts are putting balance services like the Bosu trainer to work, helping their clients adjust muscles and nerves to balance on the type of unstable surface you can easily come across in real life, but that is not the only advantage Bosu trainers give.


Top 12 Best Bosu Balls Reviewed

SaleBest Seller No. 11
The HELM Core Fitness Strength Training System - Multi Grip Push Up and Plank Device for Balance Ball and Stability Ball
117 Reviews
The HELM Core Fitness Strength Training System - Multi Grip Push Up and Plank Device for Balance Ball and Stability Ball
  • ACHIEVE THE REAL PERFECT PUSHUP! The Helm allows you to take a static exercise like the pushup and make it a dynamic exercise by incorporating the swiss ball. Just as free weights are used to engage your stabilizing muscles The Helm is used to do the same when placed on an unstable surface such as the bosu or swiss ball. Just as crossfit uses high intensity interval training, plyometrics, and calisthenics; The Helm incorporates these same elements into its various workouts.
  • MUSCLE DEFINITION -- The Helm allows the user to add a stability component to planks, pushups, and bench dips. User is training the upper extremity for strength, stability, endurance, mobility; all while achieving core strength training simultaneously. Focus on abs, arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders, upper and lower back and provide a total workout with one device. Tested to withstand large amounts of weight, the Helm works well for men and women at all levels or workout routines.
  • 3 DIFFERENT HANDLE POSITIONS -- Narrow, Standard, Wide therefore the user is training the upper extremity for strength, stability, endurance, mobility; all while core training simultaneously. Achieve your workout objective, the six pack abs, your beach body you are looking to reach. Personal trainers and coaches will definitely know how to incorporate the Helm into their calisthenics regiments!
  • BEGINNER TO PRO ATHLETE - Designed for use on the Swiss Ball *DOES NOT INCLUDE BALL (any size), Bosu Ball, balance ball or simply on the ground; the Helm is a versatile core and multi muscle workout device to use at your home, take to the gym, and even travel with it. No assembly needed. The Helm is ready out of the box. The Helm works out the core muscles along with various muscle groups simultaneously, this device is perfect for training the serious competitor and the elite athlete.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE --- Developed by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist the Helm is designed with the athletes in mind. With over 3 years of development, The Helm was tested and consulted on by the world's best athletes to ensure proper and efficient core stability training. Made in the USA and built to last. The Helm has a lifetime warranty and can withstand over 700lbs of weight. Don't just get fit, Get Helm Fit today! GET YOURS NOW!

About the Bosu

The Bosu trainer resembles like half an exercise ball positioned on a rigid plastic base. You can use the Bosu ball with the dome side facing up, so it sits flat on the plastic base, or as a wiggle board with the dome side facing down. Bosu trainers are talented enough to be used as stretching aids, balance-training supplies, rehabilitation equipment and even strength-training and plyometric training devices. The Bosu takes up a smaller place than a stability ball, and because it’s flat on one side, you don’t have to worry about a Bosu trainer rolling away from you the way that stability balls frequently do.

Balance Training and Workout Intensity

Most gym weight-training machines position you to push and pull on handles that move through set tracks, building muscular strength and endurance, but not the sort of coordination you need to maintain free weights as they move unrestricted through space. Using free weights like dumbbells and barbells force your muscles to support and guide the weights, and doing your workout on the Bosu trainer carries it a step further, making your core to work consistently throughout the whole motion. This is also an excellent way to make easy exercises more challenging; if you can do a full set of push-ups, lunges or squats with good form, try doing them on the Bosu trainer, and you’ll find yourself working harder.

Flexibility Training

Like a stability ball, the Bosu trainer’s rounded top — when you place it dome-side up — allows excellent support for back and abdominal stretches. Just drape yourself over the instructor’s soft dome, facing down or up, and relax to feel the stretch. You can also set the Bosu trainer dome-side down and use it as a “slant board” to stretch your calves; put the ball of one foot on the edge of the rigid plastic, and rest your heel of that foot on the ground. The Bosu trainer will tilt beneath you, bearing your foot as you stretch your calf muscles.

Workout Variety and Entertainment

Changing up your workout every few weeks is one of the best ways to keep from hitting a plateau. The variations in your regular force your body needs to maintain adapting to new stimuli, but, perhaps more importantly, they also keep you entertained. You can efficiently plan and carry out workouts without the Bosu trainer, but if incorporating it keeps you entertained enough to keep working out, or just makes exercising fun again, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Five Reasons to Use a Bosu Ball

1. Improved Balance

This goes without stating, at the beginning of every BOSU, is based on Balance, “In the beginning you can use something to hold onto until you can manage to use the tool,” Glick says, and points out that, “You can start slow, being on the ball for a short amount of time, and add time as your Balance improves.”

2. Improved Body Awareness

Glick states that as you increase your balance and can spend the longer duration of your work out on the BOSU, you will acquire a larger sense of how your body works. Richardson agrees, “A BOSU ball helps you build a better awareness of your body’s flexibility and symmetry. It provides you the ability to be keenly aware of your body’s position at all times.”

That description of body knowledge is helpful in any, and all athletic endeavors and BOSU can help you build it.

3. Better Core Connection

BOSU is especially useful for your Core, “Core exercises on it, you can position your body so that your either gravity assisted or resisted, as with any stability ball exercises, but with a base that is more robust,” says Glick.

That firm plastic base provides you an exceptional range of movement without having to be worried about your balance. Lisa M Wolfe adds, “The BOSU trainer increases the contractions of your muscles and your control over these contractions.”

4. Improved Coordination

The more time you put in on the BOSU, working on your stability and balance, the more your coordination is compelled to develop, as they go hand in hand. Landon Dean points out, “Balance and coordination are critical elements of everyday life and are extremely crucial for those who want to excel in athletics as well as increase activities of daily living.”

When you think about it, the enhanced coordination could be one of the most significant advantages, as it is one of the keys to limiting injury when doing anything from working out, to competing to just going about your daily life.

5. Improved Stability

Stability can be seen at as the third leg of an essential tripod. Combining improved stability to balance and coordination is one of the reasons that BOSU is an incredible training tool.

“There are many types of balance varying from ankle to core as well as shoulder stability. There are various exercises that the BOSU ball can be used for to improve stabilizer muscles,” says Dean

Once you’ve increased your overall stability, you can also progress with more challenging BOSU exercises which will combine to your overall fitness.

One more advantage that Glick had to state may, in fact, be a very significant one, “You had to be connected and switched on, using both the left and right side of your brain.”

Making BOSU, not just a full body workout, but a full mind works out too. So give BOSU a try and move towards a more fit, more balanced life.

Top Ten Exercises with Bosu Balls

1. Push-Ups Ball Side Down

This is just like a standard push-up except you are supporting your body while on the BOSU ball. It will help work your core, triceps, chest, and shoulders. One tip is you can develop your balance coordination.

2. Sit-Ups Ball Side Up

Squeeze your stomach and raise with your core as you sit up. As you release back towards the ground, don’t let your back arch over the BOSU ball. For decent form, keep your back flat while using the ball.

3. Squats Ball Side Up

Stand on the ball with your legs hip-width apart and squat. Hold the squat for about three seconds before standing up right. This exercise will work your legs, glutes, and core.

4. Balance and Curl Ball Side Up

Grab some dumbbells for bicep curls. Stand on the ball and when you are balanced, start your bicep curl.

If you want to take it to the next level you can flip the BOSU over so you are standing on the black side. Make sure you focus, align properly, and do your bicep curl slowly.

5. Lunges Ball Side Up

There are a few different variations for lunges. You can either do one leg at a time or switch legs during each set. It’s up to how comfortable you feel. Make sure your foot is sturdy on the ball, and don’t let your knee go over your toe when you lunge.

6. Boat Pose Ball Side Up

Sit in the middle of the BOSU ball and find your balance. When ready, lift your knees up to a 45-degree angle and balance. You can put your hands somewhat on the ball to help you find secure balance or bring them up in front of you. Try to hold this position for at least 15 seconds and build from there. Your overall goal should be one minute. But, it takes time. Be sure to tighten your stomach and breath.

7. Mountain Climbers Ball Side Down

Put your hands on the sides of the BOSU ball with a strong grip. Hold a steady in a plank position. When you’re ready, lift your right leg a few inches off the ground. Bring your knee to your nose, and then switch legs. Switch legs for 30 seconds at any speed you like. Make sure you keep your stomach tight.

8. Jumps Ball Side Up

This movement is just like a squat, but you jump on the ball side and then jump off. When you jump onto the BOSU ball, you want to try to hold the squat for two seconds before you jump off. Try to work your way up to 10 seconds.

9. Side Lunges Ball Side Up

Start with your right foot firm in the center and step your left foot out to the side. Squat. Return your left foot to the center of the ball, and step your right foot out to the side. Squat. Keep changing legs until you do 12 reps on each side.

10. Chest Press Ball Side Up

Take a set of dumbbells and lay with your back on the ball. Set your feet a few inches from the BOSU ball and raise your hips up. With a weight in each hand, bring your arms out to a “T.” Bend at your elbows to about a 90-degree angle and then press up. Repeat this anywhere from 12 to 15 times. This will help work your hamstrings, glutes, chest, arms, and core.

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