All types of athletes ranging from football to hockey base their physical exercise on improving the muscle of their core by using compound activities. But what do you do to get ripped abs? It is no surprise that abs get a workout even when you are not exercising. This is because they are part of the core muscles that are involved in every movement of the body. But here are some exercises dedicated to building great abs:

Arms-High Partial Sit-up

Lie down and bend your knees to 90°. Raise your hands straight up over your head and point them upwards throughout the duration of the exercise. Sit up halfway and return to the floor. This is a single rep; you can continue as much as you can in a single set.

Barbell Rollout

Take a barbell and load it with ten-pound plates; kneel on the floor at the back of it. Your shoulders need to be over the bar. Then, brace your abs and roll the bar forward. Once you begin to feel that your hips are sagging, roll yourself back to the original position. Continue till you feel a sharp pain on your thigh.

Ab Wheel Rollout

Kneel on the floor and hold an ab wheel beneath your shoulders. Then brace your abs and keep rolling front till you feel your hips might sag and about to lose your core’s tension. Roll back and repeat. Try to do as many reps as you can and end the set when you feel you might break your form.

Horizontal Cable Woodchop

You will need to make use of an adjustable cable pulley and set it to shoulder level; hold the handle with both hands and set your feet apart. Your body should be at 90° to the anchor point and far away from the machine, with extended arms. This will bring tension to the cable. Twist away from the machine in an action like chopping a tree. Make sure that your feet remain stationary.

Swiss Ball Crunch

Take a Swiss ball and lie back on the floor with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Make sure that your lower back is supported by the ball. Tuck your chin and place your hands behind your ears. Then curl your body up off the floor till you regain the sitting position again.

You need to look beyond deadlifts if you want to work on your abs. Plank holds and press-ups can beat even the heaviest deadlifts for core activation. It is also a common myth that abs need to be worked upon every day; in reality, two or three abs workout is optimal for most people.

Doing a hundred situps is not going to do anything for your back and abs, but it does not mean that you should ditch spinal flexion totally. If flexibility is important, you can opt for a wide range of crunches and curl-up exercises. However, if you are looking for maximum muscular development, than crunches and the above-stated exercises will help you realize your goal efficiently.