Balance is a critical part of our daily life.  It is a skill that can diminish as we get older if we don’t practice and do balance exercise.  Many people, especially older adults, remain sedentary and develop balance problems because they don’t exercise their muscles and move frequently.  Over time these imbalances can cause health issues and injuries.  The body needs exercise to function optimally.  It gets the heart rate going, the blood pumping, and the movement in our joints and tendons keeps them healthy and strong.  Injuries occur when we have imbalances and fall, especially for our older adult population.

This is why balance training is a such a crucial part of a good functional fitness program.  Balance training is also an important part of physical therapy and pre-hab ( Injury prevention by strengthening muscles due to instability or imbalances)

Three great ideas of how to put your Balance Pad to work

 To Add Balance Challenges To Your Exercise

This is the traditional use, which is to use your Balance Pad to perform your functional fitness training program.  Your balance pad will provide instability and imbalances while doing all your favorite exercises, which will put those stabilizer muscles to work.  You will feel a better balance, a stronger body, and an overall better feeling about the way you feel.  The exercise choices are many with your balance pad.  For those of you that love to do a home workout, a balance pad is an excellent choice for an inexpensive and convenient piece of equipment.  Practically anything you do for exercise at home, you can make just a little more difficult by adding a balance pad into the equation.  So, for you next workout, grab that balance pad and really get those muscles feeling like they are working a bit harder because of the imbalance underneath you.

Add Cushion During Yoga Exercise, Stretching, And Even Watching Movies

Yoga poses that require sitting or kneeling are much more comfortable on your bottom and your knees when you use your balance pad as a cushion. You can also use your balance pad during many of your favorite abdominal exercises to keep your bottom more comfortable.  I love to use my balance pad while sitting on the floor watching movies.  I find this to be a splendid time to relax and get a nice stretch.  And with the balance pad under my butt, I am much more comfortable.  I cannot forget this very important use of my balance pad.  While I am sitting on the floor with my dog, my balance pad makes an excellent cushion to sit while watching my favorite movies.

Add Cushioned Balance And Core Work While Sitting At My Work Station

I like to put my balance pad on my work chair while sitting at my desk.  I find this alleviates back soreness and stiffness.  Sitting on the balance pad creates some instability also, which in turn will help you strengthen those core muscles.

There are three primary reasons people use a Balance Pad

The first is the most common use.  Most people use their balance pad for stability training, functional fitness training and balance exercise which helps improve coordination and motor skills.  Athletes use the balance pad for additional challenges with functional sports training, such as split squats, single leg kettle bell dead lifts, kettle bell snatches or cleans, box jumps, and the list goes on and on.  Functional training for athletes has proven to be so much more effective with unilateral because of the instability and imbalances created, which really puts the focus on the individual muscle being worked and the surrounding stabilizer or secondary muscles.

The second is for Yoga training and stretching.  Standing poses and arm balance poses become way more challenging than standing on a hard flat surface.  The imbalances created by your balance pad will certainly test you in your Yoga training.  You will feel those little muscles in your feet and lower legs really work to stabilize your body and keep yourself very still during Yoga.  This will bring your fitness to a whole other level and improve the quality of your everyday life.  I find that as I stand or walk for long periods of time, my stamina to do both has increased substantially.  Your balance pad will also serve you as a nice cushion to rest your knees on while stretching your quadriceps, or to soften your seat and elevate your body just a little while sitting down stretching hamstrings.

The third is certainly one of the most important uses of a balance pad, and that is physical therapy rehabilitation.  By creating imbalances in a controlled setting, a patient can strengthen injured muscles and tendons much faster by doing rehab exercise using a balance pad.  Doctors and Physical Therapists each day implement the use of a balance pad into their prescriptive rehab.

Balance pads are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own.  It is also the most versatile.  Keep it with you no matter where you exercise, at home, the gym or the park.

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