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Beats Wireless Headphones

Get your music on while you play, practice or workout with the extraordinary sounding Beats Wireless Headphones

What Are Beats Wireless Headphones

The Beats by Dre. Wireless Headphone have, for years, been the most well-known model in the highly-recognizable Beats range. And now they’ve been given a refresh for 2013 and beyond. The Beats Wireless are some of the top Bluetooth headphones with noise-canceling capabilities. Even though the design is bulkier compared to others, the strong large mouth bass overtones and quiet hearing surroundings are great for listening to your preferred hits.

For the price you get a pair of great-feeling, good-looking headphones that feature energetic noise cancellation to make all of them even more commute-friendly. These are the particular best-sounding Beats headphones we’ve attempted, too, but as actually with Beats headphones, the sound high quality doesn’t entirely match the cost.



Top 12 Best Beats Wireless Headphones Reviewed

Design and Comfort

Beats by Dre. offers simplified the Beats Wireless Headphone look in this new reincarnation. Where the previous model experienced cups that stuck away a way from the side of the head, these stick fairly close.

Any design recommendation that these are headphones for that music Wireless Headphone seems to have disappeared, besides the name, as the style here is clearly formulated using the commuters in mind. And really, that is no bad thing.

They are reasonably light AND significant over-ear headphones that are very streamlined and classy within their lines, but there are sufficient loud Beats design inflection to let them sit gladly among their brothers.

The particular trademark mix of black plus red coloring is here, combined with the classic ‘b’ Beats signifier on the rear of each cup. Their whole exterior part is glossy plastic and may attract more fingerprints. With that build quality seemed properly excellent during testing, and the Beats Wireless Headphone feel sturdier than other brand and rip-offs

The particular ear-pad is smooth plus soft but is obviously fake when protein leather-based often looks pretty persuading these days. It’s made of squidgy rubber rather than synthetic leather-based or fabric, intended to make sure the Beats Wireless Headphone remain on your head, making them suitable for running – most over-ears earphones simply aren’t. They also fold-up for added portability, plus Beats by Dre. supplies a semi-hard situation.

Beats Wireless Headphone Specification

Beats have a knack for showing stylish products. The Studio Wireless certainly looks excellent. There are eight color possibilities: Black, blue, matte dark, red, titanium, white, precious metal and metallic sky (ie silver and white). Most of the color options are quite strong and flashy. Matte dark is more understated though which means you don’t have to feel like the walking advertisement for Is better than. The design overall has been efficient and looks better than the particular Monster’s Studio design. The initial Studio was also heavier, much less comfortable and had a plastic material build prone to breakage.

Enhanced Audio
Beats, with coordination with Apple, has already established a revamp in audio compared to the Monster days. The particular reputation of the Monster versions still mars Beats’ title to this day, despite the recent modifications in design. The Monster Studio had overpowering, dull bass. In contrast, the Studio Wireless offers greater clearness in the low end, and also throughout the whole spectrum. The particular bass is still prominent yet is more controlled. The levels are accented, while the top mids have slight drive. The cans don’t always sound better while in ” cable ” use, as wireless make use of can roll off a few of the forward highs. They offer the ‘fun’ sound and fits average listeners who are not in the market for an audiophile item.

Beats are recognized for being designed for rap, however, the Studio Wireless would be appropriate also for a range of modern styles such as rock, take and electronic music. The particular response is not so highly tailored as to only become suitable for hip hop and other bass-heavy styles. The frequency reaction is 20Hz – 20kHz. Overall, the headphones provide respectable audio performance. Nevertheless, at this price range, you can certainly get better performing models through competing brands.

Comfortable Design
The particular over-ear design of the Beats Studio Wireless means they may be best suited to use at home or even on transport. They are not suitable for sports uses because they would quickly overheat both you and lack sweat resistance. To get more active uses the on-ear Beats Solo 2 Wifi would be a better bet. The particular Studio Wireless have a comfy, adjustable headband. The ear cups are soft and have the generous area to accommodate the particular ears. In terms of comfort for his or her intended use, they carry out quite well.

The headband is made from metal, yet remains versatile. The majority of the Studio Wireless will be plastic though. Despite the higher asking price, they are not particularly durable. Common issues include the ear cup padding falling apart plus earpiece failure. Apple may also be very stingy with their meaning of the warranty conditions. $264. 29 is a lot of money in order to gamble on a product which has questionable build quality.

The Beats Studio Wireless boasts a thirty feet Bluetooth range, that is fairly accurate. Range apart, Bluetooth drop-outs can be a problem with this model. Is better than managed to increase battery life within the new model by 2 hours, now offering twelve hours of wireless sound performance, or 20 hrs when wired up. Electric battery strength and power standing are represented by a line of five small, white-colored LEDs and a single DIRECTED on the power button, all of these live on the underside of the correct ear cup. You’ll furthermore find a battery-level icon upon iOS devices, right alongside the Bluetooth symbol.

Fair noise cancellation
The particular noise cancellation for the Beats Studio Wireless is effective, even though it does not stand-out. The Is better than are not going to knock the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 away from its perch. While sound cancellation is active, a few hiss is audible whilst music is not playing, even though that issue is not particular to the Studio Wireless. You will find two cancellation modes, the one that can be used to play music simultaneously another mode which gives stronger termination, yet does not allow songs playback. That might seem just a little limiting but most probably the 2nd mode is intended for reasons such as sleeping on an aircraft journey.

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