Hit the Gridiron with A Brand New High-Quality Football.   Check out our top 25 picks for best footballs on the market.  

1. MacGregor Junior Football (Prism Pack), Multicolor

  • Durable rubber construction
  • Pebble grain exterior with raised laces for a superior grip
  • Nylon windings and butyl bladder provides added strength and air-retention

2. Mini Sports Balls for Kids Party Favor Toy, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Football, Baseball (12 Pack) Squeeze Foam for Stress, Anxiety Relief, Relaxation. (12 Pack (Footballs))

  • Great for Everyone! - Children and adults will enjoy throwing and squeezing these mini foam sports balls! Great for relieving stress.
  • Makes for a great party favor and for Sports theme parties!
  • Each pack includes 12 balls. Sets available in all Footballs, Baseballs, Soccerballs, Basketballs and also in a Mix Pack. You Choose!
  • Made from foam, each ball measures approximately 2 1/2" diameter.
  • Great entertainment indoors and outdoors. Great theme party prop!

3. NFL Gridiron Junior-Size Youth Football

  • Perfectly sized football to toss around a tailgate while showing off your team colors
  • Team color molded rubber
  • Full-color design with team logos and names

4. Wilson NCAA Official Football

  • NCAA branded composite cover
  • Same pattern as composite game balls
  • Double laces
  • Official NCAA size

5. Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football with Pump and Tee, Brown

  • NFL MVP Junior Football with pump and tee
  • Soft sponge rubber cover
  • Soft waterproof sponge rubber cover for play anywhere
  • Includes pump and football tee

6. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite Junior Football

  • Junior football featuring a tacky touch, deep pebble surface
  • Precision stitched construction
  • Double tuck synthetic laces
  • Extra long air retention bladder
  • Recommended for ages: 9-11

7. Coop Hydro Football - Colors and Styles May Vary

  • 100% waterproof football, great for pool, beach or backyard.
  • Heavy duty stitching, long lasting air-retention bladder and double-tuck laces for an incredible grip in or out of the water.
  • Durable cover can handle multiple surfaces yet soft on impact.
  • Includes one 9. 25" football in either blue, red or grey - color and style you receive will vary.
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up.

8. Under Armour 395 Football, Pee Wee

  • UA GRIPSKIN Technology Ensures Ultimate Tack and Grip
  • Composite Cover Provides Optimal Grip
  • Black Lace and Black Stripe for
  • 1-ply Foam Backing for Soft Feel

9. Wilson NFL Pro Replica Game Football (Official Size)

  • Designed to mimic the Official NFL "The Duke" Game Ball, this ball features the same look with high durability
  • Official size and weight
  • Deeper pebbles and firmer texture for 174% more grip

10. POOF 5.5in. Mini Power Spiral Football

  • Soft foam exterior in bright color combinations.
  • Spiral ridges in the foam make the ball easy to grip and throw.
  • Perfect for a fast paced game or developing catching and throwing skills.
  • Includes a 5. 5in. Foam football in multiple colors.
  • Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.

11. Under Armour 495 Football, Junior

  • UA GRIPSKIN Technology EnsuresUltimate Tack and Grip
  • Composite Cover Provides Optimal Grip
  • Proprietary GRABTACK lace with Micro-Abrasion has 107% More Gripthan Standard Lace; Retains Grip Characteristics Dry or Wet
  • 2-ply Foam Backing for Soft, Pliable Feel
  • Official POP Warner Game Ball

12. Wilson K-2 Pee Wee Composite Leather Game Football

  • SSG / BSN Wilson K2 Pee Wee Football (EA)

13. Wilson Force Junior NFL Football

  • Junior-sized football designed for players between 9 and 12
  • High-quality composite leather construction provides superior grip
  • Cushioned cover is ideal for recreational player
  • Aerodynamic design spirals well in flight
  • Includes Wilson graphic and official NFL logo

14. Wilson TDY Youth Leather Game Football

  • New graphics
  • Youth size
  • for 12-14 year olds
  • Full grain leather
  • Grip stripes

15. Diggin Black Max Football

  • Black Max Football has a patent pending spiral ring to throw tighter spirals and longer throws.
  • Easy to throw and easy to catch.
  • Take it anywhere for hours of active play! Ages 5+.

16. MacGregor Junior Size Multicolor Football, Yellow

  • Durable rubber construction
  • Pebble grain exterior with raised laces for a superior grip
  • Nylon windings and butyl bladder provides added strength and air-retention

17. BSN Sports Fun Gripper Mini Football, 7-Inch

  • Easy To Catch and Grip
  • Great fun indoors and outdoors
  • Soft, non-threatening, bright colored ball
  • Constructed of sting-free nylon with a foam matrix cover

18. MacGregor X2Y Youth Rubber Football

  • Pebble grained exterior
  • Raised molded laces and simulated seams
  • All weather, all surface play

19. NFL Football Team Buildable ERASERS

  • You will receive a complete set of all 32 teams
  • Each erasers is a 5 piece puzzle, these NFL Buildable Erasers measure approximately 2 inches in length and 1 inch in height,
  • Great for party favors, Sports themed parties and collectible souveneirs
  • Official NFL Licensed Product

Football Guide for Beginners

Football is a well-known sport in the USA, it is played by 2 teams composing of 11 players in a rectangular field with goal lines at both ends. They are all after this football, an oval-like inflated ball that is made of cowhide or a rubber.

The offense, or the team that has the ball, tries to advance the ball down the field by running or passing away the ball, while the opposing team strives to cease their advancement and attempts to take a power of the ball.

The particular offense must advance a minimum of 10 yards in 4 downs, or plays, otherwise, they turn over the soccer to the opposing team; when they succeed, they are given a brand new set of four downs.

The thing of the game is for 1 team to outscore another. This is accomplished by improving the football down the industry and scoring as many factors as possible. Scoring can occur by means of a touchdown, an extra stage conversion, a two-point conversion, a field goal or a safety.

The time on the clock for any football game is 60 minutes. The game is split into two halves of 30 minutes and four quarters of 15 minutes. The average period of a football game is usually three hours.

The Football Field
The playing field is 100 yards long with a 10-yard end zone for each team. The field has stripes running the width of the field at 5-yard intervals. There are also shorter lines, called hash marks, marking each single yard interval down the field.

The football field is 160-feet wide.
The area where the end zone meets the playing field is known to as the goal line. The goal line is the end zone, which is the same as saying the 0-yard mark. From there, numbers mark 10-yard intervals rising to the 50-yard line, which points the center of the field.

Right after hitting the 50-yard line, yardage markers drop down every ten yards (40, 30, 20, 10) until they get through to the opposite goal line.

Football consists of two teams playing against each other. Each team is permitted to have eleven men on the field at any given time. More than 11 players on the field result in a penalty. Unlimited substitution is allowed, but players can merely get into the field when the ball is dead and play is halted.

Every team has offense players, defensive players, and specific players, called “special teams. ” If a team gets control of the ball, they are deemed to be on the offense and use their offensive players to try to run with the ball or pass the ball ahead toward the opponent’s end zone. On the other hand, the opposite team, considered to be on defense, will use their defensive players to strive to stop the other team from advancing the ball. If a kicking play is expected, the teams use their special team’s units.

Starting the Game
The game starts when one of the teams kicks off the football to the other. The captains from each team and the referee meet at the middle of the field for a coin toss to find out which side is the kicking team. The winner of the coin toss gets the option of starting the game by kicking the ball to the other team or receiving the kickoff from the other group, mainly figuring out if they wish to be offense first or defense.

The receiving team should catch the ball and attempt to advance the ball towards the opposite end of the particular field to the other team’s finish zone. The play, or down, ends when the ball goes down to the ground or maybe the ball goes out of range. The place where the ball goes down turns into the line of scrimmage, and it is where the ball is positioned for the start of the next play. The offense is given 4 attempts, or downs, to get 10 yards or more. On achieving 10 yards, the particular offense is awarded 4 more attempts to achieve ten or more yards and play proceeds like that until the offense scores or the defense regains possession of the ball.

Ways of Scoring
The major goal for the offense is to score a touchdown. To score a touchdown, a player must bring the ball throughout the opposition’s goal line or catch a pass in the end zone.

Once the ball passes across the plane of the goal line while it is in a player’s possession, it is scored a touchdown. A touchdown is worth six points. The team that made a touchdown is given the bonus of attempting to add one or two more points. These are known as extra-point conversion attempts.

If a team chooses to go for 2 extra points, they will fall into line at the two-yard line create one attempt at possibly running or passing the ball into the end zone. If the team makes it, the team is awarded 2 points. If the team will not make it, then no additional points are given. The team can also opt to go for only one additional point by kicking the ball through the goal posts from the fifteen-yard line.

Field goals are one way for a team to score points in the game. A field goal is worth three points. A team in a fourth-down situation might choose to try a field goal, which means the team thinks that the special teams’ kicker is at a secure range of kicking the ball between the straight bars of the goal post within the opponent’s end zone. The team can also pick up 2 points by dealing with the opponent possessing the ball in the opponent’s end zone. This is called a safety.


Top 25 Best Footballs Reviewed

How to Choose The Best Football 

Soccer equipment comes quite a good way from the beginning when players donned very small padding plus injuries, even demise, had been a typical incident. Nowadays, the equipment permits the game to become played to its complete, intense potential by significantly reducing the risk of serious injuries. Modern football equipment is also fairly light, enabling the player to move at ease, while furthermore providing the essential protection. The following is our guideline to all of the important gear you will need on the football field.

The Ball

Numerous corporations manufacture both leather-based and synthetic leather footballs made for players of various age groups. These range from foam footballs for under 6s, two balls for junior and junior football, throughout to collegiate and recognized professional footballs. If you desire to your child to grow to be a good all-star quarterback you ought to purchase a smaller training football so that they can correctly improve their throwing method.

The Helmet

The headgear is made up of a hard plastic best with thick padding (usually changeable) on the inside, a face mask made of various metal bars, and a chinstrap to secure it. Some players include visors to their helmets to shield their eyes from sunlight and effect. Helmets are needed at all levels of the game, aside from non-tackle styles such as contact or flag football.

The jersey will be extra-large to fit the padding which usually goes beneath it, while the pants or leggings will be of the stretch material so that any extra padding can be fitted beneath them or slipped within special slots in the trousers which are meant to hold the padding, such as that on the upper thighs and knees.

Shoulder Padding
Shoulder pads are the biggest form of padding worn by players. Most modern shoulder pads comprise of an impact absorbing foam material with a hard plastic material piece on top of the foam. Choose the suitable shoulder pads for your size and placement. For example, quarterbacks, place kickers, and punters normally make use of lightweight shoulder pads that will stay in place and do not affect the line of sight or even head motion while other players may go weightier pads which remain in location after taking a big strike.

Another armor is attainable to guard other areas of the body. These consist of collar pads and neck rolls to protect the collarbone; rib vests and rib protectors to maintain your rib cage and lungs out of harm’s method; forearm pads to protect the arms and hands when obstructing and tackling; padded gloves to give fingers even more protection; hip pads and tailbone pads to protect hips and tailbone; and thigh pads and knee pads which can be slid in to the pockets of football pants.

Mouth Guard
The mouth guard is the important equipment that fits into the mouth area over one or both arches of teeth to shield against injuries during contact. These can be made-to-measure by a dental professional or you can purchase ones that you could warm up and then fit and mold to your own teeth.

Jock strap and Groin Guard
Players have on a good undergarment which is needed to support the protective box which is donned by players to protect their groin area should they be susceptible to a strike exactly where they would rather not have been.

Many games are usually played on artificial grass and proper shoes must be worn to guarantee a good hold on the surface. These would usually be ones composed of little-molded rubber cleats or even studs, while footwear along with detachable cleats would frequently be worn in situations such as playing on the lawn. The footwear will usually possibly be made of leather which is sturdy and flexible in comparison to inexpensive synthetic cleats that are a good option for kids who will outgrow their footwear regularly.