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We are a company dedicated to excellence.  A Team of Experts in the field of Functional Fitness and Athletic Performance with over 25 years experience.


We decided to build a site dedicated to health and fitness products, to answer a question so many of us ask everyday… What are the best products on the market? Sure, many sites display lists, but we found them to contain out-dated and bad information. 


Our site is different. Every list is refreshed daily. So you can be assured that what you are looking at is the most current and relevant list on the product you are interested in.


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H4LO Expert Team and Content Contributors 

Our website team came to the same conclusion with some alarming discoveries. We learned that almost everything that our clients thought they knew about health, nutrition, and fitness was completely wrong and mostly outdated.

But with the common health decline of the country getting worse, its more important than ever the help reverse the ever-growing obesity and health crisis. We are passionate about sharing the research and practices with everyone that enabled ourselves and our clients to dramatically optimize their life. We want to connect with committed people who want to shed unwanted fat and improve their health in a way that is completely empowering, fun, and lifelong for them. 

 We mostly feel obligated to expose the facts about nutrition, fitness, and health myths so that people are no longer reliant upon deceptive marketing methods, misleading corporate propaganda, and influential special interests that have accelerated the worldwide obesity epidemic and health crisis.

This website is the first step for many people to start their journey.

We want to show people that they can eat well, utilize current but effective supplements, and train effectively and not only get lean, strong, and healthy but have the body of their dreams in the process. 


Market Team

SEO, Content, Passion

Longtime professionals in the marketing and SEO space dedicating their time and knowledge to making this website available to all. Contributing personal stories and inspiration to us all.

Dwayne K, bSC

Fitness Enthusiast and Web Entrepreneur

Longtime fitness enthusiast and multi-platform fitness blogger and developer. Dwayne brings his passion for online marketing and fitness together in the creation and content of this website. He enjoys working out, long walks and is an animal lover at heart.

Mary G, bSC, CSCS, cPT, Nutritionist

Fitness Expert

A leading contributor with over 28 years experience in the health field with degrees in Dietetics and Exercise Physiology. It has been Mary’s Life Passion researching the human body’s potential specializing in functional nutrition and epigenetics. Blogging on multiple platforms, she loves to share current research. Her passions include real estate and being outdoors climbing, hiking and biking.

Mission Statement

To provide the most up to date health and fitness products so that you can feel empowered in your purchase. 

Vision Statement

We recognize that as consumers it’s hard to know what supplements and health products are research-based and effective.  More and more products are introduced into the fitness arena along with supplements flooding the market.

As fitness professionals, we get asked these questions every day:

What are the best top rated supplements and fitness products on the market today?

What’s being used by the professionals so we can see if it works for us?

These products usually come with high amounts of reviews and testimonials.  We feel it’s our job to give you the list of the top products based on these reviews and what’s being sold in the marketplace.

We have done years of experimenting on ourselves with these health and fitness products and want to share our personal experiences with you.  Most importantly we want to share the most up to date information possible.

Strength training and proper nutrition made us better people. It made us stronger & more confident individually and as a team. It made interactions with friends and family better and more enjoyable. It increased the quality of relationships in our lives. It even controlled some pretty severe anxiety & mild depression in some of our team members. Basically, its changed our lives.

And this is why we want to pass this knowledge along to anyone who needs it.

Why listen to us?

For the past 28 years, we’ve been studying nutrition, experimenting with different training techniques and researching fat loss and muscle gain. We’ve helped a woman lose hundreds of pounds of body fat… we’ve helped countless men overcome bedroom issues. Helped teenagers use the barbell to find their way and stop being bullied. Helped many different doctors, teachers, and analysts lose fat, gain muscle and change their lives forever.

We are passionate about helping people get through the fitness maze.

We are here to serve you and make your life better.

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