Ghee (Organic Grass Fed)

What is Ghee?

Ghee is clarified butter, simmered longer to bring out the butter’s natural nutty flavor. Usually produced from buffalo or cow’s milk it can be made from coconut as well. In the process, water is evaporated off and the milk fats are removed, giving it a higher smoke point (which means that it can be heated to a higher temperature before it starts to smoke). Ghee is both beneficial inside and outside of the body. This multi-use fat can be used on burns and rashes as well as a great massage oil and moisturizer. Ghee can be used to help ingest herbs and healing treatments in Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee is very soothing to the skin. nutritionally rich like coconut oil and overall beneficial in mental clarity and physical health.


The Best Grass Fed Organic Ghee Reviewed




1.  Ancient Organics 100% Organic Ghee from Grass-fed Cows



  • Rated #1 Nationwide for premium quality and taste! Try for yourself and see why.
  • 100% Organic USDA & certified Kosher
  • Excellent source of MCT’s for balanced health. Popular choice of Health and Fitness Professionals (Paleo / Crossfit / Ayurveda / Nutritionist / Chiropractor / Naturopath)
  • The sweet grasses of our Northern California coastal pasture produce a unique & delicious flavor.
  • Made with Butter from Grass-fed and Pasture raised cows—free of antibiotics & growth hormones.

2.   4th & Heart Vanilla Bean Grass-Fed Ghee Butter



  • 100% grass fed from pasture-raised and hormone-free cows, no antibiotics. Tested dairy free, lactose-free
  • Spreadable at room temperature, no refrigeration required
  • Great addition to any diet – Paleo, Gluten Free, Ayurvedic, Whole 30, FODMAP
  • Pure Madagascar vanilla bean is infused into the ghee, leaving a subtle, sweet taste and aroma. Perfect for butter coffee, smoothies, desserts, and more!
  • Replace your current butter, olive oil, coconut oil or other cooking oil 1:1 with ghee

3.   Himalayan Pink Salt Grass-Fed Ghee Butter by 4th & Heart



  • 100% grass fed from pasture-raised and hormone-free cows, no antibiotics. Tested dairy free, lactose free, casein free
  • Spreadable at room temperature, no refrigeration required
  • Great addition to any diet – Paleo, Gluten Free, Ayurvedic, Whole 30, FODMAPLight and creamy whipped texture with just the right amount of fine-ground, mineral rich Himalayan Salt Pink Salt
  • Replace your current butter, olive oil, coconut oil or other cooking oil 1:1 with ghee

4.   Coffee Booster – Top Quality Blend of Grass-fed Ghee, Coconut Oil, and Cacao



  • Top quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Popular with Crossfitters, Paleo & Ketogenic dieters, and Pro Gamers
  • Carb-free
  • No refrigeration necessary

5.   Bulletproof – Grass-Fed Ghee, Quality Fat from Pasture-Raised Cows



  • 100% GRASS-FED, CLARIFIED BUTTERFAT: Bulletproof Ghee is thoughtfully produced in the traditional Ayurvedic method by slowly heating grass-fed butter over an open flame, carefully removing the moisture and milk solids resulting in pure, clarified butterfat that preserves only the best parts of butter. This process removes nearly all casein and lactose.
  • ALL-NATURAL, QUALITY FAT WITH NO UNWANTED EXTRAS: Grass-fed Ghee is made from the milk of grass-fed, pasture-grazing cows. It is sugar-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. There are no colors, dyes, flavor enhancers, or preservatives added. Just 100% pure butterfat from grass-fed cows.
  • IDEAL FOR COOKING APPLICATIONS: Grass-fed Ghee’s high smoke point of 485°F makes it great for most cooking applications. This means your ghee-cooked foods, like roasted veggies, will not have oxidative damage that other, less stable cooking fats might. Cook, roast, bake, spread, drizzle, sauté, rub, glaze, brush … the uses are endless!
  • THE BULLETPROOF MISSION: Our mission is to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals. Our supplements, foods, and technologies are the purest you can get, and you can expect to feel a difference in how you perform the first time you experience them.
  • VIBRANT, DELICIOUS BUTTERY TASTE: Bulletproof Ghee features a natural rich and buttery flavor that enhances a wide variety of foods and beverages. As versatile as it is delicious, try it drizzled over any food to upgrade your meal and power your day.

6.    Grass Fed Organic Ghee Clarified Butter 



  • BEST QUALITY – Ghee is recommended by alternative doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, and Ayurveda health professionals because it does not contain any gluten or sugar and can help with digestion. It is rich in vitamins (A, E, and K), phenolic antioxidants, and omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids. It is made from organic unsalted butter with nothing else added for the highest possible purity and packaged in glass jars that are 100% free of BPA and toxic leaching chemicals.
  • MADE IN USA – Made from non-homogenized organic milk sourced from sustainable American family farms. Excellent source of MCT for balanced health. This ghee is NOT imported from India.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – When you order today, your Ghee is shipped quickly and backed by the Amazon A-Z Guarantee. Our only goal is your 100% satisfaction and we honor it with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Buy with 100% confidence.
  • rBGH and rBST HORMONE FREE – Made with organic butter from grass-fed and pasture raised cows, grazing on certified organic grass fields. Free of antibiotics & growth hormones, which produces a pure ghee.This is healthy for you, so eat good fat! Our ghee is good tasting and good for you. An unparalleled gourmet taste. Also known as paleo butter. Perfect for Bulletproof Coffee and Paleo diets!
  • ARTISANAL PROCESS – Like other brands of ghee, this grass-fed organic ghee is made in small batches using a ghee pot, or ghee container, cooked over a low flame for several hours. The taste is truly incredible! Note: this is not a cultured ghee. Use in cooking, sauteing, baking, and smoothies. Goes great with coconut amino’s and/or coconut oil.

7.     Viva Naturals Organic Ghee 8 oz – from 100% Grass-Fed Cows



  • Grassfed & Certified Organic – Our cows are grass-fed all year round on American pastures and never grain-fed, satisfying Paleo, gluten-free and organic diets.
  • Ayurvedic “Liquid Gold” – Used in ancient India for thousands of years, ghee was used as a miracle food to heal the mind, body and spirit. Now satisfying palates worldwide, ghee offers a caramelized, nutty flavor that everyday butter simply can’t!
  • Made with Sweet Cream Butter – Cultured ghee leaves a gritty, sour aftertaste whereas our sweet cream is just as it sounds- sweet and creamy. Instantly taste and feel the difference with our silky smooth mouthfeel and buttery flavor.
  • Lactose and Casein Free – Using a traditional method of ghee preparation, milk solids are evaporated for effortless digestion. The end result is a golden oil that’s extremely shelf and heat stable, so it’s perfect for cooking and frying!
  • Source of Vitamins A, K & E – Not only a pantry staple, ghee is loaded with good-for-you fat-soluble vitamins that support digestion, vision, joint function…just to name a few!

8.     Grass Fed ORGANIC CERTIFIED Ghee Clarified Cultured Butter



  • ORGANIC AND HEALTHY – Ghee is a central component of Ayurveda, an Indian holistic healing system that dates back thousands of years. This epic Ayurvedic food is packed with MCTs, vitamins A, D, E, and K, Omega 3 and 9 (essential fatty acids), butyric acid, phenolic antioxidants, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The casein, lactose, and protein solids are removed by the heating process, resulting in an easily-digestible product that is perfect for primal diets like paleo or Whole30.
  • ZERO CARB AND SUGAR-FREE – Contains no gluten, GMOs, sugar, salt, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors. Since this cow ghee, sometimes called desi ghee, is a sugar-free and carb-free product, it is great for people following a ketogenic or keto diet or similar low carb diets. Supercharge your brain and body by using it in recipes along with collagen, bone broth, or XCT oil. Ghee can be used as a replacement for organic grass fed butter or any cooking oil (coconut, olive, canola, etc.)
  • HANDCRAFTED IN AMERICA – Ghee is created by melting down cultured butter until only butterfat remains. The result is a unique, highly-nutritious oil with a high smoke point and great taste that is ideal for frying or baking (instead of shortening) or as a substitute for less healthy cooking oils. Our ghee butter is artisan made in small batches and slowly heated at a low temperature following the ancient method that preserves health benefits and locks in earthy freshness.
  • PASTURE RAISED – Why don’t we call it 100% grass-fed? Any dairy cow in the USA that primarily eats grasses must have its diet supplemented to consistently produce milk. Although our Northern California Jersey cows are pastured year-round and overwhelmingly grass-fed, their diets must sometimes include small quantities of grain. So, in the interest of complete transparency, we do not claim to use 100% grass fed butter.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE – Adds a gourmet touch to many dishes. This organic ghee, made from organic butter, is a perfect Paleo creamer for bulletproof coffee. Just mix it in along with MCT oil or brain octane oil. It has a natural, rich, nutty flavor with a hint of sweet, similar to varieties made by Tin Star, Ancient Organics, Pure Indian Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Purity Farms.

9.    Grassfed Organic Ghee 7.8 Oz – Pure Indian Foods(R) Brand 



  • Grassfed & USDA Certified 100% Organic – Made in USA.
  • Gourmet quality – Made from non-homogenized cow’s milk from springtime thru the fall.
  • Handcrafted by The Agarwal Family that has been in the ghee business for 5-generations, since 1889.
  • Recommended by doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and Ayurveda professionals.
  • It has a lovely grainy texture unlike flat, waxy texture of other ghee brands.

10.    Tin Star Organic Ghee – 100% Grassfed



  • 100% Grass-fed, USDA approved, and verified Non-GMO clarified butter. Ghee is a healthy and delicious alternative to regular butter and vegetable oils.
  • We use a triple filtration process that approves our Organic Ghee to be 100% lactose and casein-free for those sensitive to dairy. Tin Star Foods ghee is an excellent choice for those suffering from allergies or autoimmune diseases.
  • Whole 30 & 21 Day Sugar Detox compliant, gluten-free, Paleo, lactose-free, casein-free.
  • Replace cooking oil and butter with Organic Ghee to brighten your favorite recipes. Add Ghee to warm tortillas, over vegetables, over a bed of rice, on bread, or any other dish you’d like to add flavor to.
  • Our ghee comes from grass-fed cows and is made in the U.S. in small batches so we always produce the highest-quality product. Our products are all domestically sourced using sustainable farming practices.



Top 10 Benefits of Ghee

1. Ghee has a high smoke point (250 °C or 482 °F).
Cooking with Ghee is beneficial because it will not break down into free radicals like different types of cooking oils.

2. Ghee can be stored at room temperature and needs no refrigeration. Some ghee mixtures can last for years with risk of spoiling.

3. Ghee is usually not an issue for people with dairy or casein intolerance. Though Ghee is made from butter, the milk solids and impurities have been removed. This allows people who are lactose or casein intolerant to have no issues with ghee.

4. Ghee is plentiful of the oil soluble vitamins A, D, E and K along with Omega 3 and 9 essential fatty acids.

5. Ghee is high in K2 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which has been shown to improve weight loss.  – a good antioxidant if it comes from grass-fed cows.

6. Ghee is Nutritionally abundant like Coconut Oil.
Ghee is rich in MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides), which is absorbed by the liver (like carbohydrates) and used as energy. This is a consistent energy source for athletes.

7. Weight Loss
The energy from these medium chain triglycerides are used to burn other fats in the system and will help you lose weight more efficiently.

8. Ghee can promote a healthy Digestive Tract because it contains butyric acid. When you consume ghee you are consuming butyric acid, which can help with digestion, calm inflammation and improve overall gastrointestinal health

9. Healthy Immune System
Research has shown that the production of butyric acid allows for the production of killer T cells in the gut, therefore, strengthening your immune system.

10. Healthy Weight Benefits
Ghee promotes the secretion of gastric acid, helping in the digestive process. Better digestion means improved health and weight loss.