What are Ketogenic Bodies Part 1?

Ketogenic Bodies are naturally produced in our body via mitochondria. it is an alternative fuel source to sugar. Except for our endogenous Ketogenic Bodies produced in the liver, there are exogenous Ketogenic Bodies that are administered through a nutritional supplement.

Understand the Basics

Glucose is the main source of energy in our body in an average diet, however, when we start ingesting a low-carb diet, the body switches to producing ketones from fats through the process ketosis. In this case, ketones are produced inside the body. Exogenous Ketogenic Bodies, on the other hand, raise blood ketones and provide your body with easy to use energy. Ketogenic Bodies supplements are usually available as ketone salts since they are bound to a salt such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, or potassium for better stability and easier absorption. Exogenous Ketogenic Bodies supplements provide the following benefits to the human body.

Regulates Ketosis

The ingestion of ketones helps in regulating the process of ketosis. Thus, the production of the endogenous ketones begins that ultimately start generating energy in your body. It increases the level of Ketogenic Bodies in the blood and reduces the blood glucose levels.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Exogenous ketone supplements show promising results in improving the athletic performance by regulating acute ketosis for almost eight hours. They produce additional energy that helps in working out harder for a longer period.

Anti-cancer Properties

Several studies suggested that ketone supplements can halt the growth of malignant tumors through its anti-cancer properties. Cancer cells can’t use the ketone bodies for their replication or growth. Recent research portrayed that dietary Ketogenic Bodies supplementation can increase the survival rate by 70% in mice who have systemic cancer.

Assists in Hunger Suppression

Ketones help people who work to lose weight by suppressing their hunger and cravings. It helps in reducing the weight gain by decreasing the overall food intake. It maintains the levels of ghrelin, blood glucose, and leptin that works to control cravings and hunger.

Improves Cognitive Functioning

When there are diminished levels of glucose, ketones provide around 70%of the energy to the brain. Ketone bodies stimulate the synthesis of phospholipids that enhances the neuronal myelination and growth process. It helps in improving the memory and focus of a person. It improves the overall cognitive performance and enhances the workflow throughout the day.

Anti-inflammatory Impact

Exogenous ketone bodies possess anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing any ongoing inflammation in the body. It effectively halts the actions of all the proteins that stimulate the inflammatory reactions.

Metabolizing the Excess Ketones

Another weight losing benefit provided by the ingestion of ketone supplements is that even excess intake of ketones does not get accumulated as adipose tissues in the body but get excreted rapidly by the kidneys via urine.

Anti-seizure Properties

Studies suggested that a proper ketogenic diet along with the exogenous ketone supplements can help the children who have seizures. Ketones possess anti-seizure properties that enhance the production of mitochondrial energy in the brain that helps in relieving the symptoms of epilepsy.

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