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AB Exerciser

   Strengthen and Tone Your ABS And Burn Belly Fat

  • Build Your Core Strength
  • A Stronger Core Will Strengthen Your Back And Alleviate Back Pain
  • An Ab Exerciser Will Help You Get Those 6 Pack Abs
  • Amazing results when you incorporate Ab Exercise into your fitness routine


Top 12 Best Ab Exercisers Reviewed

Best Seller No. 3
AILIDA 【New Version 2018】Abdominal Toning Belt,EMS Abs Trainer Fitness Slimming Body Sculptor Muscle Trainer Butterfly ab Belt Gym Massager Pad Abdominal Muscle Exerciser Belts Fat Burner
117 Reviews
AILIDA 【New Version 2018】Abdominal Toning Belt,EMS Abs Trainer Fitness Slimming Body Sculptor Muscle Trainer Butterfly ab Belt Gym Massager Pad Abdominal Muscle Exerciser Belts Fat Burner
  • 【EMS Technology】EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) through current stimulation, directly send signal to muscles, and promote muscle movement. All you have to do is to fit the pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles.The gel pads of adopts high-grade soft PU, so it can give you a Skin-friendly experience and the compactness increases by 50%,the conductivity of the machine increases by 30%.
  • 【Easy to Use】The abdominal muscle toner has 12 high-intensity exercise and you can adjust the intensity according to your own needs.This ab trainers fits with the body curve and does the effective exercise of the various parts such as abdomen, arm. You can do exercise when you are entertaining, working and so on.Moreover, you can exchange machine and stickers easily due to separate design.
  • About 20 minutes(10mins low level, 5mins medium level, 5mins high level). There are 10 high-intensity exercise and 12 levels of intensity optional to help fat burning and muscle growing.It equals to 2000M running, 90 minutes of sit-ups, 90 minutes of free swimming,2 weeks of diet.The exercise apparatus uses USB charging and the exercise intensity of the machine increases by 50% than the similar products.
  • 【Free Warranty】At AILIDA, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 6-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.This muscle toner can help to tone, tighten and strenghten your body muscles, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months.
  • 【Package Includes】Fitness Machine *3 + ABS Gel Pad *1 + Body fit Gel Pad *2 + Remote Control *1 + Storage belt *1 + USB Line *1 + Bottom Plate*2 + English Instruction Manual *1
Best Seller No. 4
Ab Straps by DMoose Fitness - Six Pack Home Gym Exerciser - Double Strap Support and Stitching, Rip-Resistant Fabric, Longer & Thick Arm Padding - Premium Grade Abs Workout Equipment for Men & Women
45 Reviews
Ab Straps by DMoose Fitness - Six Pack Home Gym Exerciser - Double Strap Support and Stitching, Rip-Resistant Fabric, Longer & Thick Arm Padding - Premium Grade Abs Workout Equipment for Men & Women
  • IMPROVED LONG TERM STABILITY - Traditional Ab Sling Straps are short, start ripping and pinching due to heavy body weight, regular Ab Workouts or poor-quality material. However, our double support Abdominal Exercise Straps; through its heavy-duty woven & rip-resistant nylon construction, strong steel carabiners and thickly padded elbow sleeves; guarantees risk-free stability for your six-pack workouts and Leg Lifts.
  • INCREASE STRENGTH & TECHNIQUES - Our Ab Straps are compatible with standard door pull-up bars, chin up bars, or multi-gym systems. Carefully crafted by constant research of DMoose Fitness experts, customer's demand and satisfaction analysis; to deliver maximum workout support, hold your weight and withstand wear and tear.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Our motto is "Give them Quality. That's the best kind of advertising". We want happy & satisfied customers, that's why we're giving you a full refund or replacement for life to ensure premium craftsmanship, although we are always happy to resolve whichever problem occurs.
  • COMFORT FIT: Enhance your Ab Lift, Six Pack Fitness & Crossfit Pullup with our ultimate support Ab Straps; featuring extra-wide solid straps and thick (edge to edge padding) to minimize arm stress and pinching sensation. Enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines at your home gym with comfort-fit DMoose Fitness Ab Workout Straps.
  • QUALITY WITH ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Our Ab Workout Gear has a superior and a contemporary construction with durable tear-resistant coated finish. It's a handy Home Gym Equipment that ensures 100% safety, for you and for the environment. Non-toxic, Lead and PVC free to ensure there are no foul smells.
Best Seller No. 9
Maison-Market USB Rechargeable Abdominal Muscle Trainer EMS Abs Toner Fitness Slimming Body Sculptor Muscle Trainer Butterfly ab Belt Gym Massager Pad Abdominal Muscle Exerciser Belts Fat Burner
Maison-Market USB Rechargeable Abdominal Muscle Trainer EMS Abs Toner Fitness Slimming Body Sculptor Muscle Trainer Butterfly ab Belt Gym Massager Pad Abdominal Muscle Exerciser Belts Fat Burner
  • 【USB Rechargeable】The Abdominal trainer is USB rechargeable. With the built-in lithium battery, it can be charged with USB cable, with power adapter, power bank or your computer, easy to use. You don't need to change the batteries anymore!
  • 【Muscle Toning & Fat Burning】 - This ABS Stimulator, which makes a rhythm and safe impulse on body, can help gaining tighter muscle and achieving perfect figure by consecutive using. Just enjoy this scientific and healthy fitness workout equipment.
  • 【Powerful & Efficient】 - This Muscle Toner is designed for abdominal/arm/leg/hip/waist muscle training with 12-minutes per time. 12 minutes using equal to 1500M running or 30 minutes Swimming. You will see the effectiveness by 2 months consecutive using (2-4 times per day).
  • 【Energy Saving】 - This abdominal muscle toner will be automatically shut-off in 12 seconds without using for it's designed with power self-check function. Only when you stick the gel pads to your body, can the controller start working.
  • 【Flexible & Portable】 - This Ultimate ABS Stimulator provides 6 exercise modes to choose, adopts 10 intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally to relaxation. This ab stimulator can be used anytime and anywhere for it's small enough to be put into briefcase.

AB Exerciser – How To Sculpt Six Pack Abs

1. The Plank

Lay flat on the surface with your legs extended behind you. Raise yourself up onto your toes and forearms and maintain the position with a straight back for as long as possible. Planks work the rectus abdominals (aka the six-pack), and also improve your posture, back strength, and balance.

2. Russian Twists

Position yourself in the sit-up placement. Keep your feet on the ground, plus sit up until your upper body and knees are in the form of a “V. ” Hold your hands in front of you and distort to the side until your hands contact the ground beside you. Distort back to the start position, plus repeat on the other side.

3. Decline Along with Leg Raises

Lay against the decline along with your head on the leg rest. Grasp the handles over your head and lift the feet off the ground. Lift your hip and legs as high as you can (shout in order to my volunteer in the history for showing how versatile people do this exercise) after which return to the starting place with your feet off of the floor. If you don’t have access to a decrease bench, this exercise may also be performed on the floor. This exercise will help you obtain those stubborn bottom two ab muscles to show. Leg increases on the decline bench are great changes to regular lower-leg raises that demand more torso and core strength.

4. Ab Rollouts

Sit on the knees with the ab roller ahead. Grasp the handles of the roller so you are in the kneeling push-up position. Roll your arms out as far as possible whilst retaining your back straight (and without falling on your face. I’ve done it, this hurts). Hold the extended posture for one second and then move back to the starting placement, once again while keeping the back straight.
Roll-outs are among the favorite exercises because they participate all parts of the primary, but especially the upper section of the six-pack.

5. Change Your Diet

Probably the most challenging part of getting a six-pack is cutting out the six-packs you go through on the weekends. It’s true, to have noticeable abs you probably need to modify some things in your diet. It’s not necessary to get rid of all of your favorite snacks and drinks, but you most likely should start saving them with regard to special occasions.

How to Choose the Ideal AB Exercise

There are two main types of abs exercises: static or isometric and dynamic. There are various criteria to take into consideration when selecting among the two types, like your fitness level, if you are a beginner or a professional and your fitness goals. Follow this guideline in choosing the right abs exerciser for you.

Sit Up Benches

Benches are one of the most popular tools for abs training. You can find abdominal bench available in all gym. They are ideal both for beginners and advanced trainers. They help to reinforce the core muscles through enhanced sit up exercise, but a number of other very powerful core moves can be carried out such as leg raises, crunches, etc. The best types of sit-up benches are adjustable meaning we can change the angle from the board. This helps to increase or even reduce the resistance.

Ab Wheels

Ab wheels are simple but extremely effective tools to train your midsection at home. You need to kneel down and move the wheel back and forth on the floor. It appears to be easy but, it requires a strong core.
The best advantage is that it functions your abdominal muscles but also your entire upper body. This sort of movement dampens the abs, and it helps you to develop lower back.
Besides, ab wheels are simple to use, keep, and you can take them everywhere. We can easily choose from wide variety of models from simple ones to more complex ones with unique features. The best is if you spend into a better one considering they are not too more expensive, however, you will be able to perform more sorts of abdominal exercises with it. Since the exercises with this equipment are quite difficult and need a firm core, it is maybe not the best answer for newbies.

Roman Chairs
Training the lower back is vital. Getting strong lower back is critical for just about any kinds of sport. It helps to protect your back from different sorts of injuries and to get thinner hips.
The best equipment to coach your lower back is the Roman chair. It lets you perform hyper extension exercise. It is the perfect for building up lower back muscles, however, they can be also used for abdominal muscle workouts.

Ab Chairs
This is the most secure ways to do abdominal workouts. Because of their structure, the back is protected.
This type of equipment helps to stimulate the crunch by means of a folding mechanism. You may use your abs to raise your legs when you use this. This motion stimulates the lower muscles completely. Since it doesn’t need existing strong core, it is ideal for newbies and those that have lower fitness level.

Ab Gliders  aka  Ab Coasters
Gliders come with a distinctive style that works to stimulate the crunch. Hence, the entire motion is controlled by the equipment. Besides, it trains the shoulders as well as the back.

Ab Rollers
Ab rollers are useful tools to improve the upper part of your abdominal significantly. The best advantage of this device is that it supports the neck. This way it helps to prevent strains and to carry out the movement correctly. Most of the people feel pain in their neck when they do crunches. This is ideal equipment for elderly women or beginners to do abs exercises at home. However, for complete core training, this is not advisable.

Any experienced trainer can tell you the various health benefits you will get if you have a habit of doing regular ab exercises. Sit-ups are one of the most important practices that help the person to avail its numerous benefits including finely toned abs. Here are the following essential benefits that you can get from being regular with the sit-ups are:


  • Fit body
  • Toughen core muscles
  • Improves mental and physical stability
  • Ideal body shape


There are so many advantages that these exercises add to your health cannot be ignored, and as a result, this activity has become an irreplaceable part of the exercising routine of many people.

Have you ever thought about how amazing the results could be if you use one of the best sit up benches? A carefully selected and correctly used sit up bench can drastically improve our body shape and structure.

These lists of some recommended products that are in high demand in the market and are favourites of many people. Invest some of your time in reading our full review, and you will be thankful for the best quality upper and lower abs that you will achieve. The article has been written to help the users with the various types of workout benches present in the market along with helping them to buy the right one for them.

The abs are the fulcrum of your body and typically if you have a strong core or abs, then you will be strong all over. Why don’t we take a look at how having a strong base can translate into real-life performance.

You mean apart from the fact that it can give you the complete Hollywood ‘fit’ look? It plays an important part to stabilize your body and give you better posture.

Enhanced Breathing
A lot of muscles work together to enable us to breathe. When you have a high core, you can breathe better because of increased muscle functioning.

Thinner Waistline
When you gain muscle around your core, you will see reduced fat and a much fitter appearance.

Improved Body Performance
When your core is active, all your movements automatically become much more deliberate and measured. This is a big part of the enhanced athletic performance for people pursuing sports.

Prevents Lower-Back Pain
Our lower back pains usually occur when there is instability in the body due to a weak core. When you do abdominal exercises, chances that you will get lower back injuries are minimized.

Battle Rope

Battle rope exercise is excellent for core and the entire upper body. Battle ropes are often thought of as a tool for your upper body, which they are. However, their benefits don’t end there. Battle rope workouts work the muscles in your abs, back, and glutes, and you can incorporate movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats, that work your legs, too. Battle rope workouts work the muscles in your upper body, abs, back, and glutes, and you can incorporate movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats, that work your legs, too.

Ab Coaster

This is a piece of equipment that works your abs from all angles. It has an ergonomic design and is supportive of padding in all areas. It comes with three increasing resistance levels of seats of which lowest is yellow, then blues then finally red.

Weighted Hula Hoop

Hula-Hoop has never been absent from toy stores. However, using a Hula-Hoop is not just kids’ play any longer. Hula hoop is not the most powerful equipment for abs, but it is a funny way to move more and strengthen the core muscles. The weighted ones are not easy to use for sure. Plus, it is a fun way to train. A growing number of adults are using this fun tool to roll their abs into shape.

Medicine Balls

This medicine ball workout mixes cardio, and resistance moves to help you build strength and blast fat—all while sculpting a tighter torso and flatter abs. Hit your abs from all angles with these stomach sculpting moves. To sculpt your abs and get them rock solid you need to hit it from every single angle. And what better way than to use a medicine ball.


A kettlebell workout can get you total-body toning, increased cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and improved posture and balance—without a big time investment plus you do not need so much time to work your abs, primarily if you use kettlebells. This routine is a good example in which you can learn some unique compound movements as well. One of the main kettlebell benefits is that it’s an effective, efficient workout of cardio and strength training in one.

Pull-Up Bar

The best ab workouts with a pull-up bar do not just strengthen your core muscles, but your grip as well. As your grip gets stronger, you can intensify the abs workouts. How to get a six pack with a pull-up bar is not too hard when you have the right equipment and information. It works out the abs much better than when using a workout mat.

Rowing Machine

Using this ab exercise can strengthen and tone your ab muscles as well as your lower back. Since you have to push yourself back on the platform, your legs have worked. It trains all your leg muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. It even provides a powerful workout for your upper body.

Adjustable Bench

While traditional benches certainly have their place, they only cannot compete with an adjustable weight bench in many aspects that are especially crucial for individual home gym owners. Individually, some of the most significant advantages that adjustable benches have are versatility, mobility, storability, and affordability,

Ab Mat

They are a naturally designed tool that is a piece of covered foam and board with a 30 degree sloping arch in it. This arch is designed for your lower back, so when you perform a sit up over it, it supports your spin through the movement causing you to utilize the full range of motion in your abs. This requires more effort to do, making it a more efficient workout.

Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

It comes with a free fat-burning system. This has a low-calorie plan because the right diet is essential. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from bland and tasteless food items that are guaranteed to cause you to fall off the wagon. There are also some great food recipes here that can help you prepare delicious meals without fattening you up. This is perfectly simple. It will flatten your entire core so you can have killer abs. It will work out your core, obliques as well as you’re lower, middle and upper abs. T’s helps to exercise your abs and not your arms. The handles are there for your wellness and to help you with the first few push-ups. They are not there so that you can pull yourself off with your arms. While the Ab Rocket Twister takes care of the primary requirements (at least for your abs), the meal plan it comes with helps you with dieting.


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