Amazing Grass Green Superfoods – Wheat Grass – Spirulina

Greens Supplements are veggies, fruits, algae’s and/or grasses that have been compacted and distilled into powdered form.

They typically contain an assortment of nutrient-rich foods that may include:

  • Barley Grass
  • Wheat Grass
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Alfalfa
  • Herbs
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Fruits

Greens or Super Food Supplements: What are they?

Greens supplements are one of the fastest-growing supplement categories on the market. Everyone would like a days worth of fruits and vegetables in a convenient pill or powder.

Greens supplements allow you to consume a concentrated version of many fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a single serving.


The Best Greens Supplements – Wheat Grass


1. Athletic Greens Premium Green Superfood Cocktail

Athletic Greens is for people willing to invest in their bodies the same way they invest in the rest of their life. Good health and feeling great is not an expense. It is an expense when your body does not perform optimally or you have a feeling of tiredness and lethargy every day.

Athletic Greens are derived from carefully selected plants, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms. Feel amazing improvements in acuity, mood, energy and overall wellness!

Athletic Greens is the most nutrient dense, gut-health-improving, best-tasting greens supplement on the market. And when you consider that the Athletic Greens formula provides three times better absorption of nutrients than other greens formulas, replacing your current supplement regimen with ONE comprehensive whole food supplement makes even more sense.

2. Greens First Nutrient Rich-Antioxidant SuperFood

  • Nourish, re-balance & rejuvenate your body and your health with a daily serving of the nutritional goodness in Greens First!
  • Only 40 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Mixes easily without a blender!
  • 100% Natural – Whole Food, Plant Based Ingredients. Sweetened with Stevia (No Calories, Low Glycemic). Vegetarian & Vegan. Easy to Digest
  • Non-GMO No MSG or Yeast No Corn, Rye or Wheat No Soy Protein
  • No Dairy, Eggs or Animal By-products No Artificial Ingredients, Sweeteners or Preservatives Rich in Alkaline Nutrients to Support Balanced pH Levels

3. Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance, Plant-Based Daily Superfood

GREEN SUPERFOOD: Contains over 70 ingredients, and 25 billion probiotics, enzymes, fruits & vegetables, liver support, vitamins, trace minerals, skeletal support, and adaptogens. This is the green food that started the category in 1992.
THE MISSING LINK: Modern foods provide fewer micro-nutrients, and we’re often living much more sedentary lives than our Paleolithic ancestors. Green Vibrance helps fill in gaps in our nutrition and health due to our modern lives and food system. ACHIEVE PEAK
HEALTH: Green Vibrance addresses the four foundations of health – Digestion, Immunity, Nutrition, and Circulation. Find your healthy balance through this comprehensive formula. EASY NUTRITION: It’s a challenge to integrate the nutrition we need to feel our best into our busy day to day. Green Vibrance is a one-stop solution, simple to drink added to your beverage of choice. Add it to your smoothie and take your greens to go. TRUTH, TRUST, AND TRANSPARENCY: You will find no misleading proprietary blends with Vibrant Health. We fully disclose each ingredient by dose in every product we manufacture.

4. Orgain Organic Superfoods

  • Ideal for healthy, on-the-go nourishment for busy professionals, moms, athletes, and students.
  • 50 Superfoods per Scoop, 5 Billion Probiotics, 7g Organic Fiber.
  • Enjoy by simply mixing into water, juice or your favorite smoothie recipe.
  • USDA Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free

5. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Original

A popular blend thoughtfully combines our alkalizing farm fresh greens and wholesome fruits and veggies with nutrient-rich superfoods for a delicious way to feel amazing every day.

At Amazing Grass, our roots run deep…Back to our family farm in Kansas, where for over 3 generations Amazing Grass has organically grown & harvested the most nutrient-dense greens on earth.

Thoughtfully crafted greens with the highest quality, plant-based ingredients curated from like-minded farmers from around the world.

Amazing Grass products are a delicious way to nourish your body with the whole food nutrition it needs to feel amazing every day.

6. ALOHA Daily Good Greens Food Powder

  • 14 essential supreme quality organic & wild harvested ingredients
  • Over 100 nutrients, 2 servings of fruits & veggies per pouch
  • Low sugar with 200% DV vitamin D and only 35 calories per pouch
  • Mix daily into any smoothie, recipe or enjoy as an in-between meal drink
  • USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO​ Gluten-Free ​Dairy-Free​ Soy-Free ​Vegan

7. Berry Green Superfood Powder with Organic Greens & Organic Fruits

  • THIS COMPLETE GREEN SUPERFOOD powder is the ultimate nutrition for anyone who appreciates an effective all natural, organic supplement. Stir one scoop of green superfood powder into a glass of water, or your favorite beverage mix, for a quick pick-me-up and healthy vitamin blast for your system.
  • 8.5oz CONTAINER WITH 30 SERVINGS is enough to vastly improve your nutrition for an entire month. This special formula is packed with natural Goji, Acai, and Raspberry. Berry Green Food is the “very berry” great tasting way to make sure you have the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS, PROBIOTICS, VITAMINS, MINERALS. This vegan, non-gmo and gluten free supplement is filled with organic whole leaf greens, fruits, berries, and vegetables. Supports body alkalinity and energy.
  • SWEETENED WITH NATURAL MONK FRUIT EXTRACT. This is the new natural sweetener professional nutritionists are now recommending. Far better for you and better tasting than other sweeteners. No sugar added. Has a delightful and delicious fresh berry flavor.

8. Naturo Sciences Natural Greens – Complete Raw Whole Green Food Nutrition

  • Natural Greens Food all natural raw powder derived from the healthiest, most important whole foods.
  • The super-antioxidant blend contains acai berry, goji berry, carrot, beet, raspberry, rose hips, pineapple, green tea and acerola cherry for a huge supply of the most important antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, Vitamin C, folic acid, B-12 and many others.
  • Carefully created food blend made from wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli – all of the most important super greens for nutrients, fiber and detoxification.
  • EFA fiber blend made from highest-quality flax seed powder and apple pectin fiber for optimal digestion and detox/cleansing of the digestive system.
  • Digestive enzyme and Prebiotic / probiotic blend provide maximum live cultures of lactobacillus, acidophilus, protease, amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulase and fructo-oligosaccharide (from chicory root) to restore the essential balance of good bacteria and boost the immune system.

9. Country Farms Super Green Drink Mix

  • Organic Super Greens Powder
  • Organic
  • Super Food
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Super Green Drink
  • Weight Management

10. AMRAP Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder

  • FORMULATED FOR MAXIMUM NOURISHMENT: Each 10g scoop of AMRAP Nutrition Supergreens micronized powder contains a carefully formulated blend of 11 flash-dried super green juices, including wheatgrass, chlorella, and spirulina.
  • ALKALIZING BLEND: Specially designed for high-protein diets, this all-natural organic super greens supplement is rich in micronutrients, flavonoids, and phytonutrients to increase energy, restore PH balance, help synthesize proteins, and strengthen the immune system.
  • PURE & POWERFUL: AMRAP Nutrition Supergreens powder is non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no fillers, flavors, colors or sweeteners. Perfect for men and women, it aids in detoxification, allowing you to feel and perform at your best.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED: All AMRAP Nutrition products are independently third-party tested for purity, safety, and nutritional value. Documentation is available on AMRAP Nutrition’s website.

7 Benefits of Greens Supplements

Greens Superfood supplements are veggies, fruits, algae’s and/or grasses that have been compacted and distilled into a powdered form. They are also referred to as Amazing Grass Green Superfoods.

They typically contain a variety of nutrient-rich foods such as barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, herbs, vegetables, legumes, and fruits.

Greens and Superfood supplements can replace servings of fruits and vegetables, and contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients.

People classify green superfoods as healthy and nutritious greens such as barley grass and wheat grass. Green algae, like chlorella and spirulina, are also considered green superfoods.

There are others of course, but these are the most popular and well-known.

These are very healthy and nutritious forms of whole foods. Because they are a whole food and not an isolated substance such as a vitamin extracted from a plant, they are easily assimilated by your body.

All of the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and nutrition contained in these plants are in a form that your body can easily break down and utilize.

The nutrition easily assimilated in these plants makes them worth consuming for just this reason alone. But besides their nutritional value, they also offer other health benefits as well.

Young Barley Grass

Contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for adequate daily nutrition. It is high in vitamin B12, and contains quite a bit more vitamin C than that of oranges, and has much more iron than that of spinach, and ten times the calcium of milk.

Spirulina / Chlorella

These are 2 different types of algae, high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Spirulina is also a wonderful source of vitamin E, beta-carotene, and glycogen, a biologically active compound that generates quick energy.

Royal Jelly

Is produced by working honeybees as food for potential queen bees. Royal jelly contains acetylcholine, amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, and small amounts of testosterone. It can boost the metabolism of fats and supports good adrenal and immune health.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains oligosaccharides, which are carbohydrates that fight harmful bacteria like E. coli, Bordetella pertussis, and H. pylori. Oligosaccharides will also help stabilize blood sugar and triglyceride levels.

Green Tea

EGCG is a potent polyphenol in green tea that boosts healthy amounts of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that can boost energy and reduce inflammation in the brain.

Digestive Enzymes

These compounds help break down food for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes in Greens include protease for the breakdown of proteins, amylase for the digestion of carbohydrates, cellulose for the breakdown of fiber, and lipase for digestion of fats.

Alkalizing Properties

An overly acidic environment promotes inflammation in the body and weakens the nervous system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system, and the skeletal system. Too much acid also affects the skin and immune health.

A quality green supplement powder is made organically and contains no animal products, dairy, eggs, garlic, wheat, yeast, alcohol, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.