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Pharmx Fit Balance Pads

  • Balance Pads Improve Stability
  • Get More Out of Your Workout
  • Balance Pads Reduce Back Pain
  • Balance Pads Improve Motor Skills
  • Used for Conditioning and Rehabilitation


Fitness is all about consistent exercise and good eating habits.  When it comes to exercise most of us focus on cardio and weight training, and balance training seldom comes to mind.  Balance training can provide excellent benefits to ones overall health and wellness.

Balance and stability training is a form of light to moderate exercise that helps train the body to use and strengthen stabilizer muscles to help us improve our balance.  A balance pad / fitness pad is an excellent fitness tool designed to aid in balance training.  Balance pads provide an excellent introduction to balance training.

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15 Balance Pad Exercises That Will Make You A Better Athlete

The effectiveness of functional sports training and strength training for athletes on an unstable surface like a balance pad has proven to help athletes perform better regardless of sport. Male and female athletes of all ages can benefit from training with a balance...

3 Ways To Use A Balance Pad

Balance is a critical part of our daily life.  It is a skill that can diminish as we get older if we don’t practice and do balance exercise.  Many people, especially older adults, remain sedentary and develop balance problems because they don’t exercise their muscles...

Pharmx Fit Balance Pads For Seniors

Fun balance exercises for older adults, using a balance pad, is easy to use, and lightweight piece of equipment to add to your exercise program. Pharmx Fit balance pad exercises for seniors are a great way to keep active, build strength, and increase mobility.  Please...

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