If you want to learn some amazing aerobic step workouts, then look no further as we are here to inform you about them. We can teach you some awesome aerobic exercises with step for both beginner and advanced levels. These aerobic step workouts are for both men and women.

Benefits of aerobic step workouts

Even though you might have heard that aerobic step exercises are only for women, they can equally benefit men. Step aerobics is not only about how quickly you can run up and down from a specific height. But, it also helps in managing your weight, toning muscles, and burning up to 10 calories per minute.

When you do step aerobics regularly, you can enhance your muscular as well as cardiovascular endurance. Using both lower as well as upper body movements together enhances your agility and coordination. Moreover, the constant push up onto the step increases leg strength.

With weights and an adjustable step, you can augment the strength of your workouts. Thus, the only obstacle between you and aerobic step exercises is buying the much-needed gear, that is, the aerobic step. You can buy one and get started with aerobic step exercises today!

Just make sure that you put forward a sturdy step with plenty of foot space in order to save yourself from falling off the step while you exercise. Moreover, ensure that you wear a well-fitted and comfortable pair of shoes so that you don’t slip while making fast movements.


Top 4 aerobic step workouts

Let us take a look at the four aerobic step routines you can follow:

  1. Burning fat from the legs – 12 minutes

This is a convenient, great, and short workout for your legs. It’s a mixture of plyo and cardio, including lots of jump squats, squats, side squats, and lunge movements. These movements place a high demand on your hamstrings, glutes, and quads. It’s a great cross-training workout for runners since it increases your running speed and adds more power to your legs.

  1. Every day quick calorie burn – 20 minutes

This intense and no-fuss aerobic step workout comprises a lot of activities within 20 minutes. This flexible workout is great when you’re trapped for a long time. Plus, it’s comparatively simple for beginners since they can perform it as per their own speed.

  1. HIIT and weights – 30 minutes

This complete internal aerobic step workout aids in both strength as well as cardio training with the help of weights. The workout begins with cardio of eight minutes in order to pump up the flow of blood prior to following the four HIIT routines using weights. Make sure you properly warm up and cool down after you take this workout.

  1. Strength and cardio – 40 minutes

This workout is of 40 minutes as mentioned above. It’s a mixture of strength and cardio exercises for both the lower as well as the upper body. It comprises two distinct sets of 10 minutes, each of which are repeated two times. This is equal to a 4 x 10-minute aerobic step workout. Every set ends with a short break.


So, these are some of the amazing aerobic workouts with an aerobic step that you can incorporate in your workout regime. No matter if you’re a woman or a man, you can use these aerobic step workouts for their various benefits.