The famous proverb says ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, we say, exercise every day to stay fit all the way. Along with healthy eating, daily exercising is a lifestyle habit that we all need to incorporate into our lives. The dozens of different exercise styles and workout sessions introduce a variety of amazing fitness supporting exercise. From aerobics to yoga, running to working out in the gym; everything helps in keeping our muscles strong and body fit. The BOSUBall exercises are another cool exercise that enhances the body fitness and immunity.

How do we do BOSUBall exercises?

To conduct these exercises moves, you need to have the unique device which makes it a lot more fun! The BOSUBall , where BOSU stands for ‘both sides utilized’, is available in the market and in online stores. It was invented by David Weck in 1999 who considered body fitness one of his top goals. This is the perfect alternative to the traditional stability balls. The BOSUBall comes in a hemisphere shape with two different surfaces. Both, the flat and the curvy hemisphere shape are used for exercising.

Best BOSUBall Exercises:

There are a lot of moves that you can do with the help of the ball. Each one of them helps in making your leg, arm or core muscles strong. It is also best for cardio exercise. Here are a few moves that you must practice daily for best results:

1. Mountain climber style for cardio

You can perform this move by keeping the flat-surface of the ball facing upwards. Come in the push-up position over the surface with your shoulders exactly above your hands. Stay in this position and bring your right knee to the chest and take it back and repair the move with the other leg.

2. Front Lunges

For this, you need to keep the flat surface of the ball facing the ground. Now, stand behind it and use one leg at a time to step on it. Keep your knee behind the foot and move downwards into a lunge. Return to the original position and repeat with the other leg.

3. Pilates/ yoga

Yoga is an amazing form of meditation and BOSUBall offers a fascinating experience for pilates / yoga. The moves like ‘swan and swinging’, ‘hug a tree’, ‘spine stretch and saw’ and many others are included in this.

4. Crunches

This exercise will strengthen your core body muscles. You have to use the dome side of the ball as the seat and support just a little part of your lower back with it. Keep your hands behind your head and move in an arch-like motion ahead. Move your abs to do the hard work and curl the spine into a crunch. You can also enjoy doing the oblique crunch.

5. Push-ups

This is the easy one yet it requires the same amount of strength. Put your hands on the flat surface facing upwards and perform the push-up action.