Baseball is a favorite sport for many especially in the United States, as it is an easy game to play with simple rules and needs just an open space for playing.

Similarly, the equipment for baseball needs minimal investment. So it is no wonder the game is played in every school, town, city, etc. in the US.

Here are a few important equipment types for baseball you should know to get you started on the game. These are basic regardless of whether you play as part of a team or casually in your backyard.

  1. Glove

This is an essential part of baseball. You can find numerous varieties of baseball gloves that differ in their design, color, size, material and purpose.

Mitt is a glove that is larger than the conventional baseball glove. It is designed to catch fast sailing balls that the pitchers throw.

Based on the size, the gloves are of two types namely youth and adult sized baseball gloves. The former is of low quality material and smaller in size. Since these are not long lasting and need to be replaced often, the price is cheaper when compared the adult gloves.

Glove quality is dependent on the material it is made of. Leather gloves are the most preferred as they do not wear easily. Whatever design or quality you go for make sure you try the gloves on to check for their fitness and convenience.

  1. Bat

Baseball cannot be played without the baseball bat. Baseball bats are of different types just like the gloves. The models for younger players are lighter and have smaller barrels while adult bats are heavy and also come with big barrels.

While buying, make sure you buy a bat that is big enough for you to handle comfortably. The bat is made of different types of materials. You can choose from aluminum, wood and bats made of other metals too.

  1. Baseballs

Baseball is another crucial gear for playing. A majority of the baseballs used by pros and casual players have a covering of leather present over rubberized core wrapped using densely wound yarn. Some balls have plastic covering for use during wet weather conditions.

  1. Helmet

A helmet is necessary for safety while hitting a pitched ball. Helmets are made of sturdy plastic with soft padding inside for comfort.

  1. Protective gear for catchers

Chest pad, leg guards and helmet are must for a catcher. The gear is of different sizes so you can choose the equipment that suits you best.

  1. Baseball hat

Although the hat is necessary to shield from the bright sunlight, it is mostly worn to show off the team logo and in general to look cool. Every player will wear a hat during the game and even off it.

There are plenty of other gear that you need for baseball including cleats, protective cup (for men), pants and more. With the right equipment, you can play the game safely and in comfort and enjoy it fully.