Fun balance exercises for older adults, using a balance pad, is easy to use, and lightweight piece of equipment to add to your exercise program.

Healthy4Life balance pad exercises for seniors are a great way to keep active, build strength, and increase mobility.  Please be sure to have a partner or perform the following exercises next to a stable chair or a wall, to hold if need be while performing the following exercises.

Below are some excellent balance exercises for seniors to do at home, their local gym, or a senior community center.

2 Legged Stand and Balance

Holding the hand of your partner, a stable object or a wall, slowly step onto the balance pad with both feet.  When you feel your balance, slowly let go of your partner’s hand, stable object, or wall.  Continue to stand maintaining your balance for a short period that is comfortable for you.  For example, 30 seconds, then step off.  Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat.

To the above exercise, you can add several variations to work your upper body muscle groups.  Add in a couple of light dumbbells, just 2 to 3 pounds is fine.

2 Legged Stand With Side Lateral Raise

Standing on the balance pad, holding dumbbells by your side, with palms down raise the dumbbells to shoulder height out to each side of your body and return to start position.  Do 12-15 repetitions

2 Legged Stand with Front Raise

Standing on the balance pad, again holding dumbbells by your side, and with palms facing the floor, raise dumbbells straight out in front of you to should height and return to start position.  Do 12-15 repetitions

2 Legged Stand Curl To Overhead Press

Standing on the balance pad holding the dumbbells by your side.  Curl both dumbbells at once and in one continuous motion press both dumbbells overhead and then return to the start position by reversing the exercise movement.  Do 12-15 repetitions

1 Legged Stand and Balance

Holding the hand of your partner, a stable object or a wall, slowly step onto the balance pad with both feet.  When you feel your balance, raise one foot slowly off of the pad to balance on one foot.  When performing this exercise it is a good idea to continue to hold on to your partner, a stable object or the nearby wall until you feel your balance is good enough to progress to standing on one foot without any assistance.

Front Step Over

Holding the hand of your partner, step with your right foot first, on to the balance pad, then step with your left foot over the pad to the floor in front of you.  Finish off the exercise by stepping off with the right foot.  You should now be standing on the floor in front of the balance pad.  Turn to face the balance pad and now repeat with the left leg first stepping on the balance pad and the right foot stepping over.  Repeat 3-5 times or whatever is comfortable for you.

Side Step Over

Holding the hand of your partner, stand with the balance pad on the side of your right foot.  Step onto the balance pad with your right foot followed by the left (both feet should be on the balance pad) then step off with the right and then step off with the left.  The balance pad is now on the side of the left foot.  Now go back the other way leading with the left leg and following with the right leg.  Repeat 3-5 times or whatever is comfortable for you.

Balance Pad Squat

Stand on the balance pad with both arms straight out in front of you.  Have your partner hold your hands if you have difficulty with your balance.  Squat down as low as you can without discomfort, or as low as if you were sitting in a chair, and then stand straight up again.  Repeat 3-5 times or whatever is comfortable for you.


These dynamic balance exercises for older adults are an excellent way for them to strengthen their ankles, legs, and upper body, and also increase mobility.

Balance Pads are used every day in physical therapy balance exercises for elderly, making Healthy4Life balance pads the #1 choice for Physical Therapists in the U.S.A.

Ask your Doctor or Physical Therapist for a Balance Exercises for seniors handout, with exercises that are recommended for you at your next visit.

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