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Agility Dots

Designed to enhance your Quickness and Speed

  • Agility Dots Improve Quickness and Explosiveness
  • Get More Out of Your Speed Workout
  • Agility Dots Are A Great Training Tool For Speed Athletes
  • Agility Dots Are Portable And Can Be Used Anywhere You Want To Do Speed Work
  • Agility Dots Are Fun… They Can Be Used By Anyone To Get A Great Workout

The Benefits of An Agility Dots

In a 2011 study conducted by the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, it has been examined how speed helps incorporates agility training that helps the athletes to improve their abilities in short sprints and some jumping exercises.

Exactly what is Agility Dots and its Benefits?

Agility Dots are mainly flat, nonslip rubberized discs that you lay down on the ground in usually 2-by-3-foot or a 3-by-4-foot patterns. The dots are embedded into the rubber and measure 4 or 5 inches in diameter.

This is a plyometric workout that can help you improve the speed, agility, stamina, and balance your footwork. This practical exercise mostly concentrates on the ankle complex collecting strength and endurance to let fast direction variations and quick balance recovery. Agility Dots really are a training tool that is perfect for any powerful sport such as for example soccer, football, trail running, and baseball. It will also challenge your strength, and can also greatly help your cardio. You may try creating a collection of drills yourself and find your speed.

If you are a speed athlete, you have to have one of these for yourself.  You can buy one from any fitness store or online at an affordable price.  You can enhance the size and spacing associated with the layout of your agility dots as you increase in speed and ability, or if you are taller.

Top 12 Best Agility Dots Reviewed


Best Seller No. 1
Workoutz Multicolored Agility Dots (12 Qty) with Carrying Bag
3 Reviews
Workoutz Multicolored Agility Dots (12 Qty) with Carrying Bag
  • Improve agility, balance, strength, and coordination
  • Includes a set 12 rubber agility dots
  • Multicolored 8.25" dots
  • Ideal for sports agility training
  • Drawstring carrying bag included
SaleBest Seller No. 2
Champion Sports Poly Spot Markers, 10-inch - Set of 6, Multi-Color
163 Reviews
Champion Sports Poly Spot Markers, 10-inch - Set of 6, Multi-Color
  • RIP-RESISTANT MARKERS: Made with long-lasting poly-vinyl, these spot markers provide exceptional durability, and the rip-resistant design ensures the markers can withstand a variety of games and drills on the playground or in Phys. Ed. classes.
  • NON-SKID VINYL: These spot markers are made from non-skid vinyl. They resist sliding across gym floors or pavement when stepped on or run over during activities, making them safe for use during fast-paced games and drills.
  • BRIGHT, VIBRANT COLORS: with 6 round markers in a variety of bright colors, this spot marker set is designed for optimal visibility. They're easy to see during games and drills when training or practicing sports.
  • 10-INCH DIAMETER: Each poly spot marker is clearly visible at 10 inches in diameter, making them useful for a variety of games in gym class or agility drills when practicing soccer, hockey, basketball, and other sports.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: Designed to withstand players running over them, this spot marker set is sure to hold up to indoor or outdoor use in a variety of conditions. The vinyl material of the markers is also easy to clean.
SaleBest Seller No. 3
Spots/Markers,9-Inch (One Dozen)
119 Reviews
Spots/Markers,9-Inch (One Dozen)
  • 9" diameter, soft, flexible, plastic markers
  • Stick to gym floors without shifting
  • Prism pack includes 2 of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow
SaleBest Seller No. 4
World Sport Agility Dot Set - Set of Six Dots with Carry Bag
7 Reviews
World Sport Agility Dot Set - Set of Six Dots with Carry Bag
  • Set of 6 Non-Slip Dots
  • Includes Deluxe Carry Bag
  • 8" Diameter Dots
  • For Quick Reaction and Chnge of Direction Drills
  • Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
SaleBest Seller No. 5
American Educational Products Marker Rounds, 9', Assorted Colors, 2 Sets of 6 (12 Pieces)
47 Reviews
American Educational Products Marker Rounds, 9", Assorted Colors, 2 Sets of 6 (12 Pieces)
  • Excellent for use in school, gym or at home
  • Markers are a versatile and necessary ingredient in creating team sport environments
  • Perfectly appropriate for floor use or playgrounds
  • Toy
  • Gonge - Toys
Best Seller No. 6
Workoutz Agility Dots (12 Qty, Black) with Drawstring Carrying Bag
Workoutz Agility Dots (12 Qty, Black) with Drawstring Carrying Bag
  • Improve agility, balance, strength, and coordination by jumping from dot to dot in your own creative patterns
  • Includes a set 12 agility dots plus drawstring carrying bag
  • Black 8.25" diameter agility dots (all dimensions approximated)
  • WORKOUTZ Agility Dots are made from flexible rubber material
Best Seller No. 7
Playscene 10' Inch Poly Spot Markers, Assorted Colors, (Set of 6)
12 Reviews
Playscene 10" Inch Poly Spot Markers, Assorted Colors, (Set of 6)
  • PRODUCT - Educational Round Poly Vinyl Spot Markers
  • QUANTITY / SIZE - Set of 6 - 10" Inch Diameter
  • COLORS - Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Purple
  • MATERIAL - Strong & Durable Poly Vinyl
  • USES - Great For Sports, Classroom or Party Activity - Will Keep Them Entertained For Hours While Enhancing Creativity and Cognitive Skills
SaleBest Seller No. 8
Eco Walker Flat Cones Spot Markers Soccer Basketball Sports Speed Agility Training (Set of 10) (Yellow)
4 Reviews
Eco Walker Flat Cones Spot Markers Soccer Basketball Sports Speed Agility Training (Set of 10) (Yellow)
  • Non-slip floor markers for sports training and drills.
  • AWESOME VALUE: Pack of 10pcs same color units
  • Size: 6inch diameter (153mm), Thermoplastic Elastomer material, soft and flexible marker disks.
  • AVAILABLE IN 5 COLORS: Red, Orange, White, Blue, Yellow
  • Suitable for use on any surface; Perfect for coaches, trainers and sports teams
Best Seller No. 9
Spectrum 5' Numbered Spot Markers (set of 36)
10 Reviews
Spectrum 5" Numbered Spot Markers (set of 36)
  • Spot number set. Numbered from 1 to 36.
  • Colors may vary
Best Seller No. 10
Power Systems Dot Drill Floor Mat for Foot Speed Training, 48.5 x 36 x 1/2 Inches, Black and White (30700)
1 Reviews
Power Systems Dot Drill Floor Mat for Foot Speed Training, 48.5 x 36 x 1/2 Inches, Black and White (30700)
  • All rubber construction with non-slip surface
  • 48.5 inches long x 36 inches wide x 1/2 inch thick
  • Screen printed dots resist wear
  • Black mat with white dots
  • Position multiple mats in a row to increase the challenge
Best Seller No. 11
QuickPlay PRO Quick-Pick Flat Markers (Multi-Colored)
38 Reviews
QuickPlay PRO Quick-Pick Flat Markers (Multi-Colored)
  • MULTI-COLORED Set of x10 neon non-slip floor markers. Includes x2 of each color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange + Pink. For sports training and drills. 7.5in diameter (190mm) TPE soft and flexible ring marker disks.
  • QUICK-PICK CLEVER CARRY DESIGN - The QUICKPLAY PRO Flat Markers feature a ring design that allows you to carry the markers on your wrist when distributing or picking-up. Easier and more convenient than other flat markers or cones.
  • USE INDOOR & OUTDOORS - Non-marking and ideal for use on any surface.
  • ESSENTIAL COACHING AID - Bright neon color of improved visual acuity. Perfect for mapping out training drills or a playing area.
  • AVAILABLE IN 5 COLORS - ORIGINAL NEON YELLOW and NEW NEON BLUE, ORANGE, PINK + LIME GREEN - Goes great with the QUICKPLAY PRO Speed + Agility Training Set, also available at
SaleBest Seller No. 12
SPRI Agility Exercise Dots (Set of 6)
5 Reviews
SPRI Agility Exercise Dots (Set of 6)
  • 10" non-slip, flexible rubber circles
  • Perfect for quick-foot reaction and change-of-direction drills
  • Sold as a set of 6 in assorted colors
  • Carrying case included

Five Reasons to Use Agility Dots

Doing the exact same monotonous exercise routine can actually supply you with the sense of like being a robot, wherein, it might be time to turn things up. Apply a number of new fun processes to your workouts routine to improve enthusiasm and combat boredom.

A lot of people genuinely believe that “agility training” is merely for professional athletes, however, it is a fresh fun way to shake up your workout, plus one associated with ideal equipment that you may use may be the Agility Dot.

Injury Prevention

Countless injuries happen as soon as the body falls out of placement. Agility training improves balance, control, and versatility, allowing the human body to keep proper posture and alignment during movement. Agility training helps your body learn correct body placement, meaning sensitive areas like the shoulders, lower back, and knees are protected while moving quickly.

The Mind-Body Connection

Agility training helps build pathways when you look at the brain for fast responses to various stimuli. At first, the responsive movements will seem forced, but as you practice, they’re going to be a little more natural.

Improved Balance and Coordination

Ever watched a gymnast on a balance beam? Her movements are dynamic, fluid and perfectly balanced. Agility training encourages the body to produce balance in the middle of the dynamic movement, just like the gymnast on the beam. Practicing quick stops and starts, hand-eye coordination and speed assist the body work as a whole. Once the body is involved in sync, movements become more fluid, for smooth, coordinated transitions.

Improved Recovery Time

Sometimes a rigorous workout can leave you with sore muscles and decreased energy levels the following day. Nevertheless, the bursts of movement in agility training, when practiced over a sustained period of time, help build strength when you look at the musculoskeletal system, which often can shorten recovery time.

Increased Results in Minimal Time

Often agility training drills will also be HIIT (High-Intensity circuit training) exercises, which could produce noticeable results in a minimal period of time. Nonlinear movements, such as side-stepping footwork using an Agility Ladder, or running a slalom course around Agility Cones, engage a greater wide range of muscles than if you decide to simply run in a straight line. Engaging more muscles translates into greater outcomes from your own workout.


Top Three Exercises with Agility Dot

1. Foot Drills

The forward and back drill is a great dot drill, to begin with. Stand together with your left foot from the bottom left dot as well as your right foot in the bottom right dot. Hop forward and land with both feet regarding the middle dot and then hop forward and land with your left foot on the top left dot along with your right foot at the top right dot. Hop backward to your middle and then into the starting two dots and repeat. Now, try the figure-eight drill. Stand with both feet regarding the bottom right dot. Hop across into the bottom left dot and land on it with both feet. Continue to the center dot and then into the upper right, upper left, backward towards the middle and then finally to your bottom right dot to accomplish the pattern. For an even more challenging variation, do the drill standing and hopping on a single leg.

2. Sample Upper-Body Drill

Once you’ve mastered the footwork drills, challenge yourself with advanced upper-body dot drills. To do the forward and back drill, start in a classic push-up position with your hands placed respectively on the bottom left and right dots. Push together with your hands and feet, explode off the floor, move ahead and place your hands on the middle dot. Then, in the same manner, move forward and respectively place your hands on the top left and right dots. Explode again and move back to the middle dot, then to your starting dots and repeat.

3. Technique and Workout Tips

It takes a little while just before can perform the dot patterns adeptly and very quickly. You need to start each pattern at a slow pace, pausing between hops, and also as you receive familiar with them, gradually boost your pace. When performing footwork drills, keep your knees soft and stay from the balls of one’s feet. Perform two or three dot-drill workouts every week and do 4 to 6 patterns each session. Begin with one set of six reps per pattern and work your way up to three sets. Rest for one or two minutes in between the patterns and sets.

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