You would not imagine that there would be that many choices when buying wireless headphones. But very recently, almost all companies that sell online and off have presented options to put music in your ears without cables and lots of features, in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Most of the options out there are big and bulky and are hard to wear, or so tiny that their batteries only last for a short period of time. Beats are different; They have been making wireless headphones longer than most companies and they know what they are doing.


The new Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones look just like the Powerbeats of old. You know the ones from all the TV commercials you have seen plenty of before. They’re not exactly understated; Beats never are. They don’t have the same sort of ultra-modern look you get from the totally wireless AirPods, either. But if you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones you can wear anytime, every day, regardless of the weather or your activity, Powerbeats3 Wireless are pretty difficult to beat.


In addition to the comfortable buds that insert easily into your ear canals, they have nice size adjustable hooks on each side that wrap over your ear to keep them in place. As a result, they’re the most stable, comfortable wireless headphones have ever owned. I can wear them all day, every day without discomfort. The in-line remote is simple to use, and the microphone is perfect for phone calls and using Siri.


If you an Apple device user, the included W1 chip makes pairing simple and easy, and perfect most every time. The extra Bluetooth power allows me to walk to the other side of the gym and still be connected. The battery lasts at least the 12 hours that they say it does, which means I only charge just 1-2 times a week, depending on the frequency of my workouts. The sound is pretty solid as it needs to be.