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Pharmx Fit Balance Pads

  • Balance Pads Improve Stability
  • Get More Out of Your Workout
  • Balance Pads Reduce Back Pain
  • Balance Pads Improve Motor Skills
  • Used for Conditioning and Rehabilitation


Fitness is all about consistent exercise and good eating habits.  When it comes to exercise most of us focus on cardio and weight training, and balance training seldom comes to mind.  Balance training can provide excellent benefits to ones overall health and wellness.

Balance and stability training is a form of light to moderate exercise that helps train the body to use and strengthen stabilizer muscles to help us improve our balance.  A balance pad / fitness pad is an excellent fitness tool designed to aid in balance training.  Balance pads provide an excellent introduction to balance training.

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Abdominal Training With Your Pharmx Fit Balance Pad

Abdominal or core training should be a vital part of your workout routine.  A strong core will help you perform better in sports and everyday life.  Good posture and a strong lower back are a direct result of core training; also, that will make you feel better and...

Pharmx Fit Balance Pad Functional Training

Pharmx Fit Exercise and Training Products are developed by Fitness Professionals and Physical Therapists with a passion for fitness.  Pharmx Fit balance pads bring your fitness to a whole new level. Exercising with a balance pad is an excellent way to improve balance,...

3 Beginners’ Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

If you're new to training, the gym can be an intimating place. But it doesn't have to be. Don't fumble around from machine to machine, copying exercises from the person next to you. And don't set out to gain 20 pounds of lean mass in a month, an unrealistic goal at...