Agility Ladder

Designed to enhance your fitness and healthy lifestyle

  • Balance Pads Improve Stability
  • Get More Out of Your Workout
  • Balance Pads Reduce Back Pain
  • Balance Pads Improve Motor Skills
  • Fitness Pads are commonly used in Conditioning and Rehabilitation

The Benefits of An Agility Ladder

Working out should be about more than weight lifting and doing some cardio to lose surplus weight and remain in form, it should also involve agility and movement skills.

Boost bodies coordination in order to be able to quick in generating your muscle to complete the work, like running or lifting. Applying this, it can help one to prevent and alleviate pain and injury as well as react more quickly. Make sure you have good form with movements and pay attention to the most suitable muscles exercise.

This is why an Agility Ladder is an excellent and ideal piece of equipment to use to be able to enhance your mind-body coordination. An Agility Ladder is frequently used by athletes to boost their footwork and agility. It will help you to understand a wide array of various movement patterns. Ladders are the multi-directional tool for improving footwork which helps to move feet quickly through complex patterns. Agility ladders come in different shapes and sizes, very light weighted and portable to easily carried out anywhere for learning different aspects of movements.

These are the perfect training equipment that forces your own feet to adapt very quickly to patterns of footwork by repeating the exercises over and over, and the user can very quickly increase and reduce steadily the distance between 2 rungs to understand different phases of movement.

Speed and Agility Ladders are also regarded as the very best workout equipment used to boost the flexibility and quickness within you. This equipment plays an important role in reducing weight and keeps the body in better shape.
The folks that may actually benefit most from Agility Ladder Drills are actually non-athletes trying to improve their mind-body connection and coordination.

However, to get the most out of the drills, you can’t simply go through as fast as possible and perform some drills haphazardly. You must concentrate on having the movements down perfectly and then do them as soon as possible.
By learning the newest drills and doing them correctly, you will boost your mind-body connection and also improve your coordination.


Top 25 Best Agility Ladders Reviewed


1. Yes4All Agility Ladder – Speed Agility Training Ladder with Carry Bag – 12 Rung (Yellow)

  • 15 FEET HEAVY DUTY LADDER: Constructed of 15 feet nylon speed ladder with durable plastic rungs for agility and quickness training
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE 12 RUNG DESIGN: Up to 15-inch adjustment from rung to rung with nylon straps for different levels, skill sets and exercises. Suitable to meet all your workout demands
  • INCLUDE A CARRY BAG: You can easily stash them in the carry bag to train anytime and anywhere that you want. Great for active kids, athletes, and beneficial for older adults to workout, maintain balance and mobility
  • BETTER ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Ideal for athletic training, football, soccer, basketball drills, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, badminton, rugby to increase acceleration, leg strength, and speed, core skills, balance, rhythm, and body control
  • 5 YEAR WARR - PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW: Make your special ideal gifts for sport teams or coaches. Our speed ladder stands up to 5 YEAR warr or if you think it's not for you, contact us and receive all your money back within 60 days of purchase

2. Ohuhu Agility Ladder with Black Carry Case, 12-Rung

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Crafted with high-quality Polypropylene material designed to last for years of use and training
  • ADJUSTABLE 15'' RUNG DISTANCE: Built with a rung distance of 15'', overall length can reach 19 feet.Individual rungs can be moved and djusted as needed
  • EASY SET-UP: Simply unravel the straps and rungs to set up on your chosen surface
  • BONUS CARRYING BAG: Equipped with a bonus bag for easy carrying, portability and on-the-go training
  • CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT: Ideal tool for all athletes and trainers to improve foot speed, movement control, lateral response, coordination, overall balance and general fitness

3. SKLZ Agility Ladder, 15ft Original Quick Ladder, Flat Rung Agility and Acceleration Training, Develop Explosive Power, Speed, and Better Footwork, Improve Coordination, Strength and Physical Dexterity

  • AGILITY AND ACCELERATION. Develop explosive power, speed, and better footwork with the SKLZ Quick Ladder. This flat rung ladder improves technique and responsiveness. The Quick Ladder caters to all sports as it increases efficiency for all athletes.
  • UNLEASH YOUR ATHLETIC POTENTIAL. Find the perfect rhythm your training with this performance focused product. The SKLZ Quick Ladder helps improve coordination, strength and physical dexterity so you can unleash your potential and accomplish your goals.
  • ELITE DESIGN. SKLZ produces optimal sports equipment. The Quick Ladder, has 11 heavy-duty plastic rungs, measuring 17" and is 15' long. To put it simply, it will last through seasons of sweat. Take it to the field, or court to improve your skills.
  • SUPERIOR BALANCE AND STABILITY. Work ladder drills and train harder than you thought possible with the SKLZ Quick Ladder. Practice change of direction, improve balance, and gain greater stability in your athletic footwork.
  • INVEST IN YOUR PERFORMANCE. The SKLZ Quick Ladder will stand up to the nitty gritty. It's time took alive and use the this basic agility ladder to train harder, build better technique, and gain more confidence in your athletic performance.

4. Pepup Sports Super Flat 12 Rungs Adjustable Speed Agility Ladder with Free Carry Bag, 20'

  • 20 FT ADJUSTABLE HIGH QUALITY LADDER: Made of 12 adjustable ladder rungs of premium quality impact co-polymer plastic. The strip can be easily bent to 180 degrees without any breakage.
  • PROVISION TO EXTEND THE LENGTH: Both ends of the ladder come with buckle clip connecters for connecting 2 ladders to increase the length. The rivets are rust-proof to sustain all weather conditions.
  • EASY TO SETUP, CARRY WITH FREE CARRY BAG & BANDS: Spreads out quickly and stays put on floor while working out. Folds up easily secured by elastic bands provided. Can be stored in the waterproof bag.
  • DYNAMIC SPEED AND AGILITY WORKOUT: Perfect for enhancing speed, coordination, functional core strength , dynamic flexibility and body awareness. Easy to adapt to sport specific footwork movements.
  • GREAT FOR ALL FIELD SPORTS: Can be used for coordination training of all sports like Soccer , Basketball , Football , Track and Field, Baseball , Lacrosse, Field Hockey etc

5. BltzPro Agility Speed Ladder-11 flat rungs Bundle with 10 Sports Cones ,Bonus 2 Carrying Bags 4 Metal pegs and Agility Drills Ebook,A Multi sport training tool.

  • ULTIMATE FOOTWORK SET: This #1 set for speed, and agility includes: a 4 meter 11-flat rung agility ladder with d-rings, 4 metal stakes & bonus-10 agility cones + 2 sports bags & a great Drill E-Book!
  • VERSATILE WORKOUTS: Improve your acceleration, lateral speed, change of direction, and so much more! Perfect for football, Basketball, Soccer, lacrosse, Baseball, Tennis and more, for kids and adults!
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY & DESIGN: Made of heavy duty straps - features 11 rungs, designed to stay firm but still adjustable. This kit comes in a bright orange color that is easily visible on any surface!
  • ADVANCED TRAINING EVERYWHERE: The portable handy carrying bags, allow you to work your practice anywhere, perfect for indoor & outdoor use. No deformed cones or tangled rungs anymore!
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Being so sure about our products, BltzPro offers you a 3-Year No Hassle, Free Replacement Guarantee! With nothing to worry about, order yours today!

6. Teenitor 12 rung Agility Ladder Speed ladder Training ladder for Soccer, Speed, Football Fitness Feet Training with Teenitor Carry Bag

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Crafted with high-quality PP material designed to last for years of use and training
  • ADJUSTABLE 15" RUNG DISTANCE: Built with a rung distance of 15", the individual rungs can be moved and changed for preferential needs
  • EASY SET-UP: Simply unravel the straps and rungs to set up on surfaces for use
  • BONUS CARRYING BAG: Equipped with a bonus bag for ease of carrying, portability and on-the-go training
  • CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT: Ideal tool for all athletes and trainers to improve foot speed, movement control, lateral response, coordination, overall balance and general fitness

7. ELEGIANT Speed & Agility Training Ladder for Improving Speed, Agility, Fitness, Leg Strength and More with Black Carrying Bag

    8. SkillFit 15-Foot Footwork Agility Ladder and A3 Laminated Drill Chart for Speed Training Fitness Workouts and HIIT Cardio with 11 Adjustable Rungs

    • 15' LADDER also includes; 4 metal stake pegs; 11 durable rungs with triangular plastic hooks to attach multiple ladders for longer training runs; wall chart; and nylon drawstring bag to carry everything
    • LAMINATED WALL POSTER details 8 drills and exercises, with varying degrees of difficulty, which can be used to train. Improve your lateral speed, balance, and rhythm and body control with ladder drills
    • 4 RUST-RESISTANT STAKES secure the ladder to the ground when used on grass. Adjustable rungs let you determine your own spacing for more grueling workouts, or set them to accommodate shorter people
    • HI-VIS NEON RUNGS enhance spatial perception, giving you confidence for accelerated foot strikes. Improve your speed, agility and leg strength as you challenge yourself in high-intensity workouts
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY and money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If SkillFit Agility Ladder does not perform to your expectations, return it for replacement or full refund of your purchase price

    9. Agility Ladder, Arespark 12 rung Durable Training Ladders for Soccer, Speed, Football with Carry Bag

    • High-Quality Materials: Ladder is crafted with high quality PP material,which is pressure-resistant and anti-crack, designed to last for years of use and training.
    • 15" Rung Distance Adjustable: Built with a rung distance of 15", the individual rungs can be moved and changed for preferential needs, position them closer together for high-intensity training or farther apart for consistent speed training.
    • Includes Carry Bag: Equipped with a bag for ease of carrying, portability and on-the-go training.
    • Conditioning Equipment: Ideal tool for all athletes and trainers to improve foot speed, movement control, lateral response, coordination, overall balance and general fitness.
    • Easy to Set-Up: Simply unravel the straps and rungs to set up on surfaces for use.

    10. Power Guidance Agility Ladder (19 Feet) for Speed & Agility Trainning - with 12 Heavy Duty Plastic Rungs, Ground Stakes, Carry Bag & 8 Sports Cones

    • MAXIMIZES YOUR AGILITY TRAINNING - Improves your speed, agility, concentration, energy & leg strength. Ideal for warm ups and cool downs. Perfect training tool for soccer, tennis,basketball, baseball, football, etc.
    • GET FITTER & FASTER - Ladder Training allows to do limitless drills that gradually boost functional performance and improve your overall fitness level, no matter you are a beginner or pro
    • DESIGNED TO LAST FOR YEARS - 19 feet long agility ladder with 12 adjustable heavy duty plastic rungs, ground stakes, D-rings, carry bag & 8 sports cones
    • STABLE & SAFE - The heavy duty rungs won't move easily when you use them, especially when the ladder is held down with its ground stakes during outdoor use.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - At POWER GUIDANCE, we fully stand behind our products. If you don't 100% love our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    11. Wacces Speed Super Flat Adjustable Speed Agility Ladder for Soccer, Speed, Football, Fitness with Free Carry Bag ( 12 Rungs - Green )

    • Develop the core skills necessary to enhance balance, rhythm and body control
    • Suitable for athletic training, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, rugby and so on. It is also suitable for agility training of teenagers.
    • Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
    • Improve quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency

    12. Endurance Pro Agility Ladder Speed Ladder Improve Footwork with Ladder Drills eBook, Bag, Pegs Highest Quality Agility Training Equipment

    • BEST QUALITY AGILITY LADDER - Unlike others our agility ladder doesn't contain cheap materials or flimsy rungs. It is durable and is easily secured.15 foot 11 rung all sports agility training equipment IDEAL GIFT for your friends, wife, husband, dad, mom, sisters, brothers and more.
    • FEEL PROUD AND LIFT SELF CONFIDENCE - Avoid lack of motivation with multiple exercises within the Free footwork ladder drills eBook - perfect for the club, family or individual for basketball, soccer, football, baseball, tennis and fitness training
    • SEE THE AMAZING DIFFERENCE - As a parent, coach, athlete or fitness trainer play a part in something bigger and make an important difference to your kids, team or clients with increasing acceleration, leg strength, speed, balance and body control
    • PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE - Promote higher performance because everyone loves to perform their best. Lift their self-esteem and your pride while at the same time making it fun. Your smile and their smile is worth it!
    • MAKE A DIFFERENCE ORDER NOW - the ideal football training equipment and more for speed training football drills, soccer drills and more - Love our speed ladder for 1 YEAR or let us know and receive all your money back, the ideal teenager or coach gift

    13. Sportneer Hexagonal Speed and Agility Training Aid Rings Ladders Hurdles For Soccer/Football/Basketball with Carrying Bag, 6 Pieces

    • 3 USES IN 1: Use Sportneer rings as an agility rings, ladders or hurdles, and adapt them to your workout
    • LIMITLESS FOOTWORK DRILLS: 6 hexagonal rings can be laid out and combined to create a variety of shapes and courses for any agility exercise
    • EASY SET UP AND TRANSPORT: Rings clip together and can easily be stretched out as a ladder or cleared away quickly and conveniently. Included carrying bag with strap makes these rings great for workouts on the go
    • VISIBLE: Rings are fluorescent orange and can be seen easily on a green field or pitch
    • DURABLE MATERIALS: High density plastic is resistant to bending and breakages, for years of quality training

    14. Speed Agility Ladder with 12 Adjustable Flat Rungs, 15ft Long – Perfect Training Equipment for Soccer, Football & Other Sports – With Bonus 10 Sports Disc Cones, Carrying Bag & 4 Metal Pegs

    • PERFECT SPEED TRAINING SET- We offer a perfect solution for agility training, which contains 15' long agility ladder, 12 heavy duty rungs, 4 d-rings or metal stakes, and 10 EXTRA disc cones. All these make our speed and agility ladder effective for in-depth training.
    • MULTIFACETED - The rungs are flat and highly adjustable such that the ladder spacing can be adjusted to meet a wide range of speed training needs. The disc cones too can be used to design many different speed drills making this football agility ladder suitable for all kinds of sports.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our speed agility ladder is made up of heavy duty straps so that it does not fray. It also boasts high quality plastic rungs which are unbreakable and made to stay firm on the ground. Also, the metal pegs can be used to further secure the ladder.
    • TRAIN AT YOUR BEST SPOT - The best part is the agility ladder can be folded compactly and easily packed inside a bag that comes along with the set. This enables you to carry the quick ladder anywhere you want to train - why not continue training even when away from home?
    • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed with quality and versatility of our agility speed ladder.

    15. Physport Speed Ladder Soccer Training Agility Ladder with Carry Case Sport Tool (12-Rung)

    • Agility Ladder design - Choose between 8, 12, and 20-rung
    • Each rung measuring 17 inch, space between rungs measuring 15 inch
    • Color: Black strap + Yellow rungs
    • Comes in a strong portable bag. Easy to take.
    • Ideal item to quickly improve your acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction while enhancing balance, rhythm and body control. These core skills are critical to any athlete that wants to perform at a faster level than the competition in any sport.Also, it's great for weight loss.

    16. QUICKPLAY PRO No Tangle Agility Ladder with Quick Lock Adjustable Flat Rungs + Carry Bag (11-Rung) Multi-Sport Speed Ladder / Training Ladder – NEW FOR 2017 –

    • ?



      The QUICKPLAY PRO Agility Ladder uses 550lb, Type III, 7 strand Paracord. It's not flat, so it can't get twisted. BRIGHT NEON color provides superior visual acuity to black webbing ladders.
    • QUICK-LOCK ADJUSTABLE RUNGS - The only ladder that allows you to quickly adjust rung spacing & then lock them in place. Rungs won't slide like cheaper webbing ladders.
    • NO-TANGLE + FREE CARRY BAG - Featuring a unique carrying / storage hanger. Ultra-portable, easy to store and won't tangle like other ladders on the market. Keep your training gear organized and ready to use.
    • 11 RUNG LADDER (13FT) - The essential training tool made better - Improve footwork, speed and agility.
    • 2 YEAR WARRANTY - From QUICKPLAY, a company that prides itself in providing the absolute best customer service in the sports industry. QUICKPLAY products are designed by athletes, for athletes. PATENT PENDING

    17. GOLME PRO Speed + Agility Ladder 10-Rung with Training Drill Carry Bag

    • True-Fit Geometry increases speed, agility, strength and resistance to injury
    • Available in three sizes - tailored to fit both individual athletes and teams
    • Instant twist setup with 3D Strong-Rung construction for lifetime durability
    • Includes stakes and bag with drill-matrix to create hundreds of custom routines
    • Try risk free for 30-Days - then enjoy an additional 365-Day Warranty

    18. Agility Ladders RUNACC 19.7ft/12 Rungs Durable Sports Exercise Speed Training Ladders for Soccer, Football Adjustable Exercise Tool with Bonus Carry Bag

    • Upgrade Size and Considerate Design. The ladder width is 19.7"(traditional one is about 15"). It has 12 heavy-duty plastic rungs (rung width 1.5''). The upgrade size ladder is more suitable for adult trainers. And the flat design makes it freely to change the distance between 2 rungs, meets your various exercising needs. Different training methods helps you have a stronger ability to deal with all kinds of games.
    • Durable and High Quality. A good quality training ladder will last for a long time. Investing in a durable and high-quality RUNACC ladder, you get not only a ladder, but more of your unforgettable moments in training, and when you get excellent performance, you can think of the precious memories that it has accompanied you to sweat.
    • Improving Agility and Acceleration. Enhance body flexibility, balance and coordination so that to improve your footwork better and develop explosive power and speed. You can unleash your althetic protential and accomplish your goals.
    • Superior Balance and Stability. Practice change of direction, improve balance, and gain greater stability in your athletic footwork. You will find the perfect rhythm and gain more confidence in your performance.
    • Bonus Carry Bag. Easy to store away and carry around, will not occupy much space.

    19. CAMPFENSE Agility Speed Ladder Athletic Football Soccer Basketball Footwork Fitness Exercise Workout Drills Training Running Hurdles With Carry Bag (8 12 20 Rungs, 3 Colors) (Orange-6m-12rungs)

    • MULTIPLE CHOICES: 4 meter with 8 rungs, 6 meter with 12 rungs, 10 meter with 20 rungs. Select the ladder size according to personal preferences and needs. Suitable for both personal agility training and team training.
    • PLIABLE & ADJUSTABLE RUNGS: The durable rungs are made of quality ductile plastic, can withstand high degree deformation without being broken or distorted. The interval of rungs can be customized, an appropriate interval can speed up your training.
    • ABRASION PROOF THICK NYLON STRAP: The high strength nylon straps closely connect the rungs, prevent the rungs from slipping. Our speed ladder can be used in all weathers without being damaged by sunlight and rain.
    • POWERFUL TOOL TO BOOST UP YOUR SPEED AND AGILITY: Speed and agility are keys to football, and basketball games, and they decide your performance. CampFENSE agility ladders can help you systematically improve your speed, agility, reaction speed, fostering an exercise rhythm sensation for user.
    • PORTABLE STORAGE BAG: The storage bag is packaged with the ladders which can offer convenience for you to pack the ladder up after each use. The portable storage bag is easy to carry, good for daily exercise.

    20. JBM Agility Ladder with Free Carry Bag Speed Ladder Agility Training Ladder For Agility Speed Ladder Drills Speed Training Soccer Football Agility Training

    • High-quality PP + Durable Nylon : There are 2 parts in the agility ladder, including ladder and strap. The agility ladder is adopted high-quality PP material, which is pressure-resistant and anti-crack. Another is strap made of Nylon, which has fairly high durability. Thus, it is designed to last for years of use and training.
    • Adjustable Rung-to-Rung Distance : The length of each rung is 16" (40 cm), which are built on the two straps. Each rung can be moved to adjust the rung-to-rung distance which fulfill your requirement. Making the rungs closer can be made for high-intensity training; Making the rungs farther apart can be made for consistent speed training. It is great tool to improve your speed through agility ladder training.
    • East-to-Setup : It is very simple to set up the speed ladder. You just unravel the straps and rungs and adjust your preferential rung-to-rung distance to finish setting up on the surface. Overall, it takes you less than 5 minutes to set up the agility ladder.
    • Easy-to-Carry : It is very easy to carry the agility ladder to anywhere. A free carry bag is included in the package. You can bundle the agility ladder and put it to the carry bag. The strap is attached on the carry bag, which enables you to carry it as hand bag or sling bag. Thus, it is very convenient and portable for you to start on-the-go training.
    • Package : There are 3 packages provided for you to select, including 8-rung with 13' (4m) strap, 12-rung with 20' (6m) strap and 20-rung with 33' (10m) strap. Each package involves ONE SET of agility ladder plus ONE carry bag.

    21. QUICKPLAY PRO Adjustable Height: 6", 9" + 12" All-in-One Speed Hurdles (Set of 6) Speed Training Hurdles, Agility Hurdles and Plyometric Hurdles – NEW FOR 2017 –

    • 3 HEIGHT SETTINGS (6, 9 or 12 inches) - The QUICKPLAY PRO Quick-Click set of 6 Hurdles allows you to get the most out of your training session. Vary training intensity by adjusting the height of the hurdle without having to carry around bulky and heavy equipment.
    • INSTANTLY ADJUST HURDLE HEIGHT - with the innovative QUICKPLAY 'Quick-Click' mechanism. Change each hurdle's height by simply rotating each leg until they "Click" in place - no tricky buttons or clips.
    • UNIQUE BREAKAWAY SYSTEM - For lasting durability, our QUICKPLAY PRO Hurdles are not only strong and flexible; they are also designed to breakaway if accidentally stepped on in training, unlike other hurdles that can snap, break or fly off in any direction. Simply click back in place and continue training, with no fuss.
    • SMALLER PACKED SIZE THAN ANY OTHER HURDLE - Ultra portable & easy to store, our hurdles are super lightweight and pack down into a bag that's significantly smaller than other hurdles! Ideal for athletes and coaches on the go.
    • INDUSTRY LEADING 2 YEAR WARRANTY - From a company that prides itself in providing the absolute best customer service in the sports industry. QUICKPLAY products are designed by athletes, for athletes.

    22. Speed training equipment Bundle- footwork Agility ladder 16 Ft with 4 Metal pegs 12 sport Disc Cones 2 Carrying Bags and 1 Bonus metal whistle INDOOR AND OUTDOOR FITNESS EXERCISE WORKOUT COACHING AIDS

    • VERSATILE WORKOUTS: Improve your acceleration, lateral speed, change of direction and so much more! Perfect for football crossfit Soccer lacrosse running Tennis and more, for kids and adults
    • PREVENT INJURIES AND IMPROVE CARDIO: Ladder Training done regularly strengthen joins, ligaments and tendons. Repeated speed shifts and direction allows connective tissues to rapidly stretch and contract making them stronger and more flexible
    • TOP NOTCH QUALITY & DESIGN: Made of heavy duty straps - features 10 rungs in the accurate measure for strength safety workout.12 sports cones in two different colors- allows variety of exercises, 2 carry bags with Double stitch-extra strong, 1 metal whistle
    • EASY TO CARRY AND SET UP: 2 portable handy carrying bags for easy portability ,allow you to work your practice anywhere any time,ideal equipment for gym home & outdoor training
    • YOUR SATISFACTION IS IMPORTANT TO US-we love our product and sure about the quality. We are pleased to give you a 3-YEAR WARRANTY!!! Free Replacement . purchase with no risk and nothing to worry about

    23. Agility Ladder - 12 Adjustable Rungs 19 Feet - Agility & Speed Training Kit - Quickness Training Equipment For Faster Footwork And Better Movement Skills by Scandinavian Sports

    • QUICKNESS TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Ideal for all athletes - that are looking for improving their speed endurace, their reactive speed, balance, footwork skills and overall coordination
    • DURABLE AGILITY LADDER - High-quality speed ladder for quickness training with soft sticks - Suitable for both beginners and pro's as the 12 individual rungs are adjustable for different skill sets and excercises
    • EASY TO SET-UP - Simply unravel the straps and adjust the rungs to set up on indoor- or outdoor surfaces.
    • SPEED LADDER KIT - 12 rung agility ladder with a bonus bag for convenient transportation and on-the-go speed training plus a bonus folder with the best drills for faster footwork and better movement skills.
    • AGILITY LADDER 19,4 FEET - for anyone from kids and young talents to today's athletes and sport practitioners that wants to improve their movements skills and general fitness

    24. Soccer Ladder - Training Agility Ladder and Anchors -FREE carrying bag - Agility Equipment (Yellow, 15 feet)

    • - IMPROVE SPEED AND AGILITY: The Garage Fit speed and agility training ladder is the perfect training equipment to improve the quickness of your feet and general movement using accelerated foot strikes and enhanced leg lifting frequency. It is a must-have training tool for athletes.
    • - LONG LENGTH LADDER: The 10-rung ladder is 14 feet long, meaning you get more training space in order to make your training periods more productive. The rungs have been well spaced using professional standards to ensure you get world-class training on your foot speed and agility.
    • - LIGHT WEIGHT: The ladder is light weight and very easy to carry even for a child. It is however very durable and good for more than a few months of intense use out on the field. It is recommended for athletes with serious training regimes.
    • - CONVENIENTLY FOLDS INTO BAG: The Garage Fit agility ladder is easy to fold into the provided carry bag to make it more portable and easier to carry from storage to the field and back. Combine multiple ladders with the plastic buckles for extended length.
    • - BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Get the most out of your money by trusting only the most reliable sports equipment supplier to provide you with premium quality equipment. Get the Garage Fit speed and agility ladder today at unbeatable prices. You also enjoy a 100% Money back guarantee. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

    25. Agility Ladder,Deruicent Adjustable and Durable Speed Ladder with a portable bag for athletic training, football, soccer, basketball drills,leg strength,core skills,balance,and body control(12 Rung)

    • ADJUSTABLE DISTANCE: 19.7-feet agility ladder with 12 adjustable rungs, the individual rungs can be moved and changed for preferential needs
    • EASY TO USE: Simply unravel the straps and rungs, and place on the ground for use
    • DURABLE: PP material rungs and durable nylon straps designed to last for years of use and training
    • FREE CARRY BAG: Come with a bonus bag for easy storage and portability, train anywhere you want
    • VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: Great tool for any athlete and trainer who are looking to improve foot speed, movement control, lateral response, coordination, overall balance and general fitness

    Seven Reasons to Use an Agility Ladder

    1. Can be used by Anyone

    Though Agility ladders were initially used by elite athletes, they have progressively turned out to be part of the complete training program for weight loss clients and other individuals in need of personal fitness. The agility ladder can be used by everyone, since it is simple to use and anyone can keep up with it, the more you advance in your training the more difficult you can make it!

    2. Reduces Risks of Injuries

    The agility ladder trains numerous human body functions which are essential for survival, and effectively works to raise the strength and stability of your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments all at once! It truly is a fantastic and underutilized tool! One of its more unique benefits is the fact that it will help in boosting your strength and resiliency regarding the elastic fascia and connective tissue in your own feet, ankles, and rest of low body.

    By improving being able to shorten and lengthen, the agility ladder decreases the possibility of injury which normally occurs due to quick changes in direction or speed. Speed ladder benefits are multi-faceted, that is another good reason why you should be applying this tool so often!

    3. Enhances Body Awareness and Movement Skill

    For athletes, the agility ladder aids in developing specific skills which will help them to do well, in terms of movement ability. The speed ladder helps in boosting your rate of force production, a thing that relates directly to the speed of which your muscles contracts.

    Aging people are able to enhance their dynamic balance through speed ladder training, which can help them maintain a high level of fitness as well as overall coordination even at senior years.

    According to research by the Journal of this American Geriatrics Society that has been published in April 2004, community-based resistance and agility training programs were supported to simply help lower the possibility of falling among older women who have low bone mass. Whether you merely need help walking correctly or perhaps you are tuning up for professional sports, it is possible that speed ladder benefits will help enhance the quality of your life in many different ways!

    4. Intensifies Cognitive Performance

    According to a study which was carried out because of the Air Force Research Laboratory, it had been revealed that agility training is capable of enhancing your cognitive performance. Because it incorporates components of learning, balance, focus, and coordination on top of that, the agility ladder is able to stimulate stronger connections among several brain regions, causing them to work together. For some people, this technique associated with the brain is totally away from sync. Simple agility ladder training could make a massive impact for those who have this difficulty!

    5. Fun to Use

    Speed ladder training is a fun way to train, it is great for those who are always in a rush but want to lose weight. Whether you just need a change in your cardiovascular routine or you are looking for a new-staple in your fat-burning training, the agility ladder is outstanding for people who are easily bored with “normal” workout programs. Agility ladder training is interesting and very challenging in several different ways, allowing you a range of different goals to work towards achieving. Along with this, the speed ladder can burn enough calories that you will never need to endure an hour-long cardio sessions again!

    6. Weight Loss

    Agility ladder training can be used as a type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which enables you to burn the same amount of calories in a shorter amount of time!  Agility ladder exercises are great for use in short-explosive intervals, be demanding on your body and will certainly enhance your coordination.  Agility ladders are also highly ideal for weight loss since they are low-impact on your joints and tendons. Although they require fast movements, the range of motion is small and there is no painful force created with the ground such as with box jumps or depth jumps.

    7. Inexpensive and Portable

    The agility ladder is portable enough to fit in many bags, and can easily be brought wherever you go. You can find a high-quality agility ladder for less than $20 easily, which is totally great and goes well with your budget, giving you no excuse not to have one.


    Top Ten Exercises with Agility Ladder

    1. Single-Leg Forward Jump between Ladder Spaces

    • Place a cone 40 yards through the ladder.
    • Jump to the ladder on your left foot.
    • Immediately dash to your cone.
    • Backpedal to your ladder.
    • Turn around and hop through the ladder on the right foot.

    2. Lateral Jumps In or Out of Ladder Spaces

    • Place a cone 20 yards through the ladder.
    • Stand alongside the ladder and jump inside and out of each space with both feet together.
    • Immediately follow with lateral sprints into the cone.
    • Jump back to the alternative region of the ladder and jump inside and outside associated with the spaces back into the beginning.
    • Jump and lateral jumps enhance lateral movement regarding the basketball court and football field when moving sideways to defend an opponent. They are great agility movements for runners eluding tackles and sidestepping opponents.

    3. Med Ball Simulated Tire Drill

    • Holding the med ball overhead, high-step forward (driving knees toward waist) through the ladder (as though going through a football tire drill).
    • Turn around and repeat high steps returning to start position.

    4. Horizontal Jumps / Diagonal Sprints

    • Arrange three cones 20 yards apart in a zig zag pattern (20 yards diagonally right, 20 yards diagonally left, and 20 yards diagonally right).
    • Face the ladder in an athletic stance.
    • Explosively jump forward, skipping two ladder spaces.
    • Upon landing, immediately jump forward again, skipping two spaces.
    • Continue horizontal jumps to your end for the ladder.
    • Quickly sprint diagonally right to the initial cone, diagonally left to the second cone and diagonally straight to the 3rd cone.
    • Rest 10 seconds, turn around and diagonally sprint every single cone returning to the ladder and finish with horizontal jumps returning to start position.

    5. Med Ball Single-Leg Lateral Hops

    • Keep the med ball overhead and stand alongside the ladder.
    • Hop with your left foot laterally inside and outside regarding the ladder into the end.
    • Without rest, turn and hop inside and out together with your right foot back again to start position.
    • This might be a great balance exercise that translates to the football field when sidestepping an opponent using one foot or trying to stay static in bounds.

    6. Explosive Push-Ups between Ladder Spaces

    • Assume push-up position with your hands in the 1st ladder space.
    • Lower yourself slowly, then explosively push up along with your hands leaving a floor.
    • Advance along with your hands and feet into the second ladder space and repeat the explosive Push-Up.
    • Continue Explosive Push-Ups to the end of the ladder.
    • This drill combines upper-body power and upper-body muscular endurance for pushing away wrestling, football and hockey opponents along with building chest, shoulder, arm and back muscles.

    7. Forward and Backward Crabwalks in Ladder Spaces

    • Assume a seated position facing the ladder.
    • Bend your knees along with your feet on the floor and employ your arms to elevate your hips.
    • Walk forward with your hands and feet through each ladder space together with your hips continually raised off a floor.
    • Continue steadily to the termination of the ladder, then walk backward in your feet and hands to begin position.
    • Crabwalks build triceps, shoulder and upper-back muscles, strengthen abdominal and lower-body muscles, and boost upper- and lower-body muscular endurance.

    8. Multi-Directional Sprints

    • Arrange three cones 10 yards apart with Cone 1 10 yards diagonally off to the right through the end associated with the ladder, Cone 2 diagonally to the left, and Cone 3 diagonally to your right.
    • Stand alongside the ladder and high-step laterally (knees to waist) with one foot on the ladder additionally the other foot away from the ladder.
    • Sprint diagonally right, then diagonally left, then diagonally right.
    • Backpedal to your ladder and repeat lateral high steps inside/outside the ladder back once again to start position.
    • Lateral high steps and multi-directional sprints are helpful movements, especially in football when avoiding tackles and running over the field to catch a pass.

    9. Med Ball Reverse High Step Simulated Tire Drill/Reverse Sprint

    • Set a cone 40 yards through the end of the ladder.
    • With your returning to the beginning of ladder, support the med ball overhead and perform reverse high steps through the ladder spaces into the end.
    • Immediately follow with a reverse sprint into the cone.
    • Turn and backpedal to the ladder.
    • Repeat high steps through the ladder returning to start position.

    10. Two Vertical Jumps in Each Ladder Space

    • Jump as high as possible 2 times in each ladder space and continue through to the end.
    • It is necessary not to pause between jumps, since momentarily stopping minimizes the explosiveness you wish to develop. Upon landing, immediately jump as high as you can easily for the following jump. Step to the next space and continue the double jumps.